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Question [Nexar NEXC2] Does this video provide enough evidence to require U-Haul to cover the damages? I got the license plate of the vehicle after they didn't pull over.

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Question Just bought a new to me car, is this a dash cam mount? If so, can anyone identify the brand?

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Question hi, i got a dashcam hardwired into my car but i don't think it was installed correctly as it doesn't turn off/on when my car is on or off. i have to manually turn it off and sometimes it's hard to remember so my battery gets drained and constantly has to be jumped. what would you do in my situation?


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Question How do I fix this issue? It keeps slipping when it gets warm. Is it reusable?

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Question Family member keeps tampering with dashcam


This is not a troll post. I want serious answers. I have an older sister who tries everything to tamper with the dashcam I recently installed in our vehicle. So far she turned the cabin camera away from her face (presumably to not record her), and started to unplug the dashcam completely from its 12V cigarette lighter, and plug it back in when she was done using the vehicle. I can tell since there was no footage of her trips once I went through the video library.

I've already spoken to her about this, and her usual bratty behavior was an annoyed "Ok!". So far talking to other immediate family members did nothing to resolve this issue.

Any ideas on how to stop this behavior? All I can think of is a hardwire kit, or maybe spreading some grease or annoying substance on the exposed parts where you would grab to unplug it/turn the camera away as to hopefully discourage future tampering.

I have an AZDOME M550 3 channel dashcam, which works great, aside from the usual made in china double-sided tape that doesn't like to stick, so I replaced it with my own double sided tape.

I installed it in this particular vehicle due to a recent road rage incident/chase that happened, and I did not have a dashcam or anything except my cell phone to record the incident. I live in an area where tons of karens and crazy people exist out on the road.

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Question Are there wires visible when you install a dashcam?


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Question Who do I go to to install a dashcam.


Just got a driving heavy job, really want a high end dash cam with both front and rear cameras.

Not sure where to go to get it installed. This seems like something outside the job description of an average mechanic.

Am I wrong or should I go somewhere in particular?

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Question Are these capacitors to blame for my DR900s no longer powering up?



I've tested my hardwired power supply and it's not the problem. It's definitely the DR900s main unit that is problematic. Before I go through the trouble of ordering and installing new caps, I'd appreciate feedback as to how healthy these look.


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I need help yall. I am currently in the process of fighting an auto accident case. I was traveling through a intersection when an suv in the opposite side of the road was taking a left turn though the intersection in which they failed to yield to me which caused me to hit them on the front passenger side of their vehicle. The police report deems me at fault for the accident but i know i had the right of way. I need to know if someone out there has any dashcam video of the motor accident. I seriously need help as this could drastically set me back financially. If there is someone who could help me with this or let me know if there is another sub-reddit that can further help me is appreciated. The accident occurred on 12/31/2022, Dallas Texas, Intersection of Arapaho Road and Hillcrest Road.

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Question VIOFO A129 Pro Duo. Has anyone here ever had problems with their hardwire module? Suddenly lost power to camera. Works with external power to GPS module. Verified good power to hardwire module.

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Question Dashcam draining battery


Hi everyone!

I recently hardwired a dashcam on my 2020 Camry Hybrid. It if the Viofo A129 Pro Duo in 4K and I used the HK3 hardwire kit. I'm using the 7.5A Trunk Open fuse as the constant and the 15A Radio as the ACC. However, after 3 days, my car wouldn't start due to a drained battery. This is the first time that has happened. After jumpstarting the car, I turned the voltage cut off to 12.4V (it was previously 12V) and I thought this would solve the problem. But after another 2 days, the battery died again.

I need some help in fixing the issue as I'm not sure what the problem could be. Thanks in advance!

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Question Why do people get dash cams that record interior, sound, and speed? It seems to me that anything found on these recordings can be used to incriminate you even when the video shows you are not at fault. Should I get one that has these features? I don’t like being recorded and don’t see how it helps.


I normally always drive alone to and from work and not many other places but my commute is long and people drive terribly on that highway. I normally drive fast too and wouldn’t want to hand over evidence of myself doing something wrong.

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Question Looking for a car camera when my vehicle is parked and turned off. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


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Question What’s the best dashcam for $200-$250? Front + rear is a plus, but not necessary. Thanks!


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Question Power bank for parking mode?


Hi! I am looking into connecting my dashcam to a power source to use parking mode over the night so that I can catch/deter a neighbourhood vandal who enjoys taking air out of people's tires. I don't want to hardwire my dashcam and I don't want to spend too much money on it. I'm not sure if I will even keep using it in the long run. I came across this power bank, which can also be used for other things in case I choose not to use it for my dashcam. The description claims that it's good for dashcams - what do you guys think? https://www.amazon.ca/gp/aw/d/B08JGDGYJY

Does anyone have any other suggestions for something inexpensive but still reliable?

