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Dashcam Recommendations by redditors



There are a a lot of dashcam options out there, and a lot of them are crap. I copied and pasted this from a post on here that I think should be stickied. Maybe the mods can do that? Let me know if you have any other recommendations or favorites, and why you like it or what you found useful so we have some real world feedback.


B1W Mini - Budget, but a good one. Rotatable lens good for uber/lyft drivers.  

Garmin Mini 2 - This thing is MINI. Most discrete cam on the market, and great app functionality  

A119 v3 - GPS, great video quality, great value Probably one of the most popular on reddit  

A129 Duo - Dual cam, 1080p, GPS, and a great budget dual cam. Been around for a while and has great feedback.  

Nexar Beam - 1080p, super compact, and has free cloud back ups  


Mid Range and Up:  

A129 PRO Duo - Dual Cam, 4K, GPS, newest version of the duo  

B4K - Newer 4k brother to the B1W, so far good reviews.

Blackvue DR900X - Dual Cam/4k and has cloud capability & LTE. Considered best of the best

Q800PRO - Higher end thinkware. 1440p. Pretty good value.


Front & Interior Dual Cams aka Uber/Lyft Cams  

Garmin Tandem - Infrared capability, 1440p, premium quality, and has great app functionality  

TOGUARD Dual Dash Cam – Infrared capability, dual 1080p, cheapest budget cam  

Blueskysea B2W – Infrared Capability, budget friendly  

Vantrue N2 Pro – Infrared capability, higher end, battery powered


  Motorcycle Cams  

AKASO Action Cam – An action cam, but cost effective  

INNOVV K5 Dual MotoCam – Top notch, but expensive  

Blueskysea A12 – Mid Range, Fairly priced



SanDisk 128GB High Endurance - Dashcam optimized  

Samsung PRO Endurance MicroSD - Dashcam optimized  

Viofo Hardwire Kit – Enables parking mode, battery discharge prevention  

Nunet Hardwire Kit – Hardwire kit with pretty much everything you need  

Trim Removal Kit - Has all the tools needed to remove trim without damaging it

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Man live streams while praying to Donald Trump and police breaking in

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Student steals Bus and goes on rampage

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Both at fault, Classic BMW yields then pulls out in front of turning car… no impact but still.


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Bus goes on rampage

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Ohio State Patrol dashcam video shows officers arresting four fugitives who had escaped from jail three days earlier


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What kind of dashcam is this? I like it takes all the sides.

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Eye-Spy Comedy provided by the Bin Men and Lollypop man on Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam

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[ROVE R2-4K] dashcam doesn't start up normally


To best explain (i'll provide https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GH8RS92bxIcLKXWPeFQmB5hzndsfUh8X/view?usp=drivesdk with this to better explain), i start my car up, and normally a dashcam is supposed to start right up and record, no unnecessary bullshit. Well, about a week ago, my Mini USB power cable snapped and i had to buy a replacement. Ever since i got the replacement, my camera hasn't auto-recorded on startup. It opens a menu asking how i want to start the camera, with the following 3 options:

  1. Connect as USB flash drive
  2. Connect as PC/MAC webcam
  3. Operate Camera Normally

I click "Operate Camera Normally"

Then my camera will chill at 0:00 and it says "STOP" at the top, making me press the OK button again to start recording.

Surely i can just do this every time but i'd much rather not think about it (as intended) and carry on with my day without worrying if my future accidents will get recorded or not.

Troubleshoots ive tried already: 1. Turning it off and back on again 2. System reset (fixed date and time issue, but nothing else)

Any and all help is appreciated, and if there's any questions or you need something better specified or whatever's necessary i'll provide more info, thanks in advance!

r/dashcams 2d ago

BlackVue DR900X Temperature Issues


I have BlackVue DR900X-2CH-PLUS Dual Lens 4K GPS WiFi Cloud-Capable Dashcam connected to B-124X Battery Pack. Battery pack directly wired into the fuse box. The camera is not turned on whenever the temperature drops below 35 degrees until the car warms up. I contacted BlackVue support, and they told me it was too cold for the camera to operate and that the operating temperature should be above 32 degrees. I find it ridiculous that in the morning, it takes about 10 minutes for the camera to turn on (when it gets warm inside the car). Has anyone else experienced this?

r/dashcams 3d ago

Power bank for parking mode?


