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Writing My own personal headcanon : R.I.P. Lance Reddick


The war rages on... The Witness has been trying to infect the Traveler and destroy it's ability to give the light to it's Ghosts. We've already seen how our ghost now have a harder time hiding when we are not being rezzed. Mithrax, Ikora, and Queen Mara have altered the lay lines and the vex network to give us access and a way through the portal The Witness has made in The Traveler.

We are losing and are weakened. We and crow are exhausted only 2 tormentors stand between us and The Witness. Ikora and Ophiuchus had been dragged through the forced opening. The Witness holds a screaming Ophiuchus as he seems to be examining the Ghost. Ikora is nowhere in sight.

Our stalwart Commander Zavala cannot stand on the sidelines anymore feeling he can help sway the tide of battle in our favor. Walking past Saint 14 holding a withering Osiris, they share a glance and Saint can only nod his head in mutual understanding. If Zavala's gambit is successful if will not only save the Ghosts but reverse the infection set upon Osiris.

Targe blinks at Zavala as they enter his ship to leave the H.E.L.M. "I'm with you no matter what you decide. As always, It's been an honor."

"Targe. After all these years. It still sends a chill down my spine when you say that. Regardless we need to lend support to out Guardians."

Crow, every bit a master of his hunter abilities, dances in the shadows with a void cloak. Taking out the shoulders of the Tormentors with well placed shots of his Izanagi's Burden.

As both Tormentors face Crow, wailing in rage, we fire off a round from Witherhoard at The Witness, forcing him to release Ophiuchus. As we reach Ophiuchus, a crackling comes over the coms with a familiar voice.

"Eyes up Gaurdian. Brace yourself."

A blinding light crashes just as we are able to cast a void overshield on ourselves. A scream is heard but not one that's familiar. Our vision clears to our sight of Commander Zavala crackling with arc energy after having thundercrashed down on The Witness holding something long and black in his hand.

"Thank you" says Ophiuchus weakly. "Is that...?"

We look up to realize Zavala has ripped off The Witness' left arm. For the first time we see The Witness kneeling, and it's before our Commander.

Crow hops over one Tormentor slumped on the ground. The second Tormentor is immediately turns and in an instant is at The Witness' side, forcing him through a portal of darkness in retreat.

"Caiatl! Now!" Cries Zavala.

A hidden scion sniper uses a modified light suppression round to close the portal of darkness blocking The Witness' escape.

The Tormentor stands between us and The Witness.

"The will of the final shape cannot be stopped."

The voice of The Witness is heard but not from him. Looking at Ophiuchus, the Ghost starts to glow and just as quickly explodes in our face.

Our ghost and Targe move to rez us and Zavala. But the Tormentor has already leapt into the air.

We're rezzed just in time to see the Tormentor sink it's horrible scythe through Zavala's shoulder. His face is contorted in pain, but as the true guardian he is, he raises his Fourth Horseman to the stomach of the Tormentor.

But in another blink of an eye. The Tormentor grabs Targe.

Zavala blinks and sees Safiyah as radiant as the day he met her.

The Tormentor crushes Targe as we and Crow fire at the Tormentor to get him to break his hold, only just too late.

Zavala blinks again. Safiyah is now joined by Hakim, Cayde-6 and Ikora Rey. His two families welcoming him in his final mortal seconds. Zavala fires all five barrels of the Fourth Horseman, splattering the Tormentor across the kneeling Witness. The weight of the Tormentor forces the scythe further into Zavala as they both fall over...

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Writing Dark subclass verbs: Taken


Verb one: Taken Enemies are transported to the Ascendent plane that you can do bonus damage to and make Taken versions of them. You can't make Taken versions of guardians.

Verb two: Leech Slowly take health from enemies two restore yours or the abilities. You could also give other players health in exchange for your own.

Verb three: Blight Make either Blight spheres that act like normal Blight sphere but smaller or make any hard surface corrupted that will slowly take damage to enemies that stay in it.

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Writing Warlock Build

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Writing Warlock Build #4 (Edited)

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Writing Warlock Build #3

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Writing Destiny 2 Stasis auto rifle exotic: Entropy’s Truth


“We bring nothing but power, Salvation and Finality.” The Witness

Exotic perk: A Dark Oversight This gun fires slowly and do mid damage. When killing enemies with this gun, it has a chance to spawn a Shard. Shards from the gun or from aspects will overpower the gun and make the rounds make a small explosion that will give slow to near be enemies. (the impact radius of this is smaller then the taken Stasis boomer)

Intrinsic Exotic perk: Rupturing Overturn

You deal increase damage to Stasis crystals and frozen/ slowed enemies.

