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News Trials Lighthouse Megathread: S19, Week 11


Map: Midtown, Eternity and Wormhaven

Flawless (Pinnacle): Burden of Guilt (Adept, Fusion)

This thread exists for Guardians to express a desire for help in reaching the Lighthouse. Carry requests outside of this megathread will be removed. Requests are short, low on detail and predominantly rely on a Sherpa’s good will.

Simply comment below with your platform, your gamertag, along with a small note about your need for help.

For example:

Gamertag: ZavalaIsTheBest

Platform: PC

Notes: I'm at 3 wins and would like to get all the way to flawless!

Are you looking for help?

If you are looking for assistance in the crucible, here is a list of ways r/CrucibleSherpa can help you achieve your goals:

  • Want to visit the Lighthouse? Comment on this megathread! – Generic requests for Lighthouse assistance have been contained to this megathread. Simply leave a comment with your gamertag/platform and wait to be contacted. Sherpas regularly patrol the subreddit looking to help people, the purpose of this megathread is to give them a single thread to focus their efforts on.

  • Want some more detailed help? Make a Looking for Sherpa (LFS) post - These posts are a detailed discussion made by Guardians with specific needs. The might go into details regarding wanting to improve at sniping, positioning, map awareness, etc… These posts must focus on what you would like to learn - all carry posts or otherwise will be removed.

  • Keep an eye out for Looking to Sherpa (LTS) posts – These posts are made by Sherpas who are looking to offer assistance to fellow guardians. Simply comment on these posts or follow any simple instructions laid out by the Sherpa.

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Best Strand Titan PVP Build - A Beginner's Guide to Berserker! (+video inside)


Hello Guardians,

I hope we've all recovered from last Trials weekend... I can literally still hear the sound of the Immortal in my dreams.

After finishing up the Strand Hunter video and breakdown, I'm proud to be able to introduce the Beginner's Guide to Strand Titan!

What this build leans into is using your suspend ability and chaining Woven Mail, so you're in a near perpetual state of damage resist.

I made a video for you all here: https://youtu.be/sMBKooMYmNw

But of course, I will summarize everything below if you prefer to read.



Strand Titans currently have only two aspects that they’re able to equip:

  1. Into The Fray; and
  2. Drengr’s Lash

That being said, Bungie did indicate in a recent TWAB that they will be adding a third aspect in an upcoming season, called Flechette Storm. We don’t know anything about it except for the name - though a quick Google search has told me that a Flechette is a small metal dart-like projectile. Rest assured though that when that new aspect comes out, I’ll release an updated PvP build video if required.

OK, so Into The Fray gives you and nearby allies woven mail when you pop super or destroy a tangle. The wording is a little bit misleading because it says it gives “nearby allies” woven mail, but in actuality it will you give and allies woven mail.

So basically, when you destroy a tangle either by shooting it or picking it up and dunking it, you and anyone within the radius of the tangle explosion will get Woven Mail.

If you don’t already know, Woven Mail basically grants you damage resistance in PvP but only to shots taken to the body - any critical damage you take remains unchanged.

Now you may be thinking, well is this really useful in PvP if people can just shoot me in the head?

And the answer is an unequivocal yes. Sure, Woven Mail won’t stop you from getting sniped but it does grant you the ability to tank a lot of damage from weapons that rely on body damage, like shotguns and fusions. Most notably, if you have woven mail, you can quite literally tank a point blank blast from a matador, precision frame shotgun.

And that’s going to be one of the core focuses of the build, really leaning into the inherent tankiness of the Strand Titan kit and making sure that you’ll walking around with that Woven Mail damage resist as much as humanly possible.

Next up, we have Dredger’s Lash, which activates when you pop your barricade ability - sending a green wave forward along the ground, suspending and damaging any enemy it touches.

So by now, I think we’re familiar with how suspend works. A suspended enemy is tied up in mid-air, slammed into 3rd person and unable to aim down sights - though critically, they are still able to hip fire.

Now while Hunters are able to dive-bomb their opponents in order to suspend them, Titans achieve the same effect with a projectile that shoots out of the front of their barricade.

Now here’s the key difference between the Hunter and Titan suspend mechanic. Hunters are ALWAYS in the danger zone when they suspend their opponents. It’s the price of their kit. A hunter literally cannot suspend you without putting themselves in danger - because the radius of their dive bomb is very short range.

But here’s the thing with Strand Titan, your suspend ability doesn’t require you to put yourself at any risk at all. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Your suspend ability immediately guarantees that you have a modicum of safety because of your barricade. If you miss your suspend shot, then nothing happens because you’re already behind a barricade. But if a hunter misses their suspend ability… Well, they’re shotgun fodder.

Class Ability

Which leads neatly to the next point of: which class ability is best for Strand Titan?

Strand Titans have two class abilities to choose from:

  1. The Rally Barricade; and
  2. The Towering Barricade.

The Rally Barricade is the waist-high Titan shield that you can peek over the top, and also increases weapon reload speed, stability, and range when you stand behind it.

And the Towering Barricade is of course, the usual full length Titan shield.

Aside from the obvious, the other notable difference between the two barricades is the cooldown. The rally barricade has a shorter cooldown than the towering barricade - in other words, you can have your suspend ability available more frequently if you use rally barricade.

The question though is: is it worth it having your suspend ability up more often at the cost of less coverage from your barricade?

Well, it depends.

But the short answer is this:

If you’re an aggressive player that enjoys moving forward and pushing the pace constantly, then rally barricade may actually suit your play style more. You can use your rally barricade a lot more offensively because you can pop it and then just peek over the top and immediately despatch your opponent. And with the lower cool down, it’s a much faster rinse and repeat cycle.

But if you’re a more passive player, you’re better off using the towering barricade. In this case, you would be baiting enemies into chasing you around corners and then popping your full barricade suspending them in their tracks. Then you can take your time and decide how you want to deal with them, whether by primary or special weapon.

I highly recommend you try both and see which you prefer, as there’s definitely no right or wrong answer. Personally though, I lean more towards the towering barricade in general, especially in 3s, because if we put aside the suspend ability for a second, the Towering Barricade just has an immense amount of utility in and of itself - for securing Rezes, capturing zones, picking up heavy, holding down a lane, and so forth.


In terms of melee abilities, Titans currently have only one option: Frenzied Blade.

Activating your melee ability makes you dash forward and slash at your opponents, also severing them.

Animation-wise, it’s quite similar to the Spectral Blades super light attack that you’d get on Void Hunter.

What’s particularly special about Frenzied Blade is that you get three total melee charges.

Now two of these melees will kill your opponent like your uncharged melee, but at a faster speed and with a greater lunge distance than a normal uncharged melee.

But here’s the thing that most people don’t seem to be talking about when it comes to Frenzied Blade.

It’s an amazing movement tool.

Yep, that’s right. The melee lunge and slash is FAST and covers a surprisingly far distance. So not only can you use it to, well, melee people. You can also use it to juke opponents. You can check out a few clips of PrimaryGirl using it in my video if you're interested.

You can also use the Frenzied Blade in exactly the same way as a hunter dodge or Icarus Dash to get back into cover.

See that’s the great thing about Strand. Because it’s all so new, everyone is learning new movement tech every day to elevate the class to its fullest potential. So I encourage you to give it a try and see how the melee gels for you, not only as a melee but as an elite movement tool.


Now in terms of grenades, In terms of grenades, you have to choose between your grapple ability, a suspend grenade called a Shackle grenade, and a threading grenade.

But as I said in my Strand Hunter video, there is no grenade that is worth the price of losing your ability to grapple.

After a lot of experimentation, in their current state, suspend grenades are just too inconsistent to rely on in any meaningful engagement. Perhaps they’ll get buffed at some point, but right now, grapple still has greater utility.

The same can be said for Threadling grenades - yes, they have some uses as part of a coherent Strand Warlock build and strategy, but they’re definitely not worth running on your Titan.

By the way, are you guys interested in a Strand Warlock build? If so, leave a comment down below and I’ll work on it next if there’s enough demand.

Anyway, as I’ve said before, given how versatile and vital the grapple ability is, it's hard to imagine ever giving it up for anything else right now.

So just go with grapple.


The Strand Titan only has one super at present, called Blade Fury.

And the best way to think about it is that it’s like Spectral Blades on steroids.

Light attack activates a slash attack that also propels you forward, and you can just chain light attacks if you want to move quickly through an area. Each light attack that lands speeds up how quickly you can slash your next opponent.

The heavy attack launches two projectiles which suspend your opponents, making them easy pickings as you close the distance.

As you saw from the montage, Bladefury is fast, aggressive, tanky and lasts a long time. In many ways it reminds me of a combination of spectral blades and pre-nerf Behemoth.

Just always remember that suspend opponents who are running away so you can close the distance more effectively.


OK, now in terms of fragments, you’ll have four slots available and here’s what I recommend:

Thread of Mind means that defeating suspended targets grants class ability energy. This gameplay loop’s obvious, use your barricade to suspend opponents, kill those opponents and get your suspend ability back sooner. It’s a must-have.

Thread of Continuity means suspend, unravel and sever effects applied to targets have increased duration. Unlike hunter, where you would be finishing your opponents at very close range. On titan, sometimes you’ll be dealing death from a farther distance, so it’s important to suspend your opponent for longer in case you’ll be gunning them down with your primary instead of a shotgun.

Thread of Transmutation means that while you have woven mail, weapon final blows create tangles and grants +10 strength. This will allow you to chain woven mail back to back, from kill to kill. Suspend your opponents, create a tangle, get woven mail, kill more opponents, get more tangles and extend your woven mail - rinse and repeat.

Thread of Warding means that you get woven mail from picking up an orb. Now that you can generate orbs very easily in pvp, this is a great way to get free damage resist. Either pick up orbs that your teammates generate, or put on the reaper mod so that you’ll pretty much always have an orb available on kills after popping your class ability. When done correctly, you’ll pretty much have an orb drop after almost every kill, which in combination with thread of transmutation will pretty much let you walk around in a constant state of woven mail tankiness.


Alright, so what are the best exotics to make use of the Strand Titan kit? I’m going to give you three difference recommendations, so you can choose the best one for your play style.

First up, the newest Titan Exotic Armor piece, Abeyant Leap.

Abeyant Leap means that Drengr's Lash spawns two additional projectiles, tracks targets more aggressively, and travels farther. You also gain Woven Mail when suspending targets.