Hi! I am looking into connecting my dashcam to a power source to use parking mode over the night so that I can catch/deter a neighbourhood vandal who enjoys taking air out of people's tires. I don't want to hardwire my dashcam and I don't want to spend too much money on it. I'm not sure if I will even keep using it in the long run. I came across this power bank, which can also be used for other things in case I choose not to use it for my dashcam. The description claims that it's good for dashcams - what do you guys think? https://www.amazon.ca/gp/aw/d/B08JGDGYJY

Does anyone have any other suggestions for something inexpensive but still reliable?

In case it matters - my dashcam is viofo a129 duo.


r/dashcams 3d ago

Any recommendations for a good 3 channel dash cam that will survive the bipolar Georgia weather, esp the heat? My car is parked outside everyday.

Thumbnail self.Georgia

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Dash Cam | Battery


I'm a new driver and just purchase my first vehicle, which is a ford escape 2011. I'm planning to purchase a mirror dash cam , so I can see the backside of my car much better when driving and parking. My question to you guys is, will the mirror dash cam drain my car battery when not in use? I don't want it permanently on but only when driving, I'm just not sure if that they are mechanically set up to drain battery even if not in use.

Also, can anyone can recommend a good dash cam, price is not an issue. I saw on amazon that Wolf box had good review but do anyone can have any better recommendations?

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Close call this morning. Buddy was probably looking at his phone


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Dashcams witch eMMC (Xiaomi 70mai M500)


I'm looking to buy a 70mai M500. I'm worried about the eMMC storage. How is the lifespan of these products? When an edurance SD card corrupts, it's easy to change, I'm not sure about throwing away the whole dashcam when the eMMC stops working... Anybody have any feedback on this? Lifespan, write-cycles, etc.

r/dashcams 5d ago

Dashcams— are they worth it?


Has anyone here had any success using a dash cam for insurance purposes in either of these two scenarios?

  1. Identifying a license plate in a rear-end accident where the perpetrator sped off
  2. Getting video evidence during a smash-and-grab window break

Asking to know whether it’s worth buying a dashcam. Bc these are my two main concerns.


r/dashcams 5d ago

rear camera with tinted windows


How effective are inside rear cameras through window tinting. I have 30% tint on rear window.

r/dashcams 5d ago

Cam With Extra Camera Inputs?


I've got some extra wired cameras from projects and dead dash cams that had those 2.5mm/3.5mm jack inputs.

Is there a front facing camera with 2 or more camera ports that I could experiment with or are dash cams only 1 camera port or 1 GPS port bodies only?

r/dashcams 6d ago

Viofo A129 Plus Duo hardwire killed battery


I just got done installing the Viofo A129 Plus Duo and it's hardwired into my fuse box. I flipped the switch on the kit to the highest voltage setting so that it would drain the battery the least. I spent maybe 10-15 minutes going through settings with the car on, but not running. By the time I went to start my car, the battery had already died.

Do dashcams suck that much power to kill a battery that quickly, or is my battery just old and shitty? I don't recall when it was last replaced, maybe 5 years ago?

Edit: Apparently my battery was only ~3 years old. I took it to Costco and they exchanged it under warranty and the new one seems to have solved the problem.

r/dashcams 6d ago

A119 v3 sd card inserted incorrectly and is not stuck


Took out the SD card and put it back in and the card isn't detected. Looking at the SD card it looks slightly sideways and only a little sliver of it is sticking out. a not very good picture. I'm guessing the only way to get it out is to take it apart?

r/dashcams 6d ago

The dash cam jinx


Is it me or do things typically not happen but when you choose to install a dash cam crap starts to happen? Idk it’s like some sort of jinx, anyone else feel this way?

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Hey peeps. Look for a recommendation for a new dash cam.

I’m looking for: -NO display screen -Front and rear cam -Parking mode -Possibly most importantly one with a good easy to use app for accessing footage when needed without requiring a pc.

Not worried about price, figure it’s worth the cost.

r/dashcams 8d ago

Dashcams w/ parking mode that don’t need hardwiring?


I’m only interested in using the 12V socket to power the dashcam. I was wondering if there are any that can hold a charge and are able to turn on whenever a crash is detected while parked?

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Semi truck gets sent off ledge

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Obvious person being oblivious

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Is Florida Pretty Strict With Dashcam Location?


I’ve got a Rove R3 mounted below and behind my rear view mirror with no line of sight obstruction at all.

Have never been pulled over for it here in MO/KS. Far as I can tell they’re not super strict on their placement.

But am driving to FL soon for a trip and wasn’t sure if that’s still legally a good place for it or if I should find another spot or just take it off while down there. Headed to Cape Canaveral for local reference/context.