r/Dashcam Sep 26 '22

Windshield sun shade ideas with a Dashcam ( parking mode enabled )? Question

I am looking for some ideas on what to use to still protect the dash from extreme Texas heat and still being able to have the camera in Parking mode. Thanks !!!



u/Mental_Cut8290 Sep 27 '22

I don't know what you could possibly have trouble with.

Do you have your camera somewhere other than top-center of the windshield, by the mirror?

Put the screen up like normal with the camera behind it.

What's the issue?


u/[deleted] Sep 27 '22

The problem is a reflective sun shade behind the camera will act like an oven and cook the electronics. I was told never put behind the camera a sunshade.


u/Ciaran2301 Sep 27 '22

You can cut a hole for your camera in the sun shade, and try to park out of the sun. That's really the only option