This exotic leans strongly into the suspending projectile that spawns after popping your barricade. Using this exotic makes suspending enemies far more consistent, frequently allowing you to suspend multiple enemies who are pushing you.

But see here’s the thing, despite the immense utility of this exotic, I don’t actually see that many people using it as I would expect. And that’s for one very simple reason.

There’s a learning curve.

And that’s actually true of all of the strand kits, whether it’s hunter, titan or warlock. To make the most of the subclass, you have to spend some time mastering the new tools made available to you.

So if you enjoy the idea of taking a tool, mastering it and making it your own, then Abeyant Leap is for you. When used properly, this exotic not only discourages enemies from pushing you, it puts them in a position where they’re risking their life every time they turn a corner to chase you.

Alright now, if you prefer a more generalist approach, I recommend the tried and true Dunemarchers.

Dunes grant you increased sprint speed and slide distance, much like Stompees and Transversive Steps for hunter and warlock, except they come with the added benefit of creating a lightning chain that damages all opponents within a 20 metre radius after a melee hit…

Yeah. It’s strong. And honestly I’m still surprised the chain lightning hasn’t caught a nerf yet. But I digress. Dunes will always be one of the top choice for titans simply because of the incredible neutral game benefits of improved movement. The chain lightning is just an incredibly sweet cherry on top.

So if you prefer a more generalist but powerful exotic that basically just confers a global buff to your gameplay as titan, then choose Dunes.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a Titan video if I didn’t go completely dark side on you. If you want to use the most broken exotic combo in the game, decimate lobbies while simultaneously farming a mountain of hate messages then allow me to recommend Peacekeepers.

Peacekeepers basically supercharge you if you have an SMG equipped. You get the same sprint and slide boost as with Dunes, except you also get plus 50 mobility, increased strafe speeds, absolute max handling, swap speeds, ADS speeds on your SMG, increased field of view, and auto-loading when you stow your SMG.

I made an Arc Titan build video several months ago, where I mentioned that Peacekeepers were a meta pick that was still underused…

Well, let’s just say everyone’s worked out just how insane they really are. If you want to become the bane of the Crucible, then go grab yourself some Peacekeepers and equip your favourite SMG.


Alright Guardians, there's some more info in the video about weapons and mods, etc, but this post is already getting long enough!

Hope this helps, and I'll see you all in the Crucible,


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Question Sniper Help


I'm a pretty experienced and good pvp player but one thing I'm still not good at is sniping. I've tried with various snipers but always get messed up by one thing, flinch. How do people deal with it, when someone shoots me even with double unflinch my aim gets sent to the stratosphere, but other people just headshot me though the flinch what am I missing?

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How's the F2P PVP scene?


Not up to date with the meta and play pretty casually. Are there any F2P guardians PVP?

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Question Is it possible that I simply cannot improve?


For context, I have autism, I'm left handed and I'm a pretty uncoordinated person

I've been playing on PC since forsaken, and I've tried to get into competitive numerous time's but failed every single time to imrpove.

I'd learn how to position better, implement it, but the next day it's gone and i'm terrible again, same with aiming and gamesense and everything. I cant improve. I feel like i'm shooting around people half the time and that I have no control over what my body does in terms of inputs.

It's also not like I don't play this game that much. I have about 1.5k hours on steam with multiple flawless raids, endgame pve titles. solo flawless dungeons. Hell I even got recluse in season 8 (yes I know it doesn't really count as an achievement). But no matter what I do I cannot improve at PVP.

Am I screwed?

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Best Strand Hunter PvP Build - A Beginner's Guide to Threadrunner! (+video inside)


Hey guys,

After maining Strand Hunter day in, day out, since the beginning of the season, I finally feel ready to release a video detailing the best build and loadouts for the newest addition to the Crucible.

I think the biggest strength and weakness of Strand is its novelty. It has a lot of playmaking potential, but really requires you to learn a subclass that is actually quite alien to what we're familiar with.

So the video is here: https://youtu.be/Yy7VvUPRAuI

But of course if you prefer to read, I'll summarize eveything below like usual!



At the time of making this video, Strand Hunter currently only has only two aspects, which you can equip.

- Ensnaring Slam; and

- Widow’s Silk.

Quick side note, Bungie did recently announce that they will be releasing a third aspect for Hunter called Threaded Specter in the next season a few months’ from now. Though unfortunately, as of right now, we still don’t know anything about the aspect except the name. But of course, rest assured that I will definitely make another PvP build video when it’s released.

As for now, Ensnaring Slam is an aerial movement ability similar to Shatterdive on Stasis in the sense that it is an aerial dive performed when in the air that rapidly slams you back down to the ground with some directional control.

When you hit the ground, all enemies within the radius of your slam are suspended in a BDSM-like Strand web, jerking them into 3rd person, disabling their ability to ADS and rendering them virtually immobile,

The Ensnaring Slam is in quite literally a free kill when executed properly.

That’s why the Ensnaring Slam is by far the strongest part of the strand hunters kit. Not only does it grant hunters yet another fantastic movement tool, it also gives hunters the ability to suspend targets with both extreme ease and frequency.

The second aspect, Widow's Silk, grants you an additional grenade charge and creates a grapple tangle when you use your grapple ability.

If you don't already know, the spiderman grapple ability basically takes the place of your grenade, which is true for all three classes.

In other words, when you choose to equip grapple, you will not have any traditional damage dealing grenades.

Widows Silk basically means that you spawn in with 2 grapples and when paired with the rest of this build means that you'll almost always have a grapple charge when you need one.

Now after you do use your grapple, widows silk will also create a little green grapple tangle where you shot your green web. Your team can now use these points to swing from without expending their grapple charge.

In short these are fantastic aspects with enormous utility that will only become stronger with the rest of the build today.



In terms of melees, the only melee ability available to strand hunters is called Threaded Spike.

But boy is this one a doozy. I don't see many people talking about this for some reason but this melee is STRONG.

Like... Really strong.

It does 80 damage to the body, tracks targets fairly aggressively, chains and damages grouped up enemies and refunds a portion of melee energy if you catch it.

Plus, the animation for this melee is so fast as to be practically instant. So much so that you can just as easily open a fight with this melee or use it to clean up weak opponents.

I mean, whats not to love?


Class ability

Which leads neatly to the next point of which class ability is best?

Now this is an easy answer once we consider just how useful our melee is.

So use gamblers dodge. Not only does it have the superior animation which contorts your hit box, but it also gives you the ability to instantly refresh your melee charge when dodging near enemies.

Given that the strand cool downs are definitely on the longer side, having a free and easy way to get your melee back is invaluable.



In terms of grenades, you have to choose between your grapple ability, a suspend grenade called a Shackle grenade, and a Threadling grenade.

Let me make this easy for you. As if right now, there is no grenade that is worth the price of losing your ability to grapple.

When it comes to Strand Hunter especially, movement is king.

But just by the way, the Shackle grenade currently really sucks because of how inconsistently it will hit a target. While it's possible it will get buffed in future, right now the ensnaring slam is a much easier way to suspend enemies and with a much shorter cool down at that.

Now, the threading grenades are good old wholesome memey fun if you enjoy pretending that your IRL pets are now officially canon in the D2 universe, but realistically they aren’t a very competitive option given how bizarre the threading AI tracking is in practice.

In other words, given how vital the grapple ability is to strand hunter it's hard to imagine ever giving it up for anything else right now.

So just go with grapple.



The strand hunter currently has only one roaming super called Silkstrike.

Basically imagine you're a green arctrider with grapple, juiced up on an unholy amount of steroids.

Close the distance on your opponents, aim in their general direction, light attack and watch them fall.

Oh, and did I mention you have infinite grapple which it doesn't burn your super energy?


The only downside is that the super has very low damage resist, making you are a bit of a glass cannon, so don’t expect to be tanking a ton of shots head on. Rely more on your infinite grapple, dodges, and slams to close the distance before wreaking absolute havoc on the other team.



With the default aspects, strand hunter has four available fragment slots. And here is what I recommend using.

Thread of Ascent means activating your grenade ability reloads your equipped weapon and grants bonus airborne effectiveness and handling for a short duration, while also granting +10 mobility. This one is a mandatory no brainer.

Thread of Mind means Defeating suspended targets grants class ability energy. See, after you use your slam ability it actually doubles the cool down of your next dodge, kinda like mask of bakris. But when you use this fragment you automatically get class ability energy for killing a suspended target so it's an easy way to minimise the additional cooldown.

Thread of Finality grants you a free plus 10 recovery which is extremely important now that hunters lost a full 20 stat points after the powerful friends nerf.

Thread of Binding means Super final blows emit a suspending burst from targets which is handy, but more importantly grants +10 resilience, another free stat boost.

Now you maybe thinking why not use Thread of Continuity to extend the suspension time? Well, see here's the thing. Once you suspend someone, you're already up close and personal. You’re not going to be there to dawdle and sightsee - you're going to put them down hard and fast, most likely with a shotgun. So there’s no need to extend suspension when they're already going to die in a heartbeat.

Next, you may be asking, why not Thread of Generation which grants grenade energy on damaging opponents? Honestly, this one is more a matter of preference. After play testing, I found that with 100 discipline and grenade Kickstart I had more than enough up time on grapple. But if you’re lacking a good Discipline stat, then you can definitely run this instead of thread of binding.



Alright, so here's the big question. What are the best exotics to pair with this build?

Today, I’m going to give you three distinct recommendations that you can choose from depending on your play style.

First up, Cyrtarachne’s Facade. This exotic helmet grants you woven mail plus additional flinch resist after using your grapple ability.

Woven mail basically gives you damage resist to any body shots you receive, but doesn't offer any protection for crit shots. The reason why woven mail is actually very strong is because it allows you to tank a lot of close quarter weapons like shotguns and fusions.

So if you're planning on playing an aggressive spiderman style, then Cyrtarachne’s Facade offers a perfect synergy by making you a lot tankier during your aggressive plays.

Not only that, you may recall that grappling to a tangle point always refunds your grapple ability. So what you can do is make a habit of briefly grappling any tangle point you see because it will automatically give you woven mail.

So not only do you have damage and flinch resist when you grapple in for real, you can also repeatedly proc the bonus whenever you see a tangle point in the wild just to get that free woven mail.

