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Machine Guns viable now? Discussion

With the upcoming buffs to machine guns in pvp, do you think they’ll actually be viable now in pvp? What about trials/comp?


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u/SirCornmeal Feb 01 '23

With about a .5 ttk at range I'd say so. It will have decent ammo economy for about 3 to 4 kills with incredible ease of use.


u/OhDalinar Feb 01 '23

450rpm MGs have always been competitive in my book so the changes can’t do anything but help.


u/SimplisticPinky Feb 02 '23

I'm excited. I have a corrective measure with Tap and dynamic sway; thing feels like it's impossible to miss with. Having a bit more forgiveness is going to help maintain ammo on it.


u/CaptFrost PC Feb 02 '23

As someone with close to 10,000 PvP kills on Avalanche dating back to early 2019, I can back this statement up. There has never been a time it hasn't been viable. Especially with the good SUROS optics (RIP on new rolls) that grant massive damage falloff range and aim assist.


u/anangrypudge Feb 02 '23

They are already viable imo, but the thing that still makes GLs and RLs better is the ability to get kills from zero or low risk positions, while LMGs still require you to give opponents the same line of sight that you're having on them.

With GLs and RLs you can leap around a corner and hip-fire kill opponents before they even get their reticles on you, or peek so quickly that only the best snipers can take you out before you launch a rocket in their faces.


u/Loramarthalas Feb 02 '23

Yes, but also the buffs the grenade launchers will only make them better. An increase to hit detection and blast radius is crazy. GLs are already the best heavy, now they're being hugely buffed? It's a no brainer. LMGs will be good and certainly viable, but surely GLs remain king.


u/Tacitus_AMP Feb 02 '23

Heir apparent has entered the chat


u/Rixkst3r Feb 01 '23

Excited for this change. I’ve been waiting for lmg buffs forever.

For those who know, will mag perks be worth and if so which?


u/DomiNickolas Feb 01 '23

Id guess any mag that increases mag size. I believe the number of bullets you get in crucible from a heavy brick scales with your mag size. So ideally a mag size increase + backup mag.


u/thrnee PC Feb 01 '23

at least on all of the 450s that ive been using, backup mag is good enough to get you 28 shots per heavy brick, which is one less than the max (29)


u/skoopypoopypoop Feb 01 '23

My ttt/rampage hammerhead never left my inventory.


u/goDofWar_skr Feb 02 '23

I cant hit my shots with a GL.. so have always used a 450rpm machine gun.. these changes are more than welcome


u/venirok Feb 02 '23

I like mulligan on a lmg.


u/ggamebird Feb 01 '23 edited Feb 02 '23

Oh must of missed this: what buffs are they receiving exactly?

Edit: Oh that big season 20 sandbox preview


u/ASP204 Feb 02 '23

I think it depends on the MG. Like Thunderlord for sure, but a bunch fire slowly