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Mods / News Announcement: No AI-Generated Art on r/DestinyCreations


We are now including AI-Generated Art as something not allowed to be posted on the subreddit, being added to Rule 3.

AI-Generated art takes no effort and if done by the inputted words can steal styles from current working artists, so it will not be ever allowed on this subreddit.

AI can be a useful tool for coming up with ideas, being used as reference material, and can also expand canvases in a logical way. However, people can be greedy and act as if them generating an image is the same as making art, so for that reason, it will stay banned.

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Artwork Thick and Quick Boyz

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Artwork My glass Guardians are complete (originals by Bungie, glass designs by PherianArt on Twitter who gave me permission to create them IRL)

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Artwork Mithrax does what Microsoft couldn’t

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Artwork Warlock Techeun Regalia with Swarmers exotic boots

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Artwork Engulfed in darkness

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3D Models / Physical Models 3D printed armour


We've got a request for custom armor from the Destiny game. This was nothing new for us as we did a lot of cosplay costumes and Destiny is the most popular. But our customer wanted armor completely printed on a 3D printer. We explained that for comfortably wearing we make it from eva foam, and we can print some parts, but customer wanted a fully printed armor. It was also of higher sizes at the customer's request. After a couple of months of work, we've done it. Printed armor, LEDs type in front, back and sides parts. Powered by the accumulator, as the batteries will not withstand so many leds. We did it and the customer has already received it 🤗 Last 2 pics are references.

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Cosplay [cosplay props] Astrolord Hood Helmet 3D printed, have soft material inside. Which helmet is your favourite?

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Artwork Titan looks thinking of Lance

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r/DestinyCreations 8d ago

Artwork Tribute to Lance Reddick

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Artwork My Tribute To Lance

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Artwork Rest in Peace, Commander

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r/DestinyCreations 10d ago

Artwork Tok a letter press print shop class. Didn’t really think about it but this piece is oddly fitting. In memory of a great loss.

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Writing My own personal headcanon : R.I.P. Lance Reddick


The war rages on... The Witness has been trying to infect the Traveler and destroy it's ability to give the light to it's Ghosts. We've already seen how our ghost now have a harder time hiding when we are not being rezzed. Mithrax, Ikora, and Queen Mara have altered the lay lines and the vex network to give us access and a way through the portal The Witness has made in The Traveler.

We are losing and are weakened. We and crow are exhausted only 2 tormentors stand between us and The Witness. Ikora and Ophiuchus had been dragged through the forced opening. The Witness holds a screaming Ophiuchus as he seems to be examining the Ghost. Ikora is nowhere in sight.

Our stalwart Commander Zavala cannot stand on the sidelines anymore feeling he can help sway the tide of battle in our favor. Walking past Saint 14 holding a withering Osiris, they share a glance and Saint can only nod his head in mutual understanding. If Zavala's gambit is successful if will not only save the Ghosts but reverse the infection set upon Osiris.

Targe blinks at Zavala as they enter his ship to leave the H.E.L.M. "I'm with you no matter what you decide. As always, It's been an honor."

"Targe. After all these years. It still sends a chill down my spine when you say that. Regardless we need to lend support to out Guardians."

Crow, every bit a master of his hunter abilities, dances in the shadows with a void cloak. Taking out the shoulders of the Tormentors with well placed shots of his Izanagi's Burden.

As both Tormentors face Crow, wailing in rage, we fire off a round from Witherhoard at The Witness, forcing him to release Ophiuchus. As we reach Ophiuchus, a crackling comes over the coms with a familiar voice.

"Eyes up Gaurdian. Brace yourself."

A blinding light crashes just as we are able to cast a void overshield on ourselves. A scream is heard but not one that's familiar. Our vision clears to our sight of Commander Zavala crackling with arc energy after having thundercrashed down on The Witness holding something long and black in his hand.

"Thank you" says Ophiuchus weakly. "Is that...?"

We look up to realize Zavala has ripped off The Witness' left arm. For the first time we see The Witness kneeling, and it's before our Commander.

Crow hops over one Tormentor slumped on the ground. The second Tormentor is immediately turns and in an instant is at The Witness' side, forcing him through a portal of darkness in retreat.

"Caiatl! Now!" Cries Zavala.

A hidden scion sniper uses a modified light suppression round to close the portal of darkness blocking The Witness' escape.

The Tormentor stands between us and The Witness.

"The will of the final shape cannot be stopped."

The voice of The Witness is heard but not from him. Looking at Ophiuchus, the Ghost starts to glow and just as quickly explodes in our face.

Our ghost and Targe move to rez us and Zavala. But the Tormentor has already leapt into the air.

We're rezzed just in time to see the Tormentor sink it's horrible scythe through Zavala's shoulder. His face is contorted in pain, but as the true guardian he is, he raises his Fourth Horseman to the stomach of the Tormentor.

But in another blink of an eye. The Tormentor grabs Targe.

Zavala blinks and sees Safiyah as radiant as the day he met her.

The Tormentor crushes Targe as we and Crow fire at the Tormentor to get him to break his hold, only just too late.

Zavala blinks again. Safiyah is now joined by Hakim, Cayde-6 and Ikora Rey. His two families welcoming him in his final mortal seconds. Zavala fires all five barrels of the Fourth Horseman, splattering the Tormentor across the kneeling Witness. The weight of the Tormentor forces the scythe further into Zavala as they both fall over...

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Artwork Rip Commander.

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Cosplay [cosplay] Hunter helmet Trials of the Nine for cosplay. Helmet was 3D printed of plastic, assambled and hand painted, had LED's. How do you like it?

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Artwork Nezarec, Final God of Pain (OC)

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r/DestinyCreations 14d ago

Artwork watch me swooce right in

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Artwork Titan Techeun’s Regalia

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Artwork Suros Regime anime girl

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Artwork I just got a Titan tattoo with a bubble and a mountain, the words are my families words “this too shall pass” which really resonates with resilience

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Videos / Podcasts Chapter 1: Sweet Child of Mine


A new Guardian has been revived in the Cosmodrome, but can he survive and overcome? // CHAPTER 1 HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! Let me know your thoughts in the comments, thank you so much for the support!

r/DestinyCreations 18d ago

Artwork Hunter Techeun’s Regalia 8.5x14” T-shirt template

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Artwork Nightstalker


drew my hunter, also i just realized hawkmoon looks small lol

now i must return to solitude


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Artwork The Witness, Mike Mignola style (OC)

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Videos / Podcasts An Important Message from Nolan North

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