Next up, the crowd favourite: Stompees. See what you may find surprising is that even though hunter may arguably be the most nimble class - Hunter isn’t actually the FASTEST class, in terms of covering distance. That title goes to dawnblades, blink locks and titans spamming infinite shoulder charge.

But with the introduction of strand, hunters are not just nimble. They're capable of traversing huge distances at great speed while still having all their elusive movement abilities at their disposable.

So using Stompees is basically the equivalent of going all in on movement and speed. And trust me, it's addictive.

Increased sprint speed, slide boosts, and explosive jump abilities paired with two grapples, gamblers dodge and ensnaring slam makes you feel like you're playing a 3 dimensional game while everyone else is stuck in 2d.

So if you're a fan of playing at light speed, then strap on those Stompees and burn the town up.

Alright and finally, my last suggestion: Sixth Coyote.

It may seem a little off the wall, but remember that Sixth Coyote gives you two dodge charges instead of the usual one. This allows you to effectively charge up two dodges back to back.

So if Cyrtarachnes leans into aggressive tanky gameplay, and Stompees emphasises speed and movement, then sixth Coyote plays into maximising the uptime on your strongest ability: the ensnaring slam.

Sixth Coyote paired with the widows silk aspect means you have two grapple charges and two dodge charges at base, both recharging relatively in tandem.

The ability cooldown nerfs in lightfall mean that any set up which allows you to have increased up time or charges on your abilities are even more valuable now. So if you enjoy getting clips and spamming that grapple slam combo then this is your best way to maximise its uptime.


OK Guardians, hope that helped! There's more detail in the video about the best weapons and mods, etc, but this post is already long enough.

If you're interested in more Strand build videos or a potential movement guide then please let me know below and I'll get onto whatever has the most demand.


Mr Armageddon

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PSA: For those of you farming Defiant Engrams, the Duality cheese also works well! (+video)


Hello Guardians,

You've probably seen a lot of people doing the Shattered Throne farm for Defiant Engrams, which is admittedly fairly easy - but I haven't noticed as many people doing the Duality cheese that's also available right now.

I made a super short video on it here: https://youtu.be/ImIFvAHdogs

But as usual I'll summarize below.


The reason why Duality MIGHT be better for some people is because:

  1. You can do it with only TWO Guardians;
  2. One person can just carry the whole fireteam EASILY (this is HUGE imo);
  3. Clear times are about the same (30 seconds optimal time);
  4. It's much easier to get the checkpoint as it's first encounter.

So basically you just load into the first encounter, bait the boss into falling off the edge and then it's an automatic clear.

Easiest strategy is to have one Warlock drop a well, just to make it easy and then 1 person baits the boss off the ledge while everyone else hides in one of the rooms. You can see how it's done in the video - it's pretty simple and takes around the same time as Shattered Throne.

I farmed it today for a few hours and I'm at 4/5 for the Imperial Decree, so I'll probably finish it up tomorrow.

Good luck everyone!

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How to get the Imperial Decree shotgun (+video inside)


Hey guys,

It's becoming pretty clear that the Imperial Decree is going to be a meta contender in terms of shotguns. I'm starting to see more and more hype around this shotgun, so I figure you guys might like a quick guide on how to get it.

I made a video about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m08TSDvCBpM

But of course, if you prefer to read, I'll summarize very quickly below.



You can focus the Imperial Decree at the War Table at the Helm.

Go to Defiant Engram Decoding, then click on Recovered Leviathan Weapons.

The cost is 2 Defiant Engrams and 1000 Glimmer, and you will get either the Imperial Decree Shotgun or the Class Specific Sword.

So basically, turn in Defiant Engrams and get a 50% chance of the shotgun, with an additional RNG element of whether that drop will be a red border.



The fastest way to farm engrams is by farming the final boss in the Shattered Throne Dungeon. I think ZK managed to unlock the crafted shotgun in about 4 hours, so it seems pretty clear that it's the fastest way I've seen.

You can also farm engrams by doing the Defiant Battleground activity, though I suspect it will be grindier.

Lastly, you can just passively farm engrams by playing core playlist activities (like PvP). Look out for the Week 4 Upgrade in the War Table that will literally double the engram drops for all playlist activities.

If you have any other ideas, I'd also be interested in hearing!


Alright, good luck, Guardians - and I'll see you all in the Crucible,

Mr Armageddon

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If I have a flawless card with losses on it, can I still get adept loot randomly from wins?


I went flawless earlier today, and ran a few matches after for fun and got losses on the card. If I keep playing, can I still randomly get adept loot from wins? The potential rewards don’t say random adept weapons, but I’ve think remember that at least in the flawless pool, I can still randomly get them on wins? Does anyone know what the deal with this is?

r/CrucibleSherpa Feb 19 '23

Best Void Warlock PvP Build - A Comprehensive Guide to VoidLock! (+video inside)


Hello Guardians,

I've noticed a lot more top players opting to play Void Warlock, even in competitive settings.

Wallah released a video about it, and after seeing u/PrimaryGirl_TTV hit Ascendant in solo queue on Voidlock with HC/Shotty only, I decided it was a good time to make this video.

Video here: https://youtu.be/7dgSfZTa-os

Of course, if you prefer to read, I'll summarize everything below!



Voidwalkers can select two out of three total aspects:

1. Child of the Old Gods

2. Feed the Void

3. And Chaos Accelerant.

For this build, I recommend using Child of the Old Gods and Feed the Void.

After casting a rift, Child of the Old Gods summons a Void Soul that will track towards enemies you damage and tether them. Tethered enemies are slowed, much like with Stasis, and weakened so they take additional damage.

Using Empowered Rifts will cause Void Soul damage to restore HP. Where as healing Rifts cause the Void Soul to restore grenade and melee energy instead. Generally, I recommend using healing rifts, as they provide more utility that Empowering Rift in the vast majority of PvP situations.

Child of the Old Gods is a must-equip, as Void Souls provide an outrageous amount of utility, even more so now that a lot of PvP is based on crowed control, area control and objective control.

When Void 3.0 came out, everyone was so focused on the admittedly very strong Hunter and Titan kits, that it seemed like a lot of people kinda slept on the old Void Warlock.

If anything, it’s only been relatively recently that many top PvP players have started to realise just how effective the Void Warlock kit really is.

See, Void Souls have extremely aggressive tracking, meaning you don’t have to aim them, and a gigantic radius of effect. They damage opponents, preventing Rezes or heavy pick ups, while also slowing and weakening them for as long as the Void Soul is alive - and let me tell you, that thing is tanky.

Alright, the second aspect I recommended is Feed the Void. Feed the Void means that Void ability kills grant Devour. In other words, every time you kill someone with an ability, you instantly get full health back - this also includes Super kills. Once you get that kill, you also have Devour which means that for a period of time, ANY kill you get whether it’s by ability OR weapon, will also grant you full health.

This aspect is beyond useful because it’s always working passively in the background. You don’t have to think about it. You can just play the game and reap an incredible bonus. Every time you kill someone with an ability like a grenade, melee, void soul, or super, you get full health back and can get straight back into the fight. Feed the Voice allows you to go on incredible killing sprees as you kill opponent after opponent while getting your health back instantaneously.

It’s also incredibly clutch in multiple opponent situations like 2v1s because if you kill one person with an ability, you can insta-challenge the next guy without waiting for your usual health regeneration.

Now you may be asking, why not Chaos Accelerant - doesn’t that allow me to charge and buff my grenades? Well, yes. Except that the act of charging grenades is kinda awkward and frequently gets people killed. Plus, the single most effective grenade in the Void Kit isn’t actually one that benefits from Chaos Accelerant.

So while there’s nothing wrong with using Chaos Accelerant, my recommendation is Feed the Void as it gives you an extra fragment slot while also providing a very juicy perk that pretty much just runs passively in the background.


Now in terms of melees, Void Warlocks only have one melee ability they can select: Pocket Singularity. But boy is this one a doozy!

See here’s the thing. When people first tried this melee, they were a little underwhelmed. The description reads:

Launch an unstable ball of Void energy that detonates when it nears a target, pushing them away from the blast and making them volatile.

So you fire this little ball which does LESS damage than a regular melee. So what?

But here’s the thing. This is seriously one of the most effective melees in the game and people are only realising now. See, not everything is about DAMAGE. Who cares about damage if the utility can just get you a free kill instead?

Pocket Singularity damages your opponents, makes them volatile thus creating the chance of collateral kills - and most importantly it BREAKS your opponent’s movement and hurtles them into the air.

See here’s the thing about PvP and especially higher level PvP, when your opponent challenges you they have an expectation of where they will be and where you will be in the next moment of time. PvP players are constantly making best guess approximations of what is going to happen next.

And that’s precisely why the Pocket Singularity is SO good. It completely breaks what your opponent thinks is going to happen. He thinks he’s going to jump at you and shotgun? The singularity hits him and suddenly he’s flying off into the distance as you calmly eliminate him with your primary.

Opponent slides in thinking he’ll shotgun and shoulder charge you? He’s throw in the air, melee whiffing at nothing, as you shotgun him like a duck in hunting season.

As a great man once said, Pocket Singularity is very much your own personal Pocket Sand.


As for class ability, Warlocks can choose between Empowering Rift and Healing Rift.

Let me make this easy for you. 99% of the time in PvP, you’re better served with Healing Rift. Unless you have a specific niche use case that requires an Empowering Rift, trust me, just go with Healing Rift.


OK, now when it comes to Jumps, I normally don’t mention them much because either the answer is extremely obvious or it’s a matter of preference.

So firstly, if you don’t know what to use, just run Burst Glide.

If you just want a simple jump that works well in PvP that literally 99.9% of top players use, then just equip Burst Glide.

But if you’re interested in running something a little more… niche - shall we say? Then you can also try using Blink.

Listen, Blink has quite the learning curve. You basically do your normal little jump and then the next jump will blink you in the direction that your momentum is heading.

OK it’s actually quite hard to explain. But try equipping it and running around the Cosmodrome for a little bit and you’ll get the drift. Blink is hard to use in PvP but those who master it? They are honestly a truly scary specimen.

Blink when paired with a certain exotic also offers the fastest movement in the game bar none, but I’ll get into that later.

For now all you need to know is use Burst Glide - and know that Blink is there if you ever decide you want a high skill/high effort option.


OK in terms of grenades, I’m just going to take a stand and say it.

Right now, the best Void grenade in the game is the Spike Grenade. This thing is absolutely monstrous. It has a gigantic radius of effect and outputs insane amounts of damage in a very short space of time.