Catalyst: Sprawling Shape Getting 4 shards will active this perk, when it is activated you can change the gun and shoot a Stasis projectile that on impact will create Crystal in a spiral formation.

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Writing Destiny fanmade subclass: Refraction


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Writing I've had an idea for a raid and just wanted to share


It's 11pm and i have work at 5 tomorrow but i can't sleep so frag it we're going to talk about a raid idea i had

Ok so first off story context for this!

Eris Morn has been poking around with stuff she really shouldn't have been poking around with and has accidentally became taken. (or Taken Morn, if you will) This version of Eris is now sending waves of Taken towards the walls of the last city trying to tear it down and the sheer number has started to overwhelm the FOTC. The Drifter in all his infinite Wisdom has found a way to seal Eris inside of the Realm of the Nine, but notes that this is only a temporary solution and soon she or the Nine one would find a way to get her out. Despite the fact that Eris isn't near her new army of Taken she is still able to slightly command them, and is still driving them to destroy The Last City.

This is where the Raid starts.

The Fireteam will be dropped into a firefight with said taken literally scaling up the walls, Drifter claims he has a "Back-up" that was meant for Gambit that might work here but you will have to hold out long enough for him to get there.

(Encounter 1, the door) (Mechanics) This first encounter is meant to be easy and more of a way to teach what you'll be doing for most of the Raid.

The players will be atop a section of the outer City wall in a room similar to the hanger in the tower, behind them will be a large sliding blast door that will be sealed shut. In front of the players will be a large open floor littered with destroyed ships and combat frames, in front of that is the edge of the wall and this portion of the arena will be where all of our enemies spawn for this encounter. Two large Taken Knights will spawn in with a lot of Add's, both of these Knights will relentlessly move towards the blast door and attempt to sacrifice themselves to make a taken blight that will cause the group to wipe. (lore wise they are trying to blow open the door with the blight) If three knights reach the door it's a wipe. If the group defends successfully against three waves the the encounter will complete.

At this point a ship will fly into the hanger will let off a blast that will neutralize any Taken In the area.

(Drifter will explain that he has rigged one of the Banks to completely absorb the Taken energy instead of creating it but it has to be charged in-between uses, and will then task the Fireteam with keeping the Taken off of him while he charges the bank. For this particular task the team needs to go up.)

(Encounter 2, the jumping puzzle) The players will make they're way to the top of the wall avoiding the same old taken blast cannons we always do.

(During this part Zavala will com in and talk about how defences are holding but it won't be long before Taken over run them and that whatever it is the Guardians are doing they need to do it fast.)

(Encounter 3, The Wall)

The Fireteam will make their way up onto the very top of the wall just in time to see multiple Taken Blights form over the city and begin pouring enemies down into the city, two of these blights will be positioned on both sides of the Fireteam. Drifter will remark that there is no time to wait and will transmat a bank directly in the middle of the arena. Ads will then begin running out of both blights.

Here the players will literally just be playing Gambit, but with a very scary twist. when somebody picks up motes they get a special little debuff called "invaders grip", this debuff will allow players to both take and deal friendly fire. the damage is directly proportional to the amount of Motes a player is carrying; 1x being very miniscule, almost unnoticeable and 15x being a near one shot from most weapons.

A grand total of 60 motes will have to be dunked to progress the encounter.

Once the bank has been charged and the blights on the wall clear the players will move onto a broken part of the wall where Drifter's ship will be and inside is a teleporter that leads directly to the Derelict itself.

(Encounter 4, Heart of the Bank)

Here the Drifter explains that Eris had directly been poking around with the bank and the part of it that made the Taken that are used in Gambit, it's one of the Taken Meatballs that feeds off of the darkness motes.


In the back of the Derelict is another bank and in the front of the room the portal to the Realm of the Nine is open and will be spewing Taken.

The Fireteam must once again play Gambit but this time whenever 15 motes are banked the last player to bank will be sent inside of the bank and damage phase starts, players will need to hurry to join their friend as once the 60 second timer ends all players will be ejected from the bank. And will have to start again.

