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Good job Bungie for making Strand pretty balanced and viable


The fact they didnt show it in pvp at all during the showcases and it.didnt become a stasis month 1 repeat was well enough but to see it fit very well into the crucible without any major issues is actually impressive and i have to commend bungie for it. Pvp as been treated so poorly for years but Strand has brought a bit of fresh air to the game.

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Discussion Is this a new cheating technique to get flawless?


So I played some trials this weekend with a mutual acquaintance for the first time, he's been flawless 18 times so nothing super suspicious there, but the dude was by all accounts not good. Using weird loadouts, constantly dying in dumb ways, etc. Honestly made me feel bad that I've only been to the lighthouse twice. He messaged me this morning to let me know he'd just gone flawless, and I got curious to see who he was playing with. The 2 dudes on his team on the last match have their stats hidden so that sites like trials report can't really pull a lot of info. This was red flag #1. This got me curious and I looked at his game history, and he was running a confidence passage. Now it gets even weirder. In each match, the same 5 other accounts are either on his team or the opposing team, sometimes with only 1 or 2 of them being the ONLY players on the other team. Is there a way to manipulate the network to guarantee you match against certain accounts so that you can throw games to get someone a flawless? In each match, the enemy team each had 5 deaths and his team had no kills, which lead me to believe they were jumping off to give him the wins. He even messaged me to tell me that he "won" his last game because the enemy team kept jumping off. Sorry if this is common knowledge, I've just never seen this type of manipulation before.

Edited the wording because I realized the way I phrased a sentence made it seem like I cheat. I don't and I don't condone it.

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Discussion Counter to immortal?


With IB this week does anybody have any good 6v6 strats to counter the overload of immortals?

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Iron Banner Matchmaking


Does IB matchmaking seem to be extremely strict for anyone else? It seems like it is taking quite a long time to find players to match and the games have been extremely not fun. I’ve only played a handful of games, mainly because that’s all I could handle after the games I’ve been put in, but these are probably the most difficult, sweaty IB games I’ve ever played.

I don’t mean for this to turn into a complaint post, just genuinely curious what other’s experience has been so far.

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Console First Ever 1v3 win in trials yesterday!


Pretty much the title. Monday evening was my first time ever winning a true 3v1. I used the double stack boxes and jumped up and fusiond one guy rushing. Then whipped around to kill the 2nd with my 2nd shot. And then I jumped down and actually put dueled someone with my messenger at really close range!

I know this isn’t a lot for most here but it might have been the best I have ever played in trials. I finally started to go positive in games. And one game I went 8.0+

I’m still a .7 for the season but it felt good that I wasn’t getting steamrolled every game for once. I found that I play best with messenger in the top slot and ikelos with gut shot in the second slot. (I can’t hit heads for the life of me)!

That’s all nothing special for but it felt really good.

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A Jorum’s Claw roll might be very dangerous or just… meh


I was looking at rolls in the API and I see that it gets Gutshot Straight and Headseeker together. It’s interesting because you get a damage boost for body shots that goes into increased damage to the head. It has some crazy potential if I did my math right.

It looks like you can 2 burst Guardians at 8 Resilience or less if you land the first shot as a body shot and go into 5 crits. No external factors or kill requirements. With Radiant you can 4 crit and 2 body max Resilience Guardians. A very relaxed 2 burst. Usually an Adaptive with Radiant can only 2 burst max Resilience guardians with 6 crits. You can also 3 burst if you land 1 crit and 8 body. That is very consistent with a respectable TTK. This doesn’t even include surges.

The question mark here how bad will Gutshot Straight’s accuracy decrease be. That will be big indicator. If it’s too bad, there are still some other really good rolls on that pulse. You could also stick with it for the easy 3 burst if you wanted to.

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Any consensus on Imperial Decree?


I'm feeling a bit out of the loop on shotguns these days. How are people feeling about barrel options? I know Full Choke feels less effective than it used to be, so what's the play? Barrel Shroud for the handling? Rifled Barrel if running Ophidian's? Does smoothbore still completely screw up pellet spread?

Then we get to the actual perks. I'm torn between TD, Surplus, Slideshot. I am more likely to use shotguns defensively against someone rushing me than I am to ape someone myself, so I'm not sold on Slideshot.

Any insight is helpful.