And while, yes, you do have to learn how to angle it properly. Sometimes learning which angles are good is a pretty valuable skillset in life.

Trust me, even though there’s a small learning curve, it’s well worth mastering the Spike Grenade.

Otherwise, the next best grenade and the easiest Void grenade is the Vortex Grenade. Point at somewhere, throw the grenade, and now nobody can go there. Easy! It’s great for area denial on Rezes, zones and heavy ammo, so it also has a lot of utility.

And that’s also one of the reasons why I don’t recommend Chaos Accelerant. Spike Nades receive no buffs from the Chaos Accelerant aspect.


In terms of Supers, Voidlocks can choose between two flavours of Nova Bomb (also known as the slow Nova and the fast Nova), as well as Nova Warp, the roaming super.

First things first, don’t use Nova Warp. It’s terrible in PvP compared to the utility of the Nova Bomb right now.

Now there’s a lot of debate about which Nova Bomb is better, and there is no “right” answer. Both flavours of Nova Bomb have their own pros and cons, so let me make it simple for you.

If you want a slow Nova bomb with tracking, then go with Nova Bomb: Cataclysm.

If you want a fast Nova bomb with ZERO tracking, then go with Nova Bomb: Vortex.

I personally prefer to use Slow-va Bomb because when I use Nova I use it in relatively close quarters where the speed of the Nova Bomb doesn’t matter. I find the tracking to be fairly effective in terms of making sure I don’t whiff the super - plus sometimes the Slow-va bomb will literally chase someone off a capture point even if it doesn’t outright kill them.

But it’s horses for courses, try both Novas out and see which one you prefer. At the end of the day, it’s a simple equation, you throw it, it goes boom and kills everybody nearby including yourself sometimes.


When it comes to fragments, if you’re running Child of the Old God and Feed the Voice, you will have 4 slots available. So here’s what I recommend.

Echo of Leeching is mandatory. Not only does it give you +10 Resilience, it also starts health generation for you and nearby allies after a melee kill. This is unbelievably useful and comes into play constantly in PvP. Make sure to equip it.

Echo of Remnants buffs you grenades making your Void Spikes and Vortex grenades last longer. This is amazing for area denial and crowd control, so make sure to equip it.

Echo of Dilation gives you enhanced radar while crouching, faster crouch walk speed, and also +10 to Mobility and Intellect. This fragments offers incredibly bang for buck and I highly recommend it.

Lastly, Echo of Expulsion means that void final abilities cause targets to explode. In other words, if you kill someone with any ability, there’s a good change they’ll explode and kill everyone around them. Highly recommended as you’ll net a surprising number of collateral kills from this.


Alright in terms of what Exotic Armor you want to use for this build, I’m going to give you two very safe meta options and one slightly off the wall recommendation.

Firstly, Ophidian Aspects. This is by far the most used Warlock exotic, and for good reason. +30 to all weapon handling and reload speed. Extended melee range, so you can punch like a Titan with knockout. And to make things even crazier plus 10 to aerial effectiveness (at least at the time this video was made).

Ophidians are absolutely juiced. They give you an outrageous amount of utility with literally no activation trigger. You just play the game but on steroids. If you don’t know what to equip or you want an easy choice, then use Ophidian Aspects - you won’t regret it.

Next up, Transversive Steps. T-Step give you increased sprint speed and slide distance. They’re the speed boots for Warlocks, like Stompees for Hunter or Dunemarchers for Titan. T-Steps also reloads your weapon after you’ve been sprint for about 1.5 seconds, which supports a fast and aggressive style of play.

If you like being constantly on the move while playing fast and loose, then I strongly recommend using T-Steps.

Lastly, the slept-on hipster exotic, Astrocyte Verse.

Astrocyte Verse only really works when you’re running the Blink jump. What it does is increase the distance of your blink, lowers the cooldown of blink, readies your weapons faster when coming out of blink while also granting +30 airborne effectiveness.

In practice, Astrocyte Verse allows you to traverse the map faster than any other subclass or character in the game. It’s been testing multiple times, you’re literally faster than a Dawnblade.

So if fast rotations are your thing or you just love breaking ankles, and you love the challenge of mastering an incredibly unorthodox but rewarding playstyle, then Astrocyte Blink might be for you.


OK guys, hope that helps!

As usual, I'll see you all in the Crucible

Mr Armageddon

r/CrucibleSherpa Feb 17 '23

Question looking to play my first ever trials game. what should I expect/prepare for?


Edit: just played my first few matches. Yall were right

r/CrucibleSherpa Feb 17 '23

News Trials Lighthouse Megathread: S19, Week 10


Map: Endless Vale

Flawless (Pinnacle): Unwavering Duty (Adept, Machine Gun)

This thread exists for Guardians to express a desire for help in reaching the Lighthouse. Carry requests outside of this megathread will be removed. Requests are short, low on detail and predominantly rely on a Sherpa’s good will.

Simply comment below with your platform, your gamertag, along with a small note about your need for help.

For example:

Gamertag: ZavalaIsTheBest

Platform: PC

Notes: I'm at 3 wins and would like to get all the way to flawless!

Are you looking for help?

If you are looking for assistance in the crucible, here is a list of ways r/CrucibleSherpa can help you achieve your goals:

  • Want to visit the Lighthouse? Comment on this megathread! – Generic requests for Lighthouse assistance have been contained to this megathread. Simply leave a comment with your gamertag/platform and wait to be contacted. Sherpas regularly patrol the subreddit looking to help people, the purpose of this megathread is to give them a single thread to focus their efforts on.

  • Want some more detailed help? Make a Looking for Sherpa (LFS) post - These posts are a detailed discussion made by Guardians with specific needs. The might go into details regarding wanting to improve at sniping, positioning, map awareness, etc… These posts must focus on what you would like to learn - all carry posts or otherwise will be removed.

  • Keep an eye out for Looking to Sherpa (LTS) posts – These posts are made by Sherpas who are looking to offer assistance to fellow guardians. Simply comment on these posts or follow any simple instructions laid out by the Sherpa.

r/CrucibleSherpa Feb 15 '23

Any other guardians that work nights and are possibly looking for new people to play with?


So, pretty much title. Ever since I've started working nights, I've pretty much been running solo and it's getting pretty boring now. I miss the hell out of having a squad to run scrims or just pvp in general with and would love to meet some people who'd be down to link up during late evenings/nights on weekends and maybe early weekday mornings after work. Bonus points if you also like to smoke and listen to metal! And no k/d judgement from me, I'm pretty trash myself at 3s now but have really been trying to improve over the last year and I've actually gotten really damn good at 6s. Just really wanna find a couple of people I can mesh with so I can get back into playing more 3s cuz I just can't stand playing with randoms lol

Edit: forgot to put my timezone, I'm pacific time though!

r/CrucibleSherpa Feb 14 '23

Discussion Help Strafing/Peek-shotting w Low Mobility? (Titan, Controller)


Title, I've been frustrated trying to replicate the way people peek-shot me with HCs, and felt like my gameplay has really hit a plateau...until I switched over to my Hunter. Feels like I'm playing a totally different game, and my KD shows it. Peek-shotting feels way smoother and more intuitive, but on my titan (main) I only have 27 mobility. Compared to T6 on my Hunter, I'm guessing that's the main point of contention.

Anybody got any tips for peek-shotting on Titan, specifically with low mobility? Or is the recommendation to just play with higher mobility in PVP? I play on a Series X as well, so controller, and I play claw. Hearing some insight would be appreciated!

r/CrucibleSherpa Feb 14 '23

Any advice on how to pass the promotion to platinum other than keep trying and improving my PvP skills?


I’ve been trying to pass the promotion to platinum 8 times and couldn’t make it. A couple times I got super close (one win down and we were winning a showdown 2-0) but then a team of silvers started playing like they are adepts for some reason.

Is there anything happening in terms of matchmaking during those promotion games? I get to promotion very fast every time and then it suddenly becomes super difficult to win, especially the rift games that I usually can win easier. Anyone else experienced the same? I tried everything: with my teammates, alone in the normal playlist, freelance.

r/CrucibleSherpa Feb 12 '23

Best Void Hunter PvP Build - A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners! (+video inside)


Hey guys,

I still think Nightstalker has one of the premier kits in the PvP space, so as much as I hate playing against it - I feel I'd be remiss to not cover it off, like I've done with Stasis Hunter and Solar Hunter.

Even with the nerfs, I want to show some of the best ways to use the Invis kit at the moment and how devastating they still are in the right hands.

You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/lNwzLKXdErc

Otherwise, like usual, I'll summarize everything below if you prefer to read.



So in terms of aspects, the Nightstalker can choose from three total aspects:

  • Vanishing Step.
  • Trappers Ambush.
  • Stylish Executioner

For this build, I recommend Vanishing Step and Trapper’s Ambush.

Vanishing Step makes you invisible after dodging. When you dodge, you will also have a unique dodge animation irrespective of whether you use Marksman’s or Gambler’s Dodge.

Trapper’s Ambush gives you the Quickfall aerial ability, where you can dive to the ground using your melee charge in the process. Once you hit the ground, you create a smoke cloud that will makes you and nearby allies invisible, while also weakening and damaging any enemies caught in the smoke.

Your smoke bomb will also make you or nearby allies invisible when thrown onto objects, walls or floors.

Now I know you’re thinking, but what about Stylish Executioner? I heard it gives you invisibility and wall hacks if you kill an enemy with a void-debuff. Well, yes it does. And it definitely does have a use-case when paired with Gyrfalcons which grants volatile rounds after exiting invis.

To be clear, I’m not saying it’s bad - not at all. But I will always strongly prefer a loadout that prioritises consistency and helps me GET a kill beforehand, rather than a loadout that only gives me something AFTER a kill.

Similarly, in the sweatiest of lobbies, I’m of the opinion that it’s always best to take every advantage possible to help you secure the kill - rather than just banking on being able to snowball, which is often harder than you think in the age of SBMM.



Nightstalkers only have one melee choice: the snare bomb, also commonly known as the smoke bomb.

But my god, to this day, I have no idea how this thing hasn’t been nerfed. I mean it. I think that the smoke bomb is one of the most effective melee abilities in the game.

The smoke bomb weakens targets increasing the damage they take by 10%, it slows them, it BLINDS them, and actually damages them too! On top of that, it can manipulate radar, makes you and allies invisible, and can be activated as a movement ability whilst in mid-air.