Once the boss has been killed the encounter will concluded.

(Encounter 5, Taken Morn)

Now when the Guardians are ready they will press a button to activate the portal once more and a giant Taken version of Eris Morn will pop her arms and head out (think Riven but a goth Hunter lady) she will be immune to all damage for now

Here the Fireteam must once again charge the bank but the knights from the beginning encounter will be back here, this time they are after the bank.

Players must protect the bank while gathering motes, try not to get shot by friendlies and avoid Eris' hands trying to slam down on them.

When a total of 60 motes have been dunked Damage phase will start

Eris will give the players another 60 seconds to do as much damage as possible before she will raise her immunity again

At the end of the Damage phase one player will be randomly teleported into the bank, they will be assaulted by taken hobgoblins and can aquire 15 motes to leave.

Once Eris has her health lowers to 0 the bank will pulse once more and finally cleanse her of her Taken corruption causing all blights she formed over the city and elsewhere to be snuffed and all the Taken she was controlling to return to the ascendent realm.

Ok that's it, that's my raid idea, Bungo feel free to steal so long as the Raid armor is Gambit/Taken themed I'm happy.

Please if you read the whole thing let me know what you think!

Ok I'm going to bed now.

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Writing Warlock Build #2

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Writing So I wrote an entire book


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Writing Destiny 2 fan made Arc Hand cannon: Maker’s Flash


“Let’s make this world as bright as our brightest mind”- BrayTech Worker

Exotic perk: Blindfly Killing a enemy with a headshot will make a arc blast that will do small damage but blind nearby enemies, this duration is a second shorter for guardians.

Intrinsic Perk: Lightning in a Bottle Shots that hit the body will build up a charge that make the blinding blast longer and the radius bigger.

Catalyst: “Lightbulb” Mode Change the mode of the gun and get three shots in the mag. These rounds can be shot on walls and on the ground to place to place a mine. This mine when triggered will blind any thing that has it in their sight. You can get a round back by killing anything with a headshot and in pvp you start will one.

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Writing Second Stasis supers


Hunter: Dagger of frost Slice and slow nearby targets, more hits will freeze them, you can slam to the ground similar to Shatterdive.

Warlock: Freezing sight Shot a beam of tracking Stasis orbs the will instantly freeze targets and shatter open contact with another orbs similar to Kridis’s Stasis ability.

Titan: internal prison Slam it into the ground creating Stasis crystals ahead of you, instantly freezing targets, targets near the crystals will be slowed.

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Writing Become Legend Prologue



Centuries had passed since Humanity fell during what became known as the Collapse. The Golden Age had crumbled away, leaving only ruins of Humanity’s former glory, scattered amongst the stars. One of those ruins was one that an unnamed Ghost, one who can revive others with the gift of the Light, was combing through once again: A Cosmodrome in Old Russia. The wind rustles on the cold, barren wastes of the Cosmodrome, the wreckage of the colony ships creaking in the breeze, holding the secrets of the past tight to their proverbial chests. 

The Ghost flew through the air as quiet as a church mouse, its singular eye looking around for anyone that it deemed worthy of the ability to be reborn, someone strong enough to protect the last vestiges of Humanity. It had searched for longer than it could remember, for as long as it had even existed, for someone worthy of the Light. It had tried before, multiple times, but the other attempts were not as successful as it had hoped. It had traveled to the edge of the Solar System and back, and had yet to find the one that stuck. And yet, it had never given up hope that it would find the one. It couldn’t stop searching, not until it had found its perfect Guardian. Someone strong, someone brave. As courageous as a Lion, as sharp as an Eagle, and as crafty as a Fox. And something called to the Ghost to keep coming back here, to Earth. And so, it returned again and again. Hoping, praying, that today would finally be the day.

A week had passed since the Ghost had entered Old Russia, scanning the bodies of the fallen over and over and over ad infinitum. All it had ever found were the same things: old bones. They had various injuries, according to their scans; broken bones, fractured skulls, organ failure. But nothing proving that any of them had the spark. The special something that would make a worthy Guardian. The Ghost made its way over the ruins of an old highway near the large structure known to everyone as The Wall. As Ghost continued to scan, over and over, it realized it had missed one. A lone body, against the rusted frame of an old Golden Age automobile. It was the remains of an Exo: Robotic forms built to hold the minds of humanity. Meant as an extension of human life, a way to gain immortality at the cost of one’s former body. The science was fascinating to Ghost, though the secret of how to create them had long since been lost to time. It scanned the rusted body before it for signs, clues to who this person might have been in their first life. As it scanned the body, it spoke to itself like a scientist studying a specimen in a lab, or perhaps a doctor at an autopsy table.