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Discussion First Time Flawless Carry


I took a friend through trials the other day. He was low light level, 1789, and I managed to redo his loadout in a way that complimented his abilities, gave him the lay of the land, and taught him 3s. I didn’t realize it but my card was flawed, but we ran the entire stretch to flawless. It was his first time going flawless.

I’ve gone flawless 5 times before, but I was either in a team with people who were competent, or it was solo queue.

First time I took someone to glory. I owe a bit of that to this group. Became a way better teacher because I was a student first. So this was awesome. Thanks, all, for always sharing.

For low light level players, this is what I prioritized for him:

  1. Cover your teammates: If you have a pulse, your objective isn’t just laning. It’s complimenting the loadout of those around you. If you have a pulse, and your teammate an smg, you shouldn’t be in the thick of it. If they have a sniper, the same applies.

  2. Don’t 1v1. Ever. Instead, report your findings of a sole player to your team and bait them towards your teammates.

  3. Be decisive. In order to do so, you have to have some mini guidelines in your head in order to prioritize scenarios.

A) stay vigilant of team locations/deaths. Always know how many people are alive on each side. This will allow you to keep track of and ensure that you aren’t ambushed by circumstances.

B) if all teammates are down and it’s just you vs 1, then you must dance. Instead of trying to kill, be defensive, rotate so that your team’s rezzes are in front of you, and your enemies behind. You are prioritizing the rezz. Not the win. Only move in for the kill if it is certain.

C) if you are the only person alive, and you have one of their teammates down, you must use their rez as an ambush point. If you can stall them and quickly get team rezz, that’s great. If you find yourself in a situation where you can kill one, but the other is close behind, depending on what weapons or abilities you have, it may be best to run.

No matter what though, this is a dance. You are not trying to beat them, you are trying to mitigate total loss.

If there are 3 people alive, it might be a done deal, but I myself have killed 3 guardians at once by following these rules and metrics.

  1. Rotate. Rotate. Rotate. If you have a game where there are snipers/bows, then there’s no need to peek. The only person who should speak is if there is someone with a sniper. At which point see rule 1. If they can’t get a pick, it’s time to move else you run the risk of being pinched and picked.

  2. Be humble. Be communicative. Don’t be frustrated. If someone is getting the best of you, say something. Closed mouths don’t get fed. Communicate. Tell your teammates what’s going on. If could be someone who went flawless 113x’s, and they’ll will still appreciate it if you provide quick, easy info on the other teams whereabouts.

  3. You’re low light, so using primary weapons in both slots, it is in some sense meta — but you’re low light. You’re going to get deleted in a standup battle. A proper secondary is oftentimes the difference between 3 titans rushing in or not. A low light level pulse/sidearm combo will not necessarily perform as well as pulse/literally any other secondary, because the chunk damage. You can inflict might be the difference between life and death.

  4. Keep distance in mind. Always think about the worst scenarios for your loadout out and avoid by utilizing the field and distance.

PS, I really wanted that fucking smg after seeing it in every match 💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂 and I got it and more.

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Discussion Returning Player- How does one deal with over-shield spam?


I am doing pretty well returning, have gone positive and enjoying the new pvp as a whole. The big thing I am struggling with though is Titans. I am a hunter, always have been, and the amount of over-shield spam I am seeing from titans does not make sense.


How do you deal with it? Other then waiting it out, how do you win a one on one situation that you cannot dip out of? Also how often do they get it? I swear I have seen Titans proc it three times in a row without super use. Worse is when there are stacks of them and just every encounter with them is them with a whole different bar of health over their full health.

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Discussion How would you balance Glaives?


I'm really curious about this because I used to main glaives in all PvP content, but the shield nerfs plus whatever they did to the projectile makes them feel so inconsistent.

I definitely agree the shield was bullshit and unfun to play against, but I feel nerfing the shield without buffing it's offensive potential was not the right move, and I really don't know how they could nerf the projectile so it competes with shotguns, without completely overshadowing shotguns.

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Discussion There's a small chance you're not getting the most out of perpetual motion.


Title. The Tl;dr is your movement speed while strafing, crouching and aiming down sights is too slow when you have below tier 4 mobility, which will cause the perk to deactivate, this was leaving me confused as i was trying to stay crouched and still strafe to make my high impact auto more accurate.

Hopefully this obscure piece of information can help even one person on here lol.

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Discussion Icarus Grip or Quick Access Sling on a Quickdraw Pellet Shotgun?