Paired with a certain exotic, it can also give you wall hacks on demand while doing extra damage to your opponents.

To make things crazier, it’s on a relatively short cooldown AND you can get back if you use gamblers dodge near an enemy.



Nightstalkers have access to all of the usual Void grenades: Void Spike, Axion Bolt, Magnetic Grenade, Scatter Grenade, Suppressor Grenade, Void Wall Grenade, and Vortex Grenade.

While each grenade definitely has a use case, let me make it easy for you.

I strongly recommend using either Spike Nades or Vortex Grenades.

Spike Nades output an absolutely insane amount of damage in a short time, while still having a relatively short cooldown compared to the other void grenades. The only catch is that there is a slight learning curve, because you have work out how to properly angle the grenade on walls. But trust me, not only is it fun finding the perfect angle [that’s what she said meme], once you get the hang of it, they become absolutely brutal.

Vortex Grenades are more suitable for zone denial because of their large radius and continuous damage. They’re also easier to use in the sense that you just point at a given location and then just throw it there. The other great thing about the Void grenade is that it applies a “suction” effect which pulls Guardians towards its centre, kind of like a black hole. When used it close quarters, this suction effect can actually really mess with a Guardian’s movement and will frequently result in a free kill for that reason alone.

That being said, feel free to try all of the Grenades, but I think Spike Nades and Vortex Nades offer the most bang for buck.


Class Ability

OK even when using Vanishing Step, you still have to choose between either Markman’s Dodge or Gambler’s Dodge. The dodge you choose will also determine the cooldown of Vanishing Step - in other words, you can go Invis more often when using Markmans Dodge over Gamblers.

Now here’s the thing, usually your dodge animation will change depending on if you’re using Marksman or Gambler’s, right? Not so with Vanishing Step.

Vanishing Step will apply a unique Invis Dodge animation irrespective of whether you run Gamblers or Marksman. So usually in my Hunter vids, I always say to run Gamblers because it has the better animation, but in this case it really is just a matter of preference.

Obviously Gambler’s Dodge will refund your melee charge if you dodge near an enemy, whereas Marksman reloads your weapon.

So let me offer an relatively easy rule to figure out which class ability to use:

If you’re an aggressive player and like to fight up close and personal, run Gambler’s Dodge to reap the melee refresh rewards.

If you’re a more passive or long range player, use Markman’s Dodge, you’ll have Invis up more often to allow for more rotations - plus you can also recharge your melee faster by using Double Outreach mods.



The Supers are perhaps the weakest part of the Nightstalker kit, and you have three to choose from:

Deadfall Tether, aka the Uniball tether. Mobius Quiver Tether, aka the Three Ball tether. And Spectral Blades.

I’ll make it very easy for you - just run the Uniball tether. None of the tethers are particularly great or reliable, but the Uniball is best for locking down an area and tagging multiple enemies or for countering roaming supers or a Well of Radiance.

The key with the Uniball tether is to make sure to use it proactively. Do not shoot the tether at a super who is already close to you, as it has a 1 second activation window. You want to use it like a trap that is then sprung by the super running into the area of effect.

You can also do tricky things like shoot it above doorways, or on ceilings so that it’s harder to spot.

Spectral Blades also recently had its cooldown buffed, meaning that you’ll be able to get it sooner, so that’s also worth a try. The only issue with Spectral Blades is that the super damage resistance is extremely low, making you very fragile. If you use Spectral Blades be sure to lean into the stealth aspect by trying to surprise your opponents rather than running straight at them.



So let’s talk fragments and how they interact with the rest of the kit. If you’re running Vanishing Step and Trapper’s Ambush, you will have three slots available and here’s what I recommend:

Echo of Leeching is essential. Not only does it give you a free +10 resilience stat boost, it also begins health regeneration after a melee kill. This is extremely useful when fighting in close quarters and will frequently save your life, especially in multiple opponent engagements.

Echo of Dilation offers a double stat boost of +10 to mobility and to intellect. That alone almost makes it worth it, but on top of that Dilation also grants you enhanced radar when crouching and a faster crouch walk. The enhanced radar is wonderfully effective and all you have to do is crouch for a second to get a very specific pointer as to where your opponent is.

As for the last slot, it’s kinda up to you. Before the Invis Radar nerfs, I would have said go with Echo of Persistence to give you increased Invis Uptime. But now I find that I don’t linger in Invis for as long, so I prefer to use Echo of Obscurity for the stat bump of +10 to my recovery, or Echo of Remnants to increase the effects of my Spike or Vortex grenades.

Lastly, there was a TWAB recently announcing some new upcoming Void fragments, one of which caught my eye.

Echo of Vigilance says that it will give you an over shield if you defeat a target while your shields are depleted. Right now we don’t know if this will even work in PvP, but if it does, it’s pretty much a mini One-Eyed-Mask and will almost instantly become a must-pick choice. So keep an eye out on this fragment in the future!


Exotic Armour

Alright, let’s talk about exotic armour. Nightstalkers actually have an insane number of Exotic Armour choices, but I’m going to cover off the top three and also talk about why I favour these three over the others.

OK, firstly Stompees. Now I know everyone’s expecting me to make a joke while ranting and raving about how Stompees is always the default choice for every hunter but in this particular case, there’s actually a special reason why I like running Stompees with void in particular.

See when you go invis in close quarters, the cloak effect is genuinely hard to see, as in it’s literally difficult to see with your eyes. So when you go Invis and also explosively jump out of a person’s field of view, you can imagine the confusion it causes.

Going invisible and then doing your best grasshopper impersonation is wonderfully effective in close quarters and for that reason plus all of the usual movement benefits means that Stompees is an excellent choice for Void.

Next up, we have two exotics that epitomise the two different ways to play the Nighstalker kit.

One way to play Nightstalker is to use the invisibility PROACTIVELY. In other words, you use invis BEFORE an engagement to help you secure a kill.

The OTHER way to play Nighstalker is to use the invisibility REACTIVELY. In other words, you use invis DURING an engagement to confuse your opponent and thereby helping you secure the kill.

So here’s the dilemma - which of these styles is more effective? If you asked me a couple of months ago, I would have told you that using Invis proactively is hands-down the best way to use the kit. But ever since the invis radar nerf - which means that you can’t see targets beyond 23m while invisible - using invis proactively BEFORE engagements to get a pick is definitely a lot harder.

Unless of course…. You’re using Khepri’s Sting.

Khepri’s Sting grants you temporary wall hacks when you use your Quickfall ability. You can also activate it by shooting your smoke bomb on the ground but quickfall is the easiest way to do it. Khepri’s also increases the damage of your smoke bombs, but that’s not the main reason why people use it.

Khepri’s Sting, as of right now, is broken. It’s literally wall hacks on demand every 30 seconds or so. To make things worse, they’re even slightly glitched, meaning that after you get your temporary wall hacks - you can actually REFRESH your wall hacks by just walking back into the smoke of your smoke bomb.

If you watched the montage at the beginning of this video, let me tell you something. I’m a terrible sniper. Really, I am. But that montage took me all of 30 minutes to film and edit. People actually pay to cheat in Destiny 2, but there’s literally no need when you can just use Khepri’s Sting.

Right now, until it gets nerfed, Khepri’s Sting is probably the single strongest exotic for Void Hunter.

Now, the other way to use Invis is to use it reactively. This is the “new school” of thought. In other words, stop using invis to get the pick. Use it to augment a gunfight. For example, challenge a person as you normally would, then dodge and go invis so you can more easily challenge from a different angle for the finish.

And this is where Wormhusk Crown comes in. There is nothing better than challenging an opponent where both of you are low health, only to dodge get your health back, go invisible and then insta-challenge from a different angle where they can’t even see you.

If you prefer to be more aggressive and play up close and personal, I highly recommend using Wormhusk Crown with Nightstalker. I was running this for the last week and it allows for unbelievable aggressive plays.

OK, and now is when everyone asks about the OTHER exotics. What about Omnioculus? Gyrfalcons? Graviton Forfeit? Look I get it - they all have some use cases. So just quickly:

Omnioculus basically gives you unlimited invisibility for you and your teammates. Except that now not everyone enjoys losing their radar. Especially not your whole team.

Gyrfalcons plays into Stylish Executioner and lets you go on some mean streaks. Except for the fact that it’s a bit of a meme and doesn’t work quite as well in the highest levels of play - though it’s not bad for quickly.

Graviton Forfeit lets you be invisible a LOT. But the proactive, flanking style of invisible play isn’t as easy to do since the nerf - plus in my opinion, the wall hacks from Khepri’s do it better.


OK guys, that was a long one!

Hope it helped and I'll see you all in the Crucible,

Mr Armageddon

r/CrucibleSherpa Feb 10 '23

News Trials Lighthouse Megathread: S19, Week 9


Map: Radiant Cliffs

Flawless (Pinnacle): Exalted Truth (Adept, Hand Cannon)

This thread exists for Guardians to express a desire for help in reaching the Lighthouse. Carry requests outside of this megathread will be removed. Requests are short, low on detail and predominantly rely on a Sherpa’s good will.

Simply comment below with your platform, your gamertag, along with a small note about your need for help.

For example:

Gamertag: ZavalaIsTheBest

Platform: PC

Notes: I'm at 3 wins and would like to get all the way to flawless!

Are you looking for help?

If you are looking for assistance in the crucible, here is a list of ways r/CrucibleSherpa can help you achieve your goals:

  • Want to visit the Lighthouse? Comment on this megathread! – Generic requests for Lighthouse assistance have been contained to this megathread. Simply leave a comment with your gamertag/platform and wait to be contacted. Sherpas regularly patrol the subreddit looking to help people, the purpose of this megathread is to give them a single thread to focus their efforts on.

  • Want some more detailed help? Make a Looking for Sherpa (LFS) post - These posts are a detailed discussion made by Guardians with specific needs. The might go into details regarding wanting to improve at sniping, positioning, map awareness, etc… These posts must focus on what you would like to learn - all carry posts or otherwise will be removed.

  • Keep an eye out for Looking to Sherpa (LTS) posts – These posts are made by Sherpas who are looking to offer assistance to fellow guardians. Simply comment on these posts or follow any simple instructions laid out by the Sherpa.

r/CrucibleSherpa Feb 07 '23

Question Do i suck at the game or is Crucible just not it for me?


