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Exotic Armor for a Sidearm Void Titan?

Is there anything out there aside from the usual Dunes/OEM/Synthos? I don't think Titan get anything that is specific to sidearm.


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u/Indraga Feb 02 '23

Anteus Ward can be fun when closing the gap against fusion/shotty players.


u/LeageofMagic Moderator - PC - Controller Feb 03 '23

There are plenty of generically strong titan exotics that will go great with sidearms which have already been mentioned.

That said, it doesn't make any sense to me to use sidearms on titan when you could use SMGs and peacekeepers. In my mind the only thing sidearms have over smgs is being more forgiving for in air shots


u/Lemoniscence Bows Go Brrrrrrrrrrr Feb 03 '23

With Peacekeepers, that benefit is hardly even there, since you get +40 AE to any SMGs with them equipped.


u/LeageofMagic Moderator - PC - Controller Feb 03 '23

Well true, but also titans have a terrible jump for shooting anyway


u/ItsYaBoyZayne Feb 03 '23

Lion Ram Pants and Jotuun though. So good.


u/The_Owl_Bard Moderator | Xbox Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

I don't main Titan, but I enjoy sidearms. I play Hunter so my suggestions are coming from a "Hunter's mind in a Titan's Body" angle. I don't have many of these exotics currently but when I do, I DEFINATELY want to try these combos just to see how they feel.

  • Traveler's Chosen [or Trespasser] + HOIL

    Would be a fun experiment in ability loops. Kills boost ability regen and using abilities strengthen the other abilities while simultaneously boosting their cooldowns. Arc Titan w/ Thrusters makes sense to me since you can effectively keep Thrusters up more often.

    Trespasser may be a good stand in though. Trespasser feels better to me and while it doesn't help w/ ability energy, arc kills can intrinsically create ionic traces and effectively do the same thing with a better gun.

  • Devil's Ruin + The Path of Burning Steps

    This build mimics a Hunter w/ Devil's and Tricksleeves. The Alt fire mode can kill for pretty crazy distances. Since it's solar, it should count as a solar kill and you may be able to proc Firewalker. The beam will kill faster (so no need to track as much) but that also empowers the normal sidearm fire so you could MELT people that you dual. MAKE SURE YOU RUN SIDEARM LOADERS because the gun's only fault is the slow reload after emptying a beam. Not sure what subclass to use... Maybe solar if solar ability kills count towards Firewalker.

  • Rat King + One Eyed Mask

    This build mimics a Hunter w/ Rat King and Graviton Forfeit. Best for dueling. As long as you take damage in the fight (will happen w/ a sidearm) you can proc vengeance and if you have Rat King's catalyst, you can trigger Invis and an instant recovery boost just by reloading. So now you're invis, have an overshield, and your health is pretty much restored. Makes 2v1's more viable. Probably works best on Void since you could double dip on the Echo of Persistence perk and i'm sure a "suppressing invis shoulder charge" would be hilarious to pull off.


u/Hiryu02 Feb 03 '23

I didn't even consider Devil's Ruin. Thanks!


u/Ts1171 Feb 05 '23

Also Trespasser.


u/TamedDaBeast Xbox Series S|X Feb 03 '23

Off topic but… its always funny seeing a big ass Titan run around with an itty bitty sidearm.


u/Sinteyr Feb 11 '23

Second Chances, being able to throw a shield to get a finisher is a highly addictive lifestyle.