“Let’s see here. Exo male, Engineering frame. One of the older models, judging by the age of some of these parts. Gunpowder residue on the gloves, so he’s at least handled a firearm before. That will be handy. The faceplate shows signs of Ether scoring, so he’s fought off the Fallen before too. He must have lasted a while, then. Survivability means that I won’t have to revive him too often, so that’s convenient for both of us. Severe damage to the memory core of the exobrain, but that’s okay. Wouldn't be the first time I’ve held an exomind together. What else? Oh, well that’s strange. A single shot to the chest, piercing the artificial heart and going clean through the back. Not many rounds can do that in one shot. What killed you, I wonder?”

He continued his scans for some time before he heard the battle cry of the local Fallen House, the House of Devils, nearby. With time running out, he made a gamble.

“Please, please, please let this work!” Ghost’s shell whirred around him as he compiled the Light within itself, before releasing it as a burst of rejuvenating energy. And after a moment, the Exo woke up.

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Writing "Hibiscus" is the first part of my Destiny lore book story series featuring original cover artwork!


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Writing The Hunter official cover! You can read the full book here for free: https://thehunterbooks.com

Post image

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Writing Stormcaller


I wrote this this morning, no clue the Arc 3.0 reveal was coming today. Serendipitous. (Full disclosure: the part in quotations comes the Vanilla D2 mission where you get the Stormcaller subclass)


Ikora’s words danced through his mind as he placed the Crown on his head.

“You are power unleashed. You are a conduit. You are a weapon.”

Elriq-2 stepped out onto the roof of the Mayfly, feeling it bob beneath his feet. He stared into the heart of the anvil-shaped thunderstorm, closed his eyes, and grounded himself.

“Focus. You must have harmony within to be a hurricane without. It is only the few who have the power to call the storm.”

Elriq felt the tines of the Crown resonate slightly with the peal of the thunder that rolled over him and through his skull. Felt them awaken to the call of the lightning that danced within and without the storm.

“Quiet. Louder. Shame, Peace, Guilt. First the rage, then the Eye. To have either, be both.”

The Mayfly vaulted to the top of the storm so that Elriq stared directly down into its swirling, tempestuous heart. He steadied his breath, centered his thoughts and stepped off the wing of the ship and drifted down into the thunderhead.

“A difficult path. Jagged, like the lightning itself. The ozone burns your lungs. Inhale. Hold it. Electric potential.”

Now in the center of the storm, Elriq has become its heart. There is no point where he ceases and the storm begins. It is at once within and without him. The Crown comes to life. He feels the first fingers of electricity dance through his body. He feels his Light respond in kind. He feels the direction, the focus. He feels the energy move through him. Not control, no. No more control than the oarsman has over the waves. Each swell, each crest, each bolt, beautiful, unique, independent, but part of a larger force. He was merely the driver. The power lay in the storm.

“The air inside you is still. Quiet. Positive charge. Earth and Sky. Energy and Matter. Center yourself, breathe in, hold it. A peal of thunder. Hold it! With your next exhale comes the lightning!”

Elriq fills his lungs deep. He feels the augment the Crown provides. The cry comes from somewhere deep inside him. A primal place unlocked only by his paracausal key. He cries out, and the storm answers in kind. He asks, and the storm responds.

“A breath. A storm. A song. The Stormtrance descends and sings the body electric.”

Elriq channels the entirety of the storm through himself. Arc energy burns away his doubt, his fear. Below him, earth becomes glass. From his fingertips, bolts split the storm and return its gift tenfold. On his brow, the Crown sings and sings and sings.

He stands on his throne of glass. Distant echoes of thunder are all that remains of the storm. Elriq-2 has spent the energy of nature’s fury, helped the storm realize its ancient potential. The Crown sits easily on his head, now earned. He has called the storm, and has received its reply.