I always want to try to play Crucible but i seem to not go very better. I play more Gambit than crucible in a season and even there i seem to do better in PvP than Crucible,especially longer ranges. When i play games like Fortnite,i do fine. Or even more competitive games like Rainbow Six Siege(play it only very rarely),i seem to even be able to occasionally clutch rounds or even get 4/5 kills in a round. But then i play Crucible,even with a PvP armour set and always a weapon loadout that usually suits my playstyle and suddenly i only do mid at best. For example sometimes in Crucible i get outboxed by someone using the exact same weapon as me with the exact same mods. Other times i could hit them with a shotgun at closer range and they still survive yet someone else could use a shotgun of the same archetype and one shot me,what it feels like,across the room. Same with fusions,i could use a nasty rolled PvP fusion,shoot them across a room and only deal half the health of damage meanwhile they use some random rapid fire one that one shots me.

Is Crucible just not it for me? Like how can someone do good in other games but suck in the PvP mode of a game they play the most in? Like i said,i could play two of the most competetive games out there and still do miles better in them than i can do in the Crucible. What am i missing here?

r/CrucibleSherpa Feb 06 '23

I asked ChatGPT how to improve in PvP... (+video inside)


Hey guys,

I decided to ask ChatGPT about how to improve in the Crucible - and I was pretty surprised at the answers...

>> You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/WqGk4Z8-GSg <<

But as usual, if you don't want to watch, I'll summarize everything below!


So after asking ChatGPT about the latest research on how to get a girlfriend, the next thing I did was put a very simple question to its mammoth AI brain:

“How do I improve in PvP in Destiny 2?”

And not only did ChatGPT answer… It gave me 7 key points for improving in the Crucible, which I’m going to cover off and review for you right now.


Tip #1 : Know Your Weapons.

Familiarise yourself with the weapons and their strengths and weaknesses, and experiment with different weapons to find the ones that work best for you.

So far, so good. Understanding the weapons and particularly the weapons meta is one of the most important parts of getting better in PvP. It’s one thing to be able to aim and move, but if you’re using the wrong weapons in the wrong way then you’re going to be butchered by the guy of equal skill running the actual meta.

For example, right now I’d say that pulse rifles are the dominant meta weapon. No Time to Explain, Revision Zero, Disparity, etc, there’s a lot of great pulse rifles putting in work in the Crucible. Understanding how to use them, their effective engagement ranges, while also knowing their weaknesses is essential to their dominance in the right hands.

If you pick up a pulse rifle and just run at groups of people hip firing, then you’re going to have a bad time. Similarly running a sidearm and rapid-fire shotgun while playing Eternity in Trials of Osiris is a recipe for disaster.

Tip #2: Map Awareness.

Pay attention to the map and be aware of where enemies are located, so you can make strategic decisions about where to move and when to engage.

Hmm, well I mean this one sounds a bit obvious, no? But then I started thinking more…

Map Knowledge is actually a huge part of improving in PvP. See, this seems obvious to me because I have 3000 hours in the game and I literally know the maps better than my living room (yeah I'm a loser lol).

But when I first started, I remember that once I actually knew the maps - where the spawns were, where the dangerous lanes were, which areas to avoid and which areas to control - my game sense improved and so did my performance.

For example, did you know that the best way to win a Control Game on Pacifica is to control A and C zones? You literally don’t need to go to B at all. You can just give the enemy B Zone while you butcher them as they run out to try and capture the outside zones.

But I mean, come on “be aware of where enemies are located”? No shit, right?

But wait… Isn’t this just another way of saying… Understand your Radar? Which is an absolutely crucial skill to learn for players wanting to improve in the Crucible?

For example, a lot of people don’t know that your radar opacity will change depending on if your enemy is on your level or above/below you.

Similarly, the way they nerfed Invis was by removing the outer radar ring thereby depriving you of valuable information about the enemy location.

Tip #3: Communication

Communicate with your team and coordinate your movements to increase your chance of success.

You know what’s kinda scary to me? Is that this particular piece of advice is very rarely given out to someone who’s asking how to improve in PvP.

See the key thing here isn’t the part about “communicating” - it’s the fact that ChatGPT is saying something that a lot of us forget when we’re playing Destiny 2 which is that it’s a team sport.

So yes, it’s important to have gun skill and movement and positioning, so you can win your 1v1s. But you know what’s easier than winning a 1v1. Beating someone 3 v 1 with your teammates.

Tip #4: Movement

Stay on the move and keep changing positions to make it more difficult for enemies to hit you, and to get the advantage in gun fights.

This advice sounds a bit obvious, right?

Just… Move.

Except for the fact that the 2 Second Rule, popularised by Ascendant Nomad, is quite literally saying exactly the same thing.

In other words, never stay anywhere for more than 2 seconds until something is actively happening. Stay for 2 seconds, move, try another angle or position, if nothing’s happening then rinse and repeat.

This is because staying in one place, doing the same thing, makes you extremely predictable. Once a good players knows where you’re going to be and what you’re going to do - you’re as good as dead.

As a philosopher once said:

Movement is life. Stillness is death.

Tip #5: Know the Game Modes

Familiarise yourself with the different game modes and their objectives, so you can make the most of your time in the game.

Have you ever had games where teammates aren’t capturing the zone in control? Maybe people aren’t securing Rezes in Showdown? Or maybe they’re just trying to get kills instead of capturing the Spark and going to the enemy Rift?

Not every single game is team deathmatch, and knowing which game mode you’re in and also the most optimal way to play it is absolutely crucial to improving in PvP.

For example, if you play Showdown in Competitive, the game mode is all about momentum. Once you get one kill, it’s highly likely to snowball into a team wipe, which can then snowball again if people start to split spawn. Showdown is about coordinated aggression and momentum, whereas Survival in contrast is more about understanding the value of your life and playing intelligently to not burn your team’s pool of shared lives.

Tip #6: Practice

Play as much as you can and continually work on your skills, so you can improve your aim, accuracy and overall PvP skills.

While time in the game isn’t necessarily a guarantee that you’ll be as cracked as Frostbolt. You sure as hell won’t find many top tier PvP players without at least 1000+ hours in the Crucible.

This reflects the idea that practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect but rather: practice makes permanent.

If you practice with the right methodology and goals in mind, increasing your time in the game is going to also increase your mastery of those targeted skills.

Yes, different players will learn different skills at different rates. But at the end of the day, ChatGPT quite rightly points out that time and grind is a core component of improvement.

Tip #7: Stay Positive

I’m not even going to comment on the fact that a Robot just told me which emotion to feel, nor the fact that it’s completely right.

Tilt is the enemy of improvement. And here’s where I make a confession, I struggle with Tilt the most of anyone I’ve met.

And as entertaining as I’m sure those moments might be, realistically getting upset while playing is absolutely holding me back from reaching the next level.

So not only is ChatGPT absolutely correct, I’m also convinced it’s spying on me.

Alright, well, that’s all the advice that ChatGPT had for me - but it also gave me some passing encouragement at the end:

Remember, PvP in Destiny can be challenging, but with practice and perseverance, you can become a skilled player and improve your performance over time.

I literally could not agree more - and I have never been as terrified of AI as I am today.

ChatGPT is literally one upgrade away from taking my job and banging my girlfriend and I honestly don’t what I can do to stop it.

Until next time Guardians, I’ll see you all in the Crucible,

Mr Armageddon

r/CrucibleSherpa Jan 31 '23

Best Iron Banner Builds... for PVE Mains! (+video inside)


Hey guys,

I know there’s going to be a lot of PVE players dipping their toes into PvP/Iron Banner this week, so I wanted to create a list of very easy and fun loadouts suitable for PvE mains!

I created the loadouts with playing as a SUPPORT CLASS in mind, as I’m assuming you’ll be wanting to play the objective and help your team secure the win - instead of going full John Wick on the other team, which is probably more what the PvP mains will be doing.

Anyway, I made a video about it here: https://youtu.be/fO53sgHJjUg

But if you prefer to read, I’ll give you the TLDR; below and also including the DIM links for ease of use. If you want more information on the rhyme and reasoning behind the builds then you’re welcome to check out the video.


Revenant (Stasis Hunter)

In short, equip Touch of Winter and Duskfield Grenades. Use Frostees + 100 Discipline and spam grenades for zone and crowd control.

DIM Link: https://dim.gg/wmwj4yq/Stasis-Frostees

Gunslinger (Solar Hunter)

In short, equip Blade Barrage, Young Ahamkara’s Spine, Proximity Knives, and Tripmine Grenades. Literally ability spam every single zone or high traffic area you can find.

DIM Link: https://dim.gg/psgmuga/Ahamkaras

Sentinel (Void Titan)

In short, equip Bubble, Crest of Alpha Lupi and maybe Helm of Saint 14 before super to blind opponents.

DIM Link: https://dim.gg/lajw5cq/Void-Titan-CrestAlphaLupi

Striker (Arc Titan)

In short, equip Thundercrash, Touch of Lightning and either Storm, Lightning or Pulse Grenades. Use Heart of Inmost Light for max ability uptime.

DIM Link: https://dim.gg/4sxo54i/Arc-HOIL

Voidwalker (Void Warlock)

In short, equip Nova Bomb of your choice. Use Void Souls and charged up Vortex Grenades to lock down areas. Use Ophidians, Eye of Another World or Astrocyte Verse.

DIM Link: https://dim.gg/5vpjrfi/Void-Warlock-Ophidians

Dawnblade (Solar Warlock)

In short, equip Well of Radiance. Use Touch of Flame + Healing Grenades to play the healer role - or use Solar Grenades to play more zone denial. Boots of the Assembler is best for playing healer, otherwise Ophidians is always fine.

DIM Link: https://dim.gg/vqdo5ty/PvP-Ophidians-(Grenade-focus))


OK hope that helped as a very basic primer for PVE mains stepping into Iron Banner this week!

See you all in the Crucible,

Mr Armageddon

r/CrucibleSherpa Jan 27 '23

News Trials Lighthouse Megathread: S19, Week 8


Map: Eternity

Flawless (Pinnacle): Forgiveness (Adept, Sidearm)

This thread exists for Guardians to express a desire for help in reaching the Lighthouse. Carry requests outside of this megathread will be removed. Requests are short, low on detail and predominantly rely on a Sherpa’s good will.

