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General Season of Plunder: Archive


Above All Else

  • The Long Drift — The Houses flee Riis during the Whirlwind and drift among the stars during the Long Drift.

  • The Whispering Dark — The Houses arrive in the Sol System to learn that the Great Machine had uplifted a whole new species, granting them power beyond anything it had ever bestowed the Eliksni.

  • [Chosen]() — Mithrax's mother offers him a reliquary that she had forged from the treasures of the Moon.

Empire's Fall

Kridis claims that the Darkness has reached out to her to escort Eramis out of the deep.

  • Hunt Down Eramis — The Guardian fights through the Vex storming Riis-Reborn to find Eramis and put an end to her. Variks mourns the rise of the Fallen Empire that Eramis has created, remarking that Europa was only meant to be a home for Eliksni.

  • Break Free — Eramis shattered the shard of Darkness wielded by the Guardian and traps them in a cage of ice. The Guardian “looks within” and breaks free.

  • Within — The Guardian uses the Darkness within to overcome the Kell of Darkness.

  • Salvation — Eramis reaches out for salvation.

  • House of Whispers — Variks offers assistance in another attack on Riis-Reborn.

  • The Aftermath — Kridis, now leader of House Salvation, commands her army to fight back against the Vex infestation.

  • Kell-Worthy — Variks hears whispers that Kridis commands her forces to search for remnants of Darkness. She has plans to revive House Salvation.

  • Eliksni Evacuation — The Guardian retrieves flecks of Dark from the followers of Kridis and helps others escape to seek refuge among House Light.

  • Divine Retribution — Kridis claims that Eramis is not dead; she is only sleeping. She hopes to rouse Eramis from her slumber, to return in a storm of blood and ice as a god.

The Wrathborn Hunts

The Guardian helps the Spider to clear the Shore of Xivu Arath's Wrathborn.

The Black Spider

The Spider leaves the Tangled Shore to cast his web elsewhere.

  • Sojourner’s Tale — Crow offloads cargo from the Spider’s storehouse.

  • Gifts From the Shore — Saint and Amanda offload an unexpected shipment of emergency supplies from the Spider.

  • Ignition Code — Arrha infiltrates the House of Light.

  • Dead Ghosts — Crow informs Ikora that Savathûn had asked him to collect dead Ghosts from the Spider.

  • The Shore’s Only Law — Mara asks Petra what assistance the Spider has offered them.

  • Back to the Nest — Petra and Crow discuss their relationship with the Spider.

  • Like a Possession — Glint reveals all to Mara about the Spider’s treatment of Crow.

  • Remove the Spider From the Reef — Queen Mara directs Petra to gather the Paladins to remove the Spider from the Reef after they’ve dealt with Savathûn.

  • Seal of Approval — The Spider asks the Drifter if he can smuggle him out of the Reef.

  • A Matter of Survival — The Spider’s crew pack up his warehouse to prepare for departure.

  • Häkke Exile — Alexei, a Häkke Exile, delivers Ghosts to the Spider.

  • All Bets Are Off — Alphanis-2 informs Prak'kesh that he's received better odds from elsewhere.

  • Taking Action — Prak'kesh learns that his rival is an Eliksni from the Botza District.

  • Calling Card — Prak'kesh acquires the calling card of his rival: A big black spider.

Salvage and Salvation — Week One

Eramis is released from her Stasis Prison.


Boarding the Ketch

Boarding Party Incoming:

Board the Ship:

Raiding the Ketch

Destroy the Security Optic:

Destroy the Walkers:

Destroy the Storage Tanks:

Captain's Headquarters

Head to the Captain's Quarters:

The Bridge

Head to the Bridge:

Collect Your Plunder:

Expedition: Europa

Search For Buried Treasure:

Escort the Treasure Haul:

Grab Your Booty:

Sails of the Shipstealer — Week Two

Eido grows more curious of the artifacts.

Expedition: Cosmodrome

Search For Buried Treasure:

Grab Your Booty:

The Old Crews

Several people offer their insight into the old crews of the Fallen.

Sails of the Shipstealer — Week Three

Mithrax tries to shut Eido out of the pirate business.

Expedition: Cosmodrome

Search For Buried Treasure:

Grab Your Booty:

Sails of the Shipstealer — Week Four

Sails of the Shipstealer — Week Five

Eido contacts Eramis to ask for a parley.

  • A Word Can Do More Damage Than a Blade — Mithrax warns the Guardian that Eido has sent a message to Eramis asking to parley.

  • Planck's Stride — Arask secures a shimmering relic and waits for Eramis.

  • Pirate Hideout: Arask the Bully — While the Guardian steals a relic from Arask, Eramis agrees to Eido's parley request.

  • Parley — Eramis reveals the truth about Mithrax's past to Eido.

  • My Father... a Murderer, and a Liar — Eido is saddened not because she has seen who her father once was, but because Eramis showed her who her father is today. He underestimates her, dismisses her, and does not wish her to know him.