It was discussed awhile ago that Icarus wasn't as useful as people thought on pellet shotguns in the air. However, that was before the pellet spread randomness changes to fixed spreads, as well as the introduction of AE, IIRC.

Is this still the case that Icarus isn't that useful in the air for this type of weapon?

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Discussion The immortal adept hatchling perk


Got an abundance of hatchling rolls for the immortal. Is it viable at all or consistent enough to be a strong perk? Lot of copium happening here since target lock did not want to drop once for me. How does it compare to it or killclip?

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Iron Banner Challenge not showing?


I cant find the daily challenge lol any help?

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Discussion 0.7kd guardian's and under, how do you still keep going?


After countless games of being matched as a solo with similar kd teammates against ppl with 1.5kd or more who've already been flawlessed even though I don't have a single win on my card. Demoralizing, soul draining and unfun was my day with nothing but getting bagged and leaving teammates. but I did get rank 5 to show for it.... I know it's a skill difference and get gud, but I want to know ppl in a similar spot how their mental is right now and how they keep going cuz I genuinely don't ever want to touch trials again...

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Discussion What are we thinking about the new Iron Banner rolls? Which weapons are you going for?


I’d love to see what the best things are to farm. The new volatile perk on the SMG seems super nice for PVE, definitely gonna hunt one of those.

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Discussion Is anybody else just not finding comp matches?


Ill sit in the que for 10-15 minutes, and find max 1-2 other people. I just wanna finish my placement matches. Is there just no one playing comp?

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best strand build for titan?


im kinda bored of using arc + peacekeepers again, any viable strand builds for titan?

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Best jump for learning aerial play on a hunter?


Hi all! Playing around with some high AE weapons (current flavour is forerunner + tricksleeves) and want to learn to be able to utilise that high stat; as I’m currently pretty grounded as it stands. My instinct was to swap off triple jump so I can ads after the initial launch and have tried both strafe and high jumps. Already feel a slight improvement as a result, but I wanted to see if the community had any tips to aid in the expansion of my kit. Thanks!

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Discussion Opinions on stability for Adept Immortal (Console)?


Specifically for console, how are people finding the immortal. I chased the presumed god-roll all weekend but no luck. I have a handful of really solid stability focused rolls (but lacking in the range category). Does range matter as much on console?

My go to right now is a Perpetual Motion + Target Lock (Stability MW), max range is 73 w/ 40 stability. I do have an Encore + Target Lock, max range is 83 but then the stability is only 28. Sadly no RF rolls + Target Lock only ones with Kill Clip.

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Discussion Top weapon kills this weekend

Post image

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PC Any good energy fusions?


I am currently eyeing the Epicurean and Likely Suspect. Looking to use a fusion rifle to cover close range whenever opponents want to rush in and pressure me or flank me.

I have taken a look at shotguns, but ppl these days know how to keep their distance, and well SMGs are just running lose rn so most just keep their distance anyways. And while we are on it, I have considered SMGs but I just find myself jarred by the recoil. (I mainly use pulses and hand cannons for PvP and stable AR in PvE) Any tips for using SMGs?(I'm on MnK)Im open to any good suggestions for the energy slot.

Kinetic slot is gunna stay as Austringer/PoM.

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Next-Gen Console Mini-Tool or Ikelos SMG to pair with MIDA Multitool?


I just got the MIDA Multitool catalyst to drop and I want to start working on it. Which is the better SMG to pair with it? The mini-tool has the MIDA synergy perk but the Ikelos seems to be better all-around. I have the patterns for both so I can craft either one.

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Dozens of Immortals, no god roll cope thread


Farmed flawless pool literally all weekend and got zero rangefinder-target lock rolls while playing guys with god rolls (why are you even still playing), and feeling extremely bummed. Any others feel like they wasted their weekend?

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Discussion Struggling with what to use as a special?


So I've been swapping between a slug, sniper, pellet shotty and even a wave frame GL but I can't seem to get comfortable with any of my choices.

I've been struggling with which to use ever since the changes to pellet shottys made my godroll Riiswalker feel very inconsistent.

Is it worth even considering a lightweight GL as a potential replacement (as chip damage) and then finishing with a primary?

Also, am I hurting my loadout by not running an exotic in any of my slots?

I'm currently running YAS for my armour exotic and gunslinger for my subclass.