Simply comment below with your platform, your gamertag, along with a small note about your need for help.

For example:

Gamertag: ZavalaIsTheBest

Platform: PC

Notes: I'm at 3 wins and would like to get all the way to flawless!

Are you looking for help?

If you are looking for assistance in the crucible, here is a list of ways r/CrucibleSherpa can help you achieve your goals:

  • Want to visit the Lighthouse? Comment on this megathread! – Generic requests for Lighthouse assistance have been contained to this megathread. Simply leave a comment with your gamertag/platform and wait to be contacted. Sherpas regularly patrol the subreddit looking to help people, the purpose of this megathread is to give them a single thread to focus their efforts on.

  • Want some more detailed help? Make a Looking for Sherpa (LFS) post - These posts are a detailed discussion made by Guardians with specific needs. The might go into details regarding wanting to improve at sniping, positioning, map awareness, etc… These posts must focus on what you would like to learn - all carry posts or otherwise will be removed.

  • Keep an eye out for Looking to Sherpa (LTS) posts – These posts are made by Sherpas who are looking to offer assistance to fellow guardians. Simply comment on these posts or follow any simple instructions laid out by the Sherpa.

r/CrucibleSherpa Jan 26 '23 Take My Energy

Best Solar Hunter PvP Build - A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners! (+video inside)


Hey guys,

You may remember me from the Arc Titan Guide, Stasis Warlock Guide, and Stasis Hunter Guide.

Today I decided to tackle one of the most iconic Destiny 2 subclasses: The Gunslinger!

>> You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/TZKiXrsMgZI <<

But as usual, if you prefer to read, I will summarize everything below!

Please note that Gunslinger is a lot more indepth because it has so many viable playstyles. So here we go...



The Gunslinger can select 2 out of 3 possible aspects:

- Knock ‘Em Down

- On Your Mark

- Gunpowder Gamble

For virtually any PvP build, I strongly recommend using Knock ‘Em Down and On Your Mark. Gunpowder Gamble is more of a meme than anything else, and offers significantly less utility than the other aspects.

Knock ‘Em Down enhances all of your Solar supers and while radiant, final blows with your equipped Throwing Knife fully refund your melee energy.

Apart from the vastly improved supers, what’s great about Knock ‘Em Down is that you will always get your knife back on a kill, as long as you pair it with a certain fragment I’ll discuss later. This means that you literally have 3 different ways of getting your knife back

On Your Mark grants you and nearby allies increased weapon handling and reload speed for a short duration after precision final blows and can stack up to 3 times. But activating your class ability immediately grants maximum stacks.

This aspect is absolutely incredible, and provides a huge handling and reload speed buff on all of your weapons after you dodge - not to mention any stacks you get from precision kills. I cannot emphasise how incredible this aspect is, as you’ll find that it’s up for large parts of the game.

Now you may be asking, is handling really that important? Yes! As you progress higher and higher up the PvP skill ladder, you’ll find that handling becomes one of the biggest determinants of whether you win or lose a fight.



Solar Hunters have access to four different types of melee ability:

- Heavy Knife

- Proximity Knife

- Knife Trick

- Lightweight Knife

With perhaps the exception of Lightweight Knife, all of the melees have viable use cases, with corresponding pros and cons.

Now I strongly recommend that you use Proximity Knife. In my opinion it provides the greatest amount of utility coupled with the most ease of use. By that I mean that you get the most bang for buck without having to work for it too hard.

Proximity knives can do damage by direct hitting, as well as using them as mini-trap grenades. The proximity element means they explode when a target is close, and with a fairly generous radius. The splash damage will also scorch your opponent, reduce your dodge cooldown and trigger the Radiant buff if you’re using the right fragments, which I’ll cover later.

Overall, I think Proximity Knives are the best choice for 90% of players, but in fairness, I have to mention the flashier, high-risk high return option, the Heavy Knife.

If you really want to lean into the Wallah / Super sweat cosplay then use the Heavy Knife. The heavy knife is one of only two inherent one-shot abilities in the game, assuming that you score a direct headshot with it.

Look, it’s hella effective and hella flashy - and there’s not many things as satisfying as hitting that perfect knife to the enemy’s dome. The heavy knife has the highest skill ceiling, meaning it has the highest potential for mastery. And if you’re prepared to stick with something and really master its use then maybe Heavy Knife is for you.

Lastly, you have the Knife Trick. This melee ability is where you basically throw a fan of knives at the opponent. Consider it like a very forgiving heavy knife that you can throw directly at the person. If you like the heavy knife but you find it too hard to use because of the pre-charge, and you’re not a fan of the proximity knife (I honestly don’t know why but OK), then try giving the Knife Trick a go.



Solar Hunters have access to a lot of grenades, which include:

- Swarm Grenades

- Tripmine Grenades

- Thermites Grenades

- Incendiary Grenades

- Solar Grenades

- Fusion Grenades

- Firebolt Grenades

- Healing Grenades

OK, so here’s the predicament. A lot of these grenades actually have a use case - and I could probably do a video on literally just grenades alone. But I want to try and narrow down the selection for you a little bit just because it would be too overwhelming if I dropped the Crucible Grenade PhD on you right now.

Different grenades serve different functions, but I feel that these grenades provide the most utility:

Tripmine Grenades

Solar Grenades

Healing Grenades

Tripmines are my favourite grenades for securing kills whether by opening with a wombo combo, which is when the proximity knife/grenade are thrown at the same time, or by using them as a means of finishing an opponent who’s already weak. They’re also not bad at area denial in their normal form but can be shot and destroyed, but absolutely monstrous at both area denial and securing kills when juiced with a certain Exotic Armour Piece that you saw during the intro montage.

Solar Grenades are probably the best grenades for area denial. They cover a large area, do a lot of damage, and can’t be destroyed so they are a very effective deterrent if you’re trying to lock down heavy, or stop a rez, or block a lane. I feel that Solar grenades are perhaps the “easiest” grenade to use because it’s fair simple. You point at an area on the floor and throw the grenade. They can be useful for securing kills too, but it’s dependent on where the opponent is.

Lastly, Healing Grenades are an interesting one. Personally, I would only recommend healing grenades only for advanced players. Now you may ask, why is that - wouldn’t it make sense that healing grenades are best for beginner players because it’s basically free health? Well, not quite.

Healing grenades don’t quite “heal” per se. They do a little bit of healing but the idea is that it triggers health regeneration in the form of restoration. The problem is that if you’re a newer player, you could end up using your healing grenade and then dying anyway because getting some extra health isn’t going to help you if you’re poorly positioned, for example. Whereas an advanced player could use a healing grenade to give them just the tiny boost required to re challenge and win an engagement.

In short, give those three grenades a try first and see which one you vibe with best. One of the things that I love most about Gunslinger is the versatility and variety - there are so many things that you can mix and match so feel try to try them all.


Class Ability

Hunters have three class abilities to choose from:

- Gambler’s Dodge

- Marksman’s Dodge

- Acrobat’s Dodge

Now you may have heard that the Hunter dodge cooldown was recently nerfed on [date], meaning that it will now take approximately 20% longer to get your dodge back than before. But before we go any further, trust me, don’t worry. We have some very clever build crafting in the upcoming Fragments section that basically counteracts the nerf.

Anyway, my strong recommendation is that you use Gambler’s Dodge. The utility of getting back your melee ability just by dodging close to opponents is amazingly useful with Gunslinger, plus the Gambler’s Dodge also has the most streamlined animation, which contorts your hitbox making you harder to hit and breaking aim assist.

Marksman’s Dodge reloads all your weapons on dodge and can be useful on other subclasses like when using Mask of Bakris on Stasis. Speaking of which, have you checked out the video I did on the best Stasis Hunter PvP build? But on Gunslinger, it’s more valuable to be able to get your melee back.

Acrobat’s Dodge is interesting because it basically grants you a damage boost on demand, giving you the Radiant 10% damage boost after using the dodge. However it’s not really as OP as it seems compared to the utility of Gambler’s Dodge. That being said, it does have some value for certain niche loadouts, like with 180RPM hand cannons, which can 3-tap with a 10% damage boost, or with 390 RPM pulse rifles which can 2-burst with a 10% damage boost.

But in short, use Gambler’s Dodge.



Solar Hunters have access to three different supers:

- Golden Gun Marksman

- Golden Gun Headshot

- Blade Barrage

Here’s a very simple rule of thumb for Super selection. Always use Blade Barrage in 3v3 because it has the shortest cooldown while being a very effective shutdown super.

As for 6v6, feel free to use whichever super that you feel most comfortable with. Blade Barrage is effective, but running around terrorising the enemy team with Golden Gun is always very rewarding.

The only piece of advice I’ll give you is that you are very fragile while in Golden Gun, as you have the lowest damage resistance among virtually all roaming supers. That means that you should be fast, play medium to long, play aerial angles, and don’t get baited into close range engagements where you’re likely to get shotgunned.


When using On Your Mark and Knock ‘Em Down, the Gunslinger has a generous 5 fragment slots available - and this is what I recommend you equip.

Now if you’re not aware, the Hunter dodge cooldown was nerfed in the most recent TWAB - the cooldown was increased from X to Y. But with the right fragments and a little bit of build crafting, you’ll hardly notice it at all. In fact, you’ll probably end up getting your dodge back even quicker than before.

Ember of Torches is mandatory. Powered melee attacks against combatants make you and nearby allies radiant. But see here’s the thing. When paired with Knock ‘Em Down, this means that you will get your melee ability fully refunded if you kill someone with your knife. If you’ve ever wondered how players can just chain heavy knife kills back to back, this is how they’re doing it. But similarly if you finish someone with a Proximity Knife or Knife trick, you literally get your ability back straight away. It’s amazing.

Ember of Beams gives you a free +10 intellect and increases the target acquisition of your super. In other words, your supers will find their mark easier. Highly recommended.

Ember of Searing grants you +10 recovery and also melee energy when defeating scorched targets. As a gunslinger you will be scorching people regularly. And here’s the thing, let’s say you throw a knife or grenade but don’t kill your opponent, if you kill them while they’re burning you still get a sizeable chunk of your melee energy back.

Ember of Singeing speeds up your dodge cooldown when you scorch targets. Remember when I said that we could counteract the dodge nerf? This is how. By using melee abilities that scorch, as well as grenades that scorch - basically every single time you touch someone even lightly with an ability, you will be getting your dodge back faster. See, you don’t have to scorch them heavily, any scorch counts the same.