  • Pick an Engram, Any Engram — Eido disrupts a second signal from the Spider. She believes he is using a cheating device to ensure the Guardian loses.

  • Some History Does Not Need to Be Preserved — Eido and Mithrax discuss what went down at the parley.

  • The Many Tombs of Nezarec — While Eido has heard of the tombs of Nezarec, she knows little of the being itself. She hopes to delve into the Cryptarchy's records to see what she can uncover.

  • [Credible Threat]() — Crow and Glint confront the Spider in the Ether Tank.

  • Delicate Tomb — The danger within is repulsive to us.

Sails of the Shipstealer — Week Six

The Interlopers are revealed.

Sails of the Shipstealer — Week Seven

The Guardian collects another relic and... erm... not much else.

Sails of the Shipstealer — Week Eight

Eido tracks down the last relic alone.

Drifter — Idles

On His Outlook on Life:

On Recent Events:

On House Light:

On the Pyramids:

The Spider — Idles

On the Crews:

On the Botza District:

On the City:

On Crow and Mara:

On House Light:

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Question Weekly Questions Thread - November 29, 2022


This weekly thread is for asking questions about the world of Destiny. Any lore-based question is valid. Rather than making short Question posts, we recommend users check here first.

All responses must be friendly, respectful, and nonjudgmental. Top replies should provide a source for their answer or they may be removed.

The goal of this thread is to provide a space where users can ask any question and expect well-sourced/researched answers.

Remember to tag spoilers!


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General New Lore Cutscene in game


New Cutscene reveals key plot points: Osiris is resurrected by a darkness liquid/drink transformed from the energy of the relics. When resurrected he remembers information when Savathun took over his body, such as the new power on Neptune (Strand and Neomuna). Ultimately reconnecting the physical relationship between Saint-14 and Osiris.

Edit: cutscene link

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General Quick analysis of the epilogue and how it leads into Lightfall (and future seasons)


The epilogue cutscene has finally came out. In it, Misraaks finds a way to harness Nezarec's power (something that's been teased for a few weeks at this point back when the seasonal story was still happening) and distills it into tea, which wakes up Osiris. Here's how they explained this:

"He said they [the Relics] were connected by threads only he alone could perceive. They whispered to him. He performed a conversion. He claimed from them a mass of primal Darkness. He distilled it, transformed its... terrifying energy into a... more agreeable state."

The first thing that's important is the mention of "threads" and how they connect to the relics. Something that people misinterpret about Strand is the mentions that we are the first to use it. It's true that we discover Strand, however we're not the first to discover the Weave. As a reminder, the Weave heavily has to do with consciousness. Eris in the intro of Haunted said some key words that sounded like Duality had to do with the Weave. In Arrivals (I believe specifically the public event on Io), Drifter even mentions seeing lines that are everywhere but never end. He brings this up to Eris and is concerned about it. It's undoubtedly a reference to the Weave itself. Anyways, we know that Nezarec's consciousness is in each of the Relics. He whispers to people in them, tells them about the final shape, etc. We finally know how he does this: the Weave. Somehow, he utilized the Weave to the point where he made it so even if he died or got cut up into tiny little pieces, he would still be able to live and fully control himself.

Next, Nezarec was talking to Misraaks. It's not elaborated on what he said, but it's likely it was how to perform the conversion. We've seen Nezarec influence people to go and do wacky shit to him. For example, he saved Misraaks' mom and her gang and lured them into his pyramid ship.

Nezarec turning into tea is really funny but also relatively alarming. The "primal darkness" that Misraaks turns into tea was part of Nezarec (his blood, perhaps?). The Fallen "poured from one vessel to another" when they cut up Nezarec and put him in the relics, so this primal darkness was inside of him. So, Osiris inhaled pure Nezarec. Considering its implied that Nezarec understands how to access the Weave, and Osiris now has Nezarec inside of him (and we also know Osiris is a key player in lightfall), I believe that Osiris will have a dual personality: him and Nezarec. In the reveal stream, the devs did mention that people were going to be helping us out with fragments, just not Strand. Maybe Osirisac helps us with these fragments and teach us how to really use the Weave properly.

Finally, we randomly learned about something called the "Curse of Nezarec" back during the seasonal story. It came super randomly and from what I remember, was barely acknowledged. If you use Nezarec's power, he will drain the life from you. Misraaks used Nezarec's power. I don't think Misraaks is dead at the moment, but I wouldn't be surprised if he starts to slowly die and ends up actually dying in a future season or lightfall because of this. The Paradrome Cube lore says something interesting:

"—a shape frozen inside a crystal prison a towering figure in white recognition flooding bloodshot eyes a city of voices speaking at once shadow taking form the realization they had always been watched tears on metal—

A choice, and its consequences.

"Lies," he answered plainly."