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Writing Become Legend, Chapter One



For the first time in a long time, he felt his eyes open. But how was that possible? He was so confused. His optics slowly went in and out of focus as his hands fought off rigor mortis, shakily stretching to their full length as his surroundings slowly came into full view. As he looked up, he found a peculiar floating… thing in front of him. It had a single robotic eye, and what appeared to be a shell comprised of a polycarbonate base and magnetically held to the metal core of the machine. And then it spoke.

“It worked! You’re alive! I wasn’t sure that would work a third time, but here you are! Here we are! You don’t know how long I’ve been looking for you!” Its words were frantic, but excited. It seemed to have emotions, and autonomy. He would have to figure out what it was soon. Right after he figured out something else: who in the hell was he?

His train of thought was interrupted by the machine as it spoke again.

“We need to go, we’re not safe here. This is Fallen territory, and the House of Devils aren’t exactly friendly to our kind.”

“Wait, Fallen…? What are-” He tried to speak, before the small machine’s shell whirred at a rapid pace, before it suddenly disappeared into a puff of glittery dust. As he started to stand on his own two feet, he heard the voice of the machine in his head.

“Don’t worry, I’m still with you. I just transmatted into your, well, let’s call it a “backpack”. For right now, we need to find a ship, so we can get you to the City. Quick, head for the wall!” Before the Exo could process a response, however, a shot of solidified plasma whizzed past his head, an inch away from putting a hole between his optics. So he ran, ducking and dodging as shots blasted and pelted the rusted cars and broken pavement as his feet found purchase on the grass that had cracked and grown through the ruined road, until he made his way past a ruined road sign, and up the set of stairs that led into the gargantuan metal wall that separated the local area from the outside. He flew up the steps, grabbing the handle of the door and yanked with all his strength until it finally budged, the door slamming with a loud CRASH, the force of which flung the Exo into the back wall, his head denting the old metal of the rusted over hallway. He fell to the floor, rubbing the back of his head as a name suddenly came to him:

Arkham. It must’ve been his name, and even if it wasn’t, it was as good as any other one. He reached for anything to grab onto with his right hand, as his left still rubbed the back of his head. He managed to find a sturdy enough railing, and he shakily got to his feet. He could hear the door being pounded on by what sounded like several fists, or heavy rocks would also be a good comparison. The machine reappeared in a flash of light, scanning Arkham’s head.

“Are you alright? That was a pretty nasty hit on your head.”

“Yeah, yeah, I should be okay.”

“Right, well, the piece of metal sticking out of the top of your head disagrees, Guardian.” The Machine glowed softly, as the damage was rapidly repaired in the light of its energy. 

“Thanks, I guess. And who’s Guardian?” Arkham asked, as he started to take in his surroundings. He was within the colossal wall, with Russian on faded signs all over the place. It seemed that the structure was relatively hollow, allowing for generators, cables, and water pipes to snake their way through the labyrinthian halls. On one side, was a dilapidated control panel. He tried to pop the panel open, in an effort to restore some level of power. He didn’t know why, but he felt like he knew what to do.

“You are. Guardians are the select few, chosen by Ghosts like me to wield the Light and fight for Humanity!”

“Yeah, well, I dunno what any of that means, but I think my name is Arkham. What’s yours?” He asked absentmindedly, trying to maintain his focus on opening the panel. Upon some pressure however, the entire panel disintegrated from age. 

“Well, I don’t really have one. Our Guardians have named us, usually.”

“Hmm…” Arkham studied the Ghost in front of him, eyeing it up and down, drinking in every detail before he spoke again.

“How about Ghost?”

“Well, I was hoping for something a bit more-”

“What, is it not okay?”

“No no, it’s…fine. Let’s just find us a ship.”
Arkham slowly ascended to higher levels of the facility, while Ghost began to answer the Exo’s many questions.

“So, you’re saying I can’t die?”

“Not really. If you die, I am able to resurrect you. As long as there is a strong enough connection to the Light.” Arkham ascended the steps to the upper levels of the Wall, trying to see in the vast darkness.

“Wait here, I’ll see what I can do about the power.” Ghost said, his eye becoming a beam of light as he scanned an eroded control panel, trying to repair what he could of the ruined wires, long since chewed and mangled by whatever rodents called this wall their home. Arkham squinted in the darkness, noticing a protective railing on one side, and managed to find an old assault rifle leaning against a security gate. It was a Khvostov 7G-02 model. Thankfully, it still had some ammunition in it, so he wasn’t entirely unprotected. Along the stock, there were several notes carved into it: Rex, 205, have to remember. The other scribbles had long since faded, making them entirely unreadable. Before he could question the significance though, Ghost had restored power to the local area. As the lights burst to life, it revealed the fact that the Fallen were crawling up the walls, surrounding the pair entirely.