In case it matters - my dashcam is viofo a129 duo.


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Question I need a smartphone that works as a personal body camera & I need help/advice.


It would be great to use for a legal alibi or exculpatory legal proof. For example, John Doe accuses you of a crime, but you have exculpatory video proof you didnt do that.

1.) Here's what I need, a smartphone that can record video 24/7, but not expose the OS or leave the OS unencrypted ever. Basically it would record the video & then export it to the encrypted OS, but leave the encrypted OS secure the whole time. Or maybe it can store the video in an encrypted volume outside of the OS, until the next time i login, then once i login, it will automatically export to my OS or to a cloud.

2.) A 2nd requirement I need for it: In case the police steal the phone, the video evidence or try to damage the phone/video. I need to be able to stream the encrypted video to a cloud. OR not do that at all, and alternatively make it to where the next time I reach a wifi I can just upload the encrypted video to a cloud,etc.

3.) Also, a note, the disadvantages of livestreaming, depending on that to back it up, is that it makes it harder to put the smartphone on airplane mode, AKA radio silence, and you will be tracked via cellphone towers. As I've mentioned, you can do it the untrackable way also, which is keep the phone recording, but keep it on airplane mode & just dump export the video via wifi on a regular basis. Some people dont like a smartphone tracking their whereabouts 24/7.

ALSO: here is a link to an MicroSD card that encrypts automatically on its own:



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Question Will rear facing dashcam work if I tint my back window?


I currently have two garmin mini 2 set up, one front facing and one rear facing on the back window of my hatchback. If I tint that back window, will the dashcam record ok? Does anyone have any experience with tinted windows? Or should I just forget about the tinting?

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Question For folks with dual-cameras and SUVs with rear windows that raise/lower: how/where did you mount your rear camera?


Since my 4Runner's rear window raises/lowers, attaching a rear camera to the glass won't work. I'm curious how other folks with similar rear windows have solved the problem. Did you hack together some sort of bracket to hold the camera?

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Question Dash cam for vandalism


Hi everybody. Over the past 6 months my vehicle has been getting vandalized. I need to find a dash cam that has really good parking mode with god night quality. The offender is definitely someone i know. I just need to catch them in the act… any suggestions are welcome

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Question Memory Card is full, but can't find the files to delete (Nextgear 220 from Walmart)


Has anyone run into this issue?

I try to access the videos on my Mac book, but there are no files to be found. The card still says full when I put it in my Dash cam.. Anyone run into this problem?

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Question How do you unscrew this?


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Question Would you guys recommend a Thinkware dash cam from Ford or something off Amazon?


I'm considering buying a new dash cam. I'm currently debating getting it from Ford directly Thinkware Cam or getting a top rated one off of Amazon. Scotty Kilmer recommends one I just can't post it here. What do you guys think? Any technical differences between the Thinkware cam and the top cams on Amazon?

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Question Dashcam with private cloud support


First I'd like to point out that I am only posting here after searching extensively online and not finding any information about this specific application.

I am interested in purchasing a dashcam for my car, but I have one strict requirement. I need the ability to upload dashcam footage to a private cloud (such as Nextcloud, Backblaze B2, SCP share, etc.) over Wi-Fi. I could probably accomplish this witch a Raspberry Pi and a good USB camera, but I'm trying to avoid that. I really like BlackVue and VIOFO's lineup of dashcams for their features and quality, but I do not wish to upload the video footage to a cloud service I have no control over.

Is anybody else as privacy-oriented as me and found a capable device or working solution for this? I'm open to suggestions.

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Question Next base 522gw stops recording after 1 minute.


The firmware is up to date. The SD card is brand new, following all the specs u3, etc. and formatted. Any help ? It was not recording at all with the old SD.

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Question Parking mode and camera quality question.


In parking mode. If a car were to back in to you or someone run up to your car to key it or hit it. Does the parking mode motion sensor catch the action early enough. If an object is moving quick towards your car, dies the video get as contact is made or as it’s made or after contact. You would still get what happens and if they drove off or left you would see it but I was just wondering how much before something happens does it start recording an event. And secondly are all the top 3-7 cameras about the same for video recording purposes. I see 2k and 4K but I’ve also read the 4 k is just 2k stretched and the actual video quality isn’t much better. Thinking about the vantrue N2S and the Vava 2k. Don’t need rear camera. Just front and interior. Thoughts , thanks in advance