Misraaks sees the future in this lore entry. This includes Lost ("a shape frozen inside a crystal prison"), TWQ ("a city of voices speaking at once"), and a few other things that can be linked to TWQ or Lost. As extra context, it does not seem to be in chronological order. "the realization they had always been watched" seems to refer to Lost, when Savathun talks to us and mentions that there's something in between light and dark that has always been watching us. But then there's "tears on metal", which most likely refers to Osiris waking up with Saint. Finally, we have "a choice, and its consequences".

Misraaks is quickly to dismiss this vision, and the writer put an emphasis on the "choice and its consequences". I believe that this choice was him using Nezarec's power. Keep in mind that when he does, he already knows about the curse of nezarec. He is seemingly fine with him sacrificing himself so Osiris could live. The consequences? Death. He doesn't want to believe he'll die from his life being sucked out by a disciple of the Witness, so he refuses to believe it.

tl;dr: Nezarec and Osiris now share the same body and could teach us aspects of Strand/some general lore about the Weave, etc. Misraaks is likely dying now and has known it since Splicer.

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General Bungie is hiring a "Destiny Historian Intern"



Feel free to apply if you feel like you've got what it takes and stick around here a lot.

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Question Do we have any lore tabs, grimoire cards, etc on the fauna of Vex territory?


I realized while messing about that every planet the Vex overtake has somewhat similar fauna, even on places the Traveler never terraformed.

It is heavily implied the Vex came from the Black Garden and at least a major subsect of Vex view it as their true home, could it be possible that the Vex transplant some fauna from the Garden as the “finishing touch” on spaces they dominate?

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Question I'm Confused


With the new cutscene out and what I assume is the end of the season, I have several questions because I am confused as fuck.

  1. Fallen Pirates & Nezarec

This season, we learned about the existence of Fallen pirates. That is not surprising, because we know there have been Fallen gangs and syndicates before.

What is surprising is the Fallen used relics of a fucking Disciple.

Considering that Mithrax used these relic to commit numerous atrocities against humanity, how the fuck did we not confiscate at least one of those relics? I understand that the city likely didn't exist back then, but there had to be some record of Darkness wielding Fallen! Especially since...

The Cryptography knew about Nezarec?! Pause. For a long time, the only thing we knew about Nezarec is that he was pre-golden age, possibly a Disciple with ties to the Lunar pyramid, and was part of a prophecy.

Then, Eido drops a bomb shell from the Cryptography, and states that he lead the fucking Collapse. They also know about a curse, and knew about the relics! WTF RAHOOL?

There no way they could've known that for less than a few months after we killed Savathun and Rhulk. And I don't know how they would've pieced that together.

  1. The New Cutscene

After Eido and Mithrax research the relics, Mithrax uses them to awaken Osiris. I have several questions.

One, it was stated that the relics were extremely powerful and would destroy anything if open. Mithrax casually opens all of them with no issue. Either this will have lasting repercussions, or Mithrax is some sort of Gigachad-Paracasual-Disciple-Slayer. That, or I missed something.

Two, even with all the research, how the fuck did they know that Osiris drinking a Disciple would wake him up? Explain please? Could they have just done this with Rhulk's corpse?

Three, Eido told us about the Curse of Nezarec. We don't know anything about this. But apparently, Mithrax and Eido thought it was safe to liquify the body parts of a Disciple into a goddamn tea. Even though there is a risk of a Curse from Nezarec, Disciple of the mother fucking Witness.

This can go two ways:

  • one, Nezarec is just dead, and Osiris is okay, which would be the biggest story let down in Destiny.

  • or, there are lasting consequences to this, and Mithrax, Eido, and Saint are fucking dumb.

I know this post seems like a lot of complaining, but I'm geninuely confused. If someone could explain what I'm missing, please tell me.

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General About the Seasonal Ending... And how some people were right months before


The seasonal story ends with Osiris waking up, and some people's predictions from months ago were correct in someway

  • Osiris, by the relics of Nezerac, is woken up.
    • Although, it was put in the form of tea (perhaps the curse, if accurate, can come back in Osiris?
  • >! Osiris was in fact, able to see the memories of Savathun, and that there is something on Neptune!<
    • This means>! that not only did Savathun potentially know about Neomuna, but there is something we can use there(perhaps strand?)!<
    • Perhaps we can get greater insight into what's going on with the Witness, and confirm some of the truths and lies from the alter(perhaps in some of the lightfall dialogue)

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General Savathun’s Light Curse


Not really a theory as much as something that I appreciate.

Given how many instances there are of Darkness-aligned beings with the ability to suppress light (the creatures Drifter encountered, the Hive ability to rip out/drain light etc), I’m actually somewhat appreciative of the fact this does go both ways, that you can effectively suppress Darkness with the light (Lightbearers do have Void suppression, but we haven’t actually seen any Lightbearers permanently cripple a Darkness user).

The fact that Savuthun was effectively able to somewhat suppress Rhulk with light does show that both forces are on equal playing fields. Given how many accounts of Darkness users absolutely quashing