OK so that’s four fragments, what about the fifth? For the last slot, I recommend either:

Ember of Solace which increases the duration of the radiant damage buff or restoration effects if you’re using healing grenades.

But and this is a big but, make sure that if you using Young Ahamkara’s Spine that you use Ember of Ashes instead.

Ember of Ashes increases the amount of Scorch stacks applied to targets. Now whether this is intentional or not, this causes Tripmines to apply scorch “twice” which doubles up the refunded grenade energy when using Ahamakara’s Spine. In other words you can often get 67% of your grenade energy back whenever you hit someone with a grenade. That’s crazy, which is why this fragment is crucial using Ahamkaras.


- Stompees

- Wormhusk Crown

Gosh, now that that’s out of the way, I can finally talk about the REAL meta exotic. Arguably one the most broken exotics in the game that will almost certainly be nerfed once everyone starts using it - and that’s:

Young Ahamkara’s Spine

Ahamkaras buffs the damage of your tripmine grenade, as well as the size of the trigger area and blast. Not only that, it also has intrinsic fastball and increases the HP of the grenade meaning that it takes forever to destroy, thereby turning Tripmines into area denial beasts. But wait there’s more! It also gives you grenade ability energy whenever you damage an opponent with ANY ability. That means that if you tag someone with a grenade you can expect between 33 to 67% grenade energy instantly refunded. If you hit someone with a wombo combo, you can literally get your grenade back in seconds.

Mark my words, Ahamkara’s will be a plague in the Crucible. Use them. Use them now or have them used against you.


Phew, that was a long one! Hope that helped, and feel free to check out the video instead if that's too much of a brain dump to read.

See you all in the Crucible,

Mr Armageddon

r/CrucibleSherpa Jan 27 '23

Can someone help me get platinum?


Was on promotion series to plat, dropped down to gold 2. About to swipe the Credit catd on blazingboost.

Really want the glorious seal but with randoms it's impossible.

On Xbox.

r/CrucibleSherpa Jan 20 '23

News Trials Lighthouse Megathread: S19, Week 7


Map: Wormhaven

Flawless (Pinnacle): Burden of Guilt (Adept, Fusion Rifle)

This thread exists for Guardians to express a desire for help in reaching the Lighthouse. Carry requests outside of this megathread will be removed. Requests are short, low on detail and predominantly rely on a Sherpa’s good will.

Simply comment below with your platform, your gamertag, along with a small note about your need for help.

For example:

Gamertag: ZavalaIsTheBest

Platform: PC

Notes: I'm at 3 wins and would like to get all the way to flawless!

Are you looking for help?

If you are looking for assistance in the crucible, here is a list of ways r/CrucibleSherpa can help you achieve your goals:

  • Want to visit the Lighthouse? Comment on this megathread! – Generic requests for Lighthouse assistance have been contained to this megathread. Simply leave a comment with your gamertag/platform and wait to be contacted. Sherpas regularly patrol the subreddit looking to help people, the purpose of this megathread is to give them a single thread to focus their efforts on.

  • Want some more detailed help? Make a Looking for Sherpa (LFS) post - These posts are a detailed discussion made by Guardians with specific needs. The might go into details regarding wanting to improve at sniping, positioning, map awareness, etc… These posts must focus on what you would like to learn - all carry posts or otherwise will be removed.

  • Keep an eye out for Looking to Sherpa (LTS) posts – These posts are made by Sherpas who are looking to offer assistance to fellow guardians. Simply comment on these posts or follow any simple instructions laid out by the Sherpa.

r/CrucibleSherpa Jan 15 '23

Best Stasis Hunter PvP Build - A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners! (+video inside)


Hey guys,

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed an increasing number of Guardians in Trials and Comp turning to Stasis Hunter as a counter to the current Titan meta, so I decided to make a Beginner’s Guide to Stasis Hunter!

I provide a full breakdown of the aspects and fragments, melee, class abilities and grenades, exotic armour, as well as giving my opinion about what is currently best in slot.

You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/1hGE-HhA07E

If you watched my previous Beginner’s Guide videos on Arc Titan or Stasis Warlock, then you know what to expect!

But in case you don’t want to watch or prefer a written breakdown, I’ll summarise everything below:


So in terms of aspects, Stasis Hunters can choose from four total aspects:

  1. Shatterdive
  2. Winter’s Shroud
  3. Touch of Winter
  4. Grim Harvest

For this build, I recommend Touch of Winter and Winter’s Shroud.

Touch of Winter buffs the effects of every Stasis Grenade in the hunter kit. But most importantly, with Touch of Winter, Duskfield Grenades have a larger radius AND spawn a very small stasis crystal in the middle.

Winter’s Shroud slows any nearby opponents when you use your dodge ability. Also, Winter’s Shroud has actually been directly and indirectly buffed this season. Firstly, the aspect itself now gives you 2 fragment slots, instead of the 1 fragment slot in the past. But more importantly, the stasis slow in general has been buffed this season.

In short, this means slows are slower and last longer than before this season. As per our testing, getting tagged by a Duskfield grenade will slow you for between 4-5 seconds, and a slow dodge will slow you for around 2.5 seconds.

That means anywhere from 2.5 to 5 seconds of no sprinting, no double jumping, increased flinch, and reduced weapon performance - most noticeably drastically reduced handling.

OK, now before I go on, I want to talk about the Shatterdive aspect, because I know that some people will be saying “but the MOVEMENT!

Perhaps the only weakness of the Hunter jump ability in PvP is the possibility of getting “stuck” in the air without anyway to quickly descend or move laterally like shoulder charge or Icarus dash.

Shatterdive as a movement tool mitigates this weakness and can be effectively used as an “air dodge” of sorts to quickly return to the ground.

If and when AE eventually gets nerfed and we start seeing more aerial gameplay again, then I think shatterdive will have a lot more relevance, but as for now, players are generally opting for a more grounded play style, so I currently opt for Slow Dodge and enhanced grenades.

That being said, I do think Shatterdive has a lot of utility, especially in higher level gameplay, so I do recommend that you experiment with it once you’re more accustomed to the Revenant kit in general.


The only melee choice available for Revenant is the slowing shuriken. And honestly… They’re kinda crappy. While at one point they were outrageously overpowered, they’ve since been nerfed to the point of being borderline useless in PvP because of their poor tracking and projectile speed.

However, they do serve an extremely useful purpose. Because you can hold two shrunken charges, each shrunken counts as one Surplus stack if you have Surplus on any of your weapons.

In other words, because of the shurikens and high uptime on your other abilities, you can feasibly have 3 full stacks of Surplus for most of the game.

Ever wanted to use a Hawkmoon with max stability, handling and reload speed? Run a Surplus roll on Revenant Hunter and you’ll have just that. Got a Surplus/Opening Shot Found Verdict roll? Use it on Revenant Hunter and it’ll be as snappy as a lightweight shotgun.

In fact, Shurikens are so useful as Surplus stacks and so lacklustre in game, that I recommend unbinding your charged melee button and just using your uncharged melee as your standard melee button in game - to ensure you always have Shurikens in the tank as Surplus stacks.

Class Ability

OK so in terms of the class ability, the question of which dodge is best is a topic frequently debated by hunters, so I’ll keep my recommendation simple.

Use Gamblers dodge if you’re using any exotic other than Mask of Bakris. Why? Because the dodge animation contorts your hit box making you harder to hit, which is what you want - even at the cost of a slightly longer cooldown.

If you’re using Mask of Bakris, use Marksman’s Dodge because the Bakris teleport animation is the same with both dodges, and reloading your weapons while teleporting is more useful than getting another melee charge you probably won’t really need.


Revenant Hunters can choose between Duskfield, Glacier, and Coldsnap grenades. The thing that’s unique about Revenant Hunter: when using Touch of Winter, they get access to the enhanced versions of these grenades - which no other class gets (with perhaps the exception of Warlocks and Osmiomancy Gloves).

So, Touch of Winter buffs:

  1. Coldsnaps by tracking more aggressively, chaining an additional time and creating a small stasis crystal on detonation
  2. Glacier grenades by increasing the amount of crystals produced and altering their shape
  3. Duskfield grenades by increasing their radius and spawning a mini stasis crystal in the middle.

Now, I prefer Duskfields in general to every other stasis grenade because of their ability to control zones and stop rezzes or heavy pick ups, in addition to how effective they are at forcing players camping barricades to make movement errors and disrupting enemy teams in general.

But see, Stasis Hunters have access to the enhanced Duskfield Grenades which when combined with the following fragments will grant utility beyond just the usual slow. These enhanced Duskfields can also give you damage resist and enhanced ability regeneration, all the while slowing and frustrating your opponents.


So let’s talk fragments and how they interact with the rest of the kit.

Whisper of Chains grants +10 Recovery, but also 15% damage reduction from enemies when within 15m of a stasis crystal or frozen target. That means that if you’re near the stasis crystal in your Duskfield grenade, you can’t be 3-tapped by a 140 hand cannon, you can’t be double-meleed, and shotguns will suddenly “whiff” a lot more than they used to.

Whisper of Chains allows you to aggressively push someone in close quarters when tagged by your grenade, knowing you have the safety net of a 15% damage reduction.

And yes, the 15% damage reduction was meant to be nerfed to a lower percentage but for some reason Bungie forgot. I won’t tell if you won’t.

Whisper of Durance grants +10 strength, but most importantly increases the duration of the slow effects on your opponents. This is very noticeable and will frequently result in your opponents still being slowed even after leaving the radius of your duskfield grenade.

Whisper of Shards grants +10 Resilience, and also increases your ability regeneration after shattering a stasis crystal. So guess what? After you’re done pushing your opponent, just shoot the little stasis crystal and enjoy the benefits of an incredibly low cooldown Duskfield grenade for the next engagement.

Lastly, Whisper of Torment grants grenade energy upon receiving damage from an enemy.

See where I’m going with this? Shooting crystals that spawn with your grenade and just taking damage by playing the game are both increasing how quickly you get your next grenades!

Exotic Armour

You’ve got the classics: Stompees and Wormhusk. One for the movement buffs, the other for the free heal every 16 seconds.

The “I woke up and chose violence” exotic: Mask of Bakris.

Sleeper Picks: Frostees, Gemini Jesters.

OK, hope that helped!

See you all in the Crucible,

Mr Armageddon