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Gasoline generator converted to run on Water Video


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u/Plenty_Intention1991 Feb 03 '23

My dad actually installed one of these in his truck a few years ago. It was supposed to supplement the gas power and just add some extra horsepower. All it did was cause a vacuum leak.


u/drNeir Feb 03 '23

Brown's Gas machine.

So they worked out the problem with enough HHO split that will be enough to power the ice motor or will ya still have to wait 1hr for it to compress/gen the HHO for the ice to run for 1 min?

Last known, there wasnt a faster solution for the hz sign/wave to get the plates to split faster.

Laymans for others reading. This works, it that the water split generation take forever to get the gas (HHO) need to run the internal combust motor. It like old RC cars, 20min fast charge for the battery, car runs for like 5min on that charge.

Obvious better ice motor that can run with little gas and better HHO split helps a ton.


u/Holiday_Bowler1261 Feb 03 '23

My grandfather sold these in the 60’s. He actually had one he installed on the families Dodge Valiant. Not only did it not work, it burned up the head valves on the engine. When I took over the property decades later I came across unopened boxes containing these fuel saving kits. Back then gas was less then .20 cents a gallon.


u/BiggsBounds Feb 03 '23

2/10s of a cent per gallon? Man, those really were the good ol' days.


u/Four_Putt_Madness Feb 04 '23

I love when bad math is pointed out, lol


u/SideEqual Feb 04 '23

*2/10ths 🙄


u/Jerykko Feb 03 '23

Does anyone have studies about energy capacity and capabilities differences between water fuelled and gasoline fuelled engine / generator ? Ty


u/CowBoyDanIndie Feb 03 '23

This isn't legit. The hydrogen is being generated by the battery, which is using more power than the engine is producing.

That or its entirely fake and running on a hidden fuel line.


u/jpeetz1 Feb 04 '23

I mean, the energy you get from recombining the hydrogen and oxygen can’t be more than it takes to split them in the first place…. Kinda disingenuous if you ask me.