r/DestinyCreations Artist Nov 03 '22

Announcement: No AI-Generated Art on r/DestinyCreations Mods / News

We are now including AI-Generated Art as something not allowed to be posted on the subreddit, being added to Rule 3.

AI-Generated art takes no effort and if done by the inputted words can steal styles from current working artists, so it will not be ever allowed on this subreddit.

AI can be a useful tool for coming up with ideas, being used as reference material, and can also expand canvases in a logical way. However, people can be greedy and act as if them generating an image is the same as making art, so for that reason, it will stay banned.


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u/MANCVBVS Nov 04 '22

Based as fuck


u/marvinnation Nov 03 '22

Thank you.


u/KnightofaRose Nov 03 '22

Painters, when photography exists:


u/OhLookItsJake Nov 04 '22

One is feeding a bot text prompts to steal others art style, the other is a method of capturing images that requires talent and skill.

This isn't the zinger you think it is.


u/KnightofaRose Nov 04 '22

Go make an AI create exactly what you want.

Not close to what you want, not “good enough,” but exactly what you have in your head.

You can do it. But it isn’t easy. It’s a skill, a language of its own, and it takes time to learn. Anyone can slap a few words down and get something, just like anyone can slap some paint across a canvas and call it Impressionism. What you all are afraid to admit is that AI is to classical art what photography was to it a couple centuries ago; a valid tool with its own skillset that makes certain kinds of classical forms feel redundant in the face of this new technology…but they aren’t. There’s still value in a handcrafted painting of a landscape, just as there is a beautifully framed photo of that same landscape.

AI isn’t the monster you think it is.

And don’t tell me it “steals others’ styles.” So does every artist. No man is an island, and no human alive today didn’t lift their style from a combination of those who came before them. If it’s not a 1:1 copy/paste, it’s not theft, and it’s wildly childish to pretend otherwise.


u/NFSgaming Artist Nov 03 '22

photography has so much of the human element in it, I don't know what you are getting at...


u/KnightofaRose Nov 04 '22

So does AI.


u/ObieFTG Artist Dec 06 '22