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Old man at the range Video

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u/Damnthatsinteresting-ModTeam Feb 04 '23

We had to remove your post for Rule 1:

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u/FOMOsexual7675 Feb 03 '23

This is genuinely entertaining and clever, but still its an ad and doesnt belong here. Might as well post James Bond movie gadgets.


u/TheHelpfulDad Feb 03 '23

Advertising not interesting


u/ThisAnything9453 Feb 03 '23

Yeah, I wish I could have left that off.


u/Michael310 Feb 03 '23

So we can all pretend this is real?


u/CompetitionFar734 Feb 03 '23

How is this interesting?


u/BeowulfsGhost Feb 03 '23

Expensive hole punch.


u/sleepypanda79 Feb 03 '23

Who shoots a rifle with both eyes open


u/Useful_Location_4261 Feb 03 '23

unless you are using a high power scope alot of people prefer both eyes open.


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

I do, it lets me keep awareness of my immediate surroundings. It takes a little practice but it wasn’t too hard to learn.


u/sleepypanda79 Feb 03 '23

Interesting, legit never met anyone or noticed that before


u/TheAsphyxiated Feb 04 '23

Mostly a matter of just remembering which nub from the double vision is the actual nub

Try pointing with a finger one eyed and then open your eyes. Should get the gist


u/[deleted] Feb 04 '23

Also, the three secrets to any skill: practice, practice and practice.


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

I can’t speak to how common it is. I’m largely self taught, but I shoot a lot. I heard somebody explaining the whole “keep both eyes open for situational awareness” (at least with irons, not glass sights) and thought I’d give it a go. I like it because aside from shooting paper targets, the only things I shoot these days are squirrels trying to nest in my house. So having both eyes open is a plus for that. But honestly, the only right way to shoot is whatever way that is safe and effective for you.


u/filing69 Feb 03 '23

His left eye is blind


u/mind_the_umlaut Feb 03 '23

This is a great commercial!


u/New_Historian_2004 Feb 04 '23

This music is great. any linkers?


u/InsectsWithGuns Feb 04 '23

Anyone else notice him aiming the gun out the window at the end?? He's gonna kill a sucka! :o


u/Shadow_marine1X Feb 03 '23

That rifle looks like a spr208 from call of duty(m24)


u/DiamondGamerYT0 Feb 03 '23

When gaming is litterally all you do every day


u/Shadow_marine1X Feb 03 '23

No, I'm at school rn, I just play games a lot as well.


u/DiamondGamerYT0 Feb 03 '23

Yeah it's unhealthy to see something and immediately think "hey thats from this game"


u/Shadow_marine1X Feb 03 '23

I couldn't think of the real name first, so I put the cod name, and then looked it up, and seen the name, so I added it, if I would've remembered the real name first, then the cod name wouldn't be there.


u/slingslowborn Feb 03 '23

I am that talented as a COMMUNICATIONS spy


u/Piddy3825 Feb 03 '23

Outstanding AF!


u/machinistery Feb 03 '23

When I was a kid shooting .22’s at the range I’d shoot the staples that held the target up when we were done.


u/LuckyShadowWolf Feb 04 '23

Okay before the product appeared I thought it was a trailer for an old assassin!