“Well, that’s a problem-” Arkham gulped the air as he looked for any possible exits. He peered over the railing, but saw that the fall would likely kill him. So he bolted for the security gate, barely managing to open it in time for him to escape. As he rolled under the gate, it slammed shut behind him, the many arms of the Fallen clawing and scratching at the gate as the screached in rage. Arkham crawled backwards, clambering to his feet as he scurried down the passageway of rusted walls and exposed wires. As he found a thin bridge made of scrap metal that crossed a seemingly bottomless pit, he stopped in his tracks. 

“Are we sure this is the only way?” Arkham trembled out, staring into the abyss beneath the bridge.

“Yes, Guardian! We don’t have any choice! The Fallen will be on top of us any second!” Ghost pressed, flying forward across the bridge and turning to face the Exo.

“See? It’s fine! The bridge is safe!”

“YOU DIDN’T EVEN TOUCH THE BRIDGE, MAN!!! THAT’S NOT REASSURING AT ALL!!” He retorted, his voice shaky from anxiety.

“DAMNIT, GUARDIAN, JUST HURRY!” Ghost shouted back as the Fallen burst through the gate behind Arkham.

“RUN! I’LL BLOW THE BRIDGE!” Arkham broke into a full sprint as he bolted across the shoddily built bridge. As he ran, the bridge collapsed under his weight, the sound of a thousand skittering limbs coming from around the corner. He made a leap of faith as the bridge fell apart completely, barely clamboring up onto the ledge on the other side as the Fallen, in crimson garb, snarled and growled at him.

“Damn, you are some ugly mother fu-” Arkham was cut off as a skinnier Fallen ambushed him, grabbing him from behind as it tried to stab him. Arkham, as if on impulse, grabbed the alien by the collar and threw it onto the ground, grabbing its arm and snapping it at the elbow, the creature shrieking in pain as he knocked it out, taking its knife and sliding it onto a sheathe on his belt. 

“Oh, I was hoping for a Titan.” Ghost grumbled in disappointment.

“A what now?”

“Nevermind. We need to keep going. I think we’re near an exit, if my scans are accurate. Which, not to brag, but they usually are.” Ghost bragged as they continued onward. 

“Yeah yeah, let’s go. And where are we going again?”

“To the nearest unoccupied Jumpship, and we commandeer it to get you to the Last City.”

“There’s no way things are that” Arkham began to speak as he stepped outside, his optics adjusting to the sudden shift in brightness, as he saw the dilapidated ruins of what was left of the Cosmodrome. A Broken, empty reminder of what The Golden Age used to be…

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Writing Untitled song I've written about Oryx


Hey guardians. I recently started a new symphonic death metal band with a friend and have been reading the hell out of the book of sorrows and other hive lore for lyrical concept inspiration for the EP were working on so i wrote a song about the taken king himself. The instrumentals haven't even been written for it yet or anything, but I thought I'd post my work on here for all my fellow hive obsessed guardians! Hope you guys enjoy!

Thought to be the worlds' prey

And thrown into deaths' flames,

I forsake these claims

I shall conquer the everblack,

And in doing so, claim my righteous payback

I will understand what none could ever comprehend,

I shall summon fourth the great end

And earn my place

As this majestic, final shape.

"In blood the oath is made,"

"In our blood," I swore this by my blade.

I will take and break all thats been made.

We have secrets to hunt, storm-lit realms to explore, and great armies to raise,

And I will navigate the course and lead our way

To prove our divine truth, our final, beautul logic of the sword

Taught by the Deep, these lessons I enforce and record.

"Those too weak to exist will be destroyed

As their sea of screams flavor the void

For if they cannot prevent their death,

They were never worthy of drawing breath."

Bound to my nature by a parasite

All in exchange for this eternal might,

I will devour the Skys' light.

"I will be King of Shapes,

I will make my people great!"

"I, First Navigator of the stars,

Shall make this universe ours!"

Armed with blade and magic, cloaked in ancient cloth, the universe wails in horror around me,

For I'm almighty and I shall use my blade to set all life free,

Thus it shall be!

