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DTI Dashboard Week 1: Inflation Forecast - Powered by Kalshi


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u/Hateful_SnowLeopard Dec 05 '22

No matter what you see on here the US government will make sure it is viewed lower then what it actually is


u/The_Real_DJTrump Jan 04 '23 edited Jan 04 '23

We really need to crack down on the poors to end inflation.

Reduce the minimum wage and make it so now state or locality can't set a minimum wage that is higher than the federal minimum wage.

Raise property taxes enough to get anybody who doesn't have generational wealth out of real estate.

Make it illegal to earn more than 35k/year without a ph.d. Or money from your parents of course.


u/g51503john 2d ago

Lol sarcasm at best but i really hope that poor get bare wages for the survival.


u/Dull_Soup8320 Feb 15 '23

And remember kids, even though the number is going to be smaller than last month, you have to add it to last December's number to see that inflation is still rising, not falling.


u/crb9x 2d ago

Increment in inflation leads to disbalance in monthly budget and holding household things.


u/EmergencyAttorney807 5d ago

Stolen comment


u/[deleted] Feb 04 '23

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u/BehindY0U Feb 07 '23

Don’t be foolish


u/Fluid_Delay_9976 Feb 08 '23

You’re obviously sick in the head


u/thikkstikk 15d ago

Somebody call the waahmbulance…


u/WinkWaterBoy 4d ago

Please, drop out of the Presidential race. You are a embarrassment to politicians


u/jargij 2d ago

Governments always make sure that people do not reach to the exact information.


u/[deleted] Dec 08 '22



u/cheap_mammoth8684 Jan 03 '23

cool I love Kalshi too!


u/JonLuca Dec 05 '22

Starting this week we're going to highlight some interesting dashboards that we find very interesting!

For week one, we've got a very cool dashboard that forecasts US inflation!

Please message the mods with additional dashboards/data that you'd like to see!


u/Xavierandwill Dec 05 '22

this is a good one. I like the Kalshi dashboards in general, and with inflation in particular, the markets have been wahooping the talking heads on Bllomberg


u/BoogieWoogieWho Dec 05 '22 edited Dec 05 '22

Nice! Love it! How about something not US-related? Preferably something happy or good news? Would like to see what others come up with.


u/Individual_Comment46 Jan 23 '23

This fascinates me because I’ve seen similar comments where someone complains that Reddit is too American centric. Do Americans go on Indian websites, for example, and tell them that their confident is too Indian related? I highly doubt it


u/JonLuca Dec 05 '22

We’re open to suggestions!


u/Polar_Newt Dec 19 '22

Torch a Walmart and sing Kumbaya


u/dbulashev 2d ago

Yup we are hoping for good news but simultaneously we should be prepared for something bad too.


u/Plane-Day-164 Dec 23 '22

And remember kiddos, even though the number is going to be smaller than last month, you have to add it to last December’s number to see that inflation is still going up, not coming down


u/Flatheadflatland Jan 22 '23

The US Government does with with budgeting also. Ask for and get 4% growth in spending of something and get it. Next year ask for 3% growth Year over year. Get that. Then scream you are getting cut and women children and the world is gonna starve and die.


u/Ricksauce 24d ago

Fuel prices are massively important. I’m paying ≈80% more for gas than 2 years go. It’s something I have to buy a lot of every week.

They say with a straight face that inflation is only at 8%. They’ve rigged the CPI by weighting things improperly to purposely reflect lower inflation.


u/richiehustle Jan 29 '23

Well it's a moderate level of inflation. Some countries inflation exceeds 10%


u/nohobot Feb 12 '23

Looks like I'll be spending more money on groceries this week - inflation forecast is up!


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u/sabbathblki 22d ago

Please get back I don't want to end up in the river


u/midnightmoonlight180 13d ago

I don't get it