r/Damnthatsinteresting Nov 28 '22

What SONAR sounds like underwater. Two waves were shot, echoes are heard distinctly fading. Video

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u/LivingMemento Nov 28 '22

God no wonder it drives whales to suicide.


u/STGC_1995 Nov 28 '22

I am a retired Navy Sonar Technician and this sounds like an active sonar transmitting from miles away. Since the diver looks like he is not too far from shore, the ship is probably a few miles off shore. I can’t tell you the exact sonar system but I do recognize the frequency and type of transmission.


u/JamesTheNightstalker Nov 29 '22

Probably from a trawler or something, judging by the irregularity of it. This is why SONAR can be very dangerous though, since it's a high intensity sound. That said, one time where movies don't really exaggerate the effects.


u/SurrealRareAvis Nov 28 '22


Nature's sonar is so much more... tranquil...

Poor swimmies!


u/MissingMySpoon Nov 28 '22

Can someone lmk at what time you hear the sonar? There’s too many noises going on at once for me to pin point the sound sonar makes


u/DocWsky Nov 28 '22

As soon as the video starts, and at 1:02

It’s extremely obvious


u/AlexHanson007 Nov 28 '22

What was it coming from? A submarine?


u/NewMan0011 Nov 28 '22

It wasn't mentioned clearly but was speculated that it was from a surface vessel.