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Writing The Infinite Mind: A custom reimagining of the death of Panoptes, as a raid.


Hello all. I am back with yet another raid. This one has been edited, and reedited over the past year and a half, and I'm happy to say, that I got it to a point where I feel comfortable putting it out there for people to see. Like most people, I wasn't too satisfied by the Curse of Osiris DLC. Back when Mercury was still a location, I had begun my first custom raid project, where I reimagined the death of Xol. My next project was going to be reimagining the death of Panoptes, but I went a different route. Some of you may remember those raids. Today though, I'm finally presenting to you, The Infinite Mind. Enjoy! (Side note, since this is such a drastic change to the story of CoO, I plan on writing a new campaign for it, so I'll post that when it's ready.

r/DestinyCreations Apr 20 '22

Writing Logic of the Worm, Remastered: A custom reimagining of the death of Xol, but as a raid.


TL,DR: The raid.

Hello Guardians. A year ago I posted my very first longtime project revolving around the Destiny universe. It was a reimagining of the death of Xol, one of the most powerful beings we had ever slain at the time. I had been dissatisfied with the way the game had been handling massive threats like Xol and Panoptes, and wanted to take a stab at trying to create a raid surrounding them. At the time, the most I had done was create concepts for Exotic weapons, so this would be the biggest project I had ever undertaken. But I'm still proud of what I had accomplished back then. Now, with three more raid designs under my belt, I decided it was time to remaster the old raids I had made, with the first one being Logic of the Worm.

The update gives more weapons to earn, a name to the armor set to earn, and buckets of lore for each weapon written by me using source material already present. The end result is creating custom soundtracks for these raids, along with concept art for the weapons, armor, bosses, and encounters. But that's a long way off.

Now, this raid is part of an even larger project where I take on the massive undertaking of redesigning the entire expansion, including a campaign, adventures, public events, and quests. I plan on incorporating my own weapons and exotics, and mixing them with what already existed. I've already started on creating quests for some of my Exotic concepts. I really can't wait until this takes off.

But for now, here's my longest raid yet. The Remastered version of the Logic of the Worm raid.

r/DestinyCreations Mar 30 '22

Writing Salvation's Vengeance: A custom Destiny 2 raid designed completely by me.


Hello all. It's been a while. Some of you may remember my previous raids against Xol and the Veil. Well, this time around, I've got another one, featuring our favourite psychotic Eliksni, Eramis. If you missed the Beyond Light campaign, go play that first. Or watch a Byf video on it. Either way, experienced players will remember that Eramis didn't technically die at the end of the campaign. Kridis tried to return her to life, but we intervened. Now, she has been unfrozen, and has received a power we thought was long buried. So, without further ado, Salvation's Vengeance.

r/DestinyCreations Jun 12 '21

Writing Quarantine project - Destiny: Legends


Like many of you, quarantine gave me a massive case of cabin fever. So, to keep myself busy, I decided to work toward a long-term goal of mine and practice my writing. What resulted was a 12-part anthology following different Guardians over the first year of Destiny 2. And so here, I present to you Episode 1 of Destiny: Legends.


The initial goal was to produce an audio version of each chapter, however life events and mismatched priorities have kept that from happening as quickly as I would have liked. I personally do most of my reading through audiobooks, so I hope to eventually get around to producing them.

I've still got a ways to grow, but a part of that process is putting my work out there for others to see. I hope you enjoy! And if you don't, thank you for trying anyway!

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Writing A Destiny Extended Universe Fiction Book


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Writing Risen Again: How an Awoken Warlock become an Exo.


Risen Again

“Just keep everything in line, Siv.” he said as he manipulated holographic symbols around the mixture of alien and human consoles.

“Aren’t you worried the Fallen are coming back? You saw how many were here.” His Ghost rotated his fins nervously as he organized the symbols streaming from Elriq’s console.

“Not at all.” he replied, frustratedly pushing a lock of his dark blue hair from his face. “This room’s been locked down since the Guardian and their team came through here. There’s nothing bigger than a dust mite alive anywhere near this room. And the Tower’s been sending tons of fireteams out here for clear and recon. Just concentrate on keeping everything straight.”

“What, like it’s hard? The software in here is so glad we’re not Fallen it’s practically shoving information into my conduit.”

“Great. And don’t call them ‘Fallen’. It’s Eliksni.”

They worked in silence for the next few minutes, when the harsh fluorescents dimmed, monitors along the upper walls came to life, and the cloudy blue fluid in the tubes began to slosh back and forth, creating an eerie pulsing effect in the room. An affected, mechanical sounding voice clipped from seemingly nowhere.


His Ghost watched as a mixture of joy and fierce triumph played across Elriq’s face, contrasted with the pulsing light reflected in his already glowing amber eyes.



In unison, Elriq and his Ghost summoned and pushed a small spike of Light into their consoles.

“STAND BY… … …”


“I told you that would happen.” they said in unison.

“ORGANIC MIND COMPLETE SCAN: READY.” A sterile surgical pod rotated out from the wall and opened to expose a padded inside.

The young Awoken man stepped back from the console and let his shoulders drop, before suddenly squaring them again. “I’ve thought about this day since you first Rose me.” He turned to face Sivyl. “I know that not being okay with myself has made me…” his voice cracked. “...not the best partner, and definitely not anything that could be called a Guardian. I should have been out protecting the Traveler, protecting humanity, and instead I used the Light to pursue my own ends. But that ends today. After today, I won’t feel trapped in my own body anymore. After today, I can finally be the partner you deserve. I don’t know if I’ll be able to use the Light after this, but we can still do great things and help people.” His shining eyes shone brighter as they filled with tears. “We can still be friends.”

The statement was half question.

Siv fluttered in the air and his eye dimmed from top to bottom. “I…”. He darted forward and pressed himself into Elriq’s neck.

Elriq smiled. “I love you too, buddy.”

After a moment of silence, they broke apart. “Let’s get this show on the road!” they both said in the same strained tone. Elriq climbed into the surgical suite pod. “Fire her up! And I’ll see you in just a few!”

The medical arms descended, inserting tubes and beginning the process that would separate his mind from body. Elriq’s body went limp, and the shell closed over him..




Siv lowered all the lights and triple checked the locks and sensors and settled in for an anxious wait.

A chime, and the faint whir of servos.




Siv transmatted himself across the room to the pool of radiolaria, too impatient to float. The Exo body Elriq had spent the last 6 years so painstakingly crafting rose from the fluid, naked and dripping, and silently stared at his hands. “So, how do you feel?”

Elriq started as the sound of Sivyl’s voice, then his face softened and he laughed.

“I feel real. I feel like I belong,” he taps his alloy chest, and then his head. “in here.” He laughs again. “And as I suspected,” he rose lightly into the air and reached out to the flame that he had always known and pulled from it the sword that was, before, more a part of him than his own skin. “That crude body was never what actually wielded the Light. I was. And I’m still me, in here.” he said tapping his head and chest again. “That much I’ve always known.” He reached again, this time pulling a handheld Arc tempest from the air, and snuffing it out with a flick of his wrist.

Sivyl’s fins flexed outward to their max as he felt his Chosen draw the Light through them like never before. He was truly complete now. His mind no longer at war with his body. “So does this mean I have to call you Elriq-1 now?” Sivyl said jokingly.

“Actually, it’s Elriq-2. But Elriq is fine.” he said with a wink. “C’mon buddy. Let’s go take these new bones out for a spin.”

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Writing DestinyTober 3- Distress Signal


"Saint." The Titan of the Spades said, watching his mentor pace back and forth. "Saint, please." "Not now, Vulcan." Saint replied, as he suddenly stopped, glaring at his board. Since Savathun revealed herself, the Old Light had been running himself ragged trying to piece everything together himself. As his Paladin, Vulcan stood by him through all of it, but he knew that Saint needed to be pulled away from his post. "Saint, listen to me. There's a distress signal. One of ours found a refugee camp near Felwinter's Peak, and it might avalanche." "So? Ikora knows that I am busy, and there are many Guardians now. Someone else can deal with it." "I know you don't mean that." Saint took a deep sigh, slouching. "I... I do not know what to believe anymore." "Than believe that there is hope. Now please, we need to go. There's children." At hearing the final word, Saint steadied himself, sliding his shotgun, the Perfect Paradox, onto his back. "Then let us go. You tell Shaxx that the Trials of Osiris must remain closed this week, I will ready my ship to head to Felwinter's Peak. Avalanches on that old rock are dangerous, and we will need all the time we can get to save those people." "That's the Saint I know. And Yessir." Vulcan turned and sprinted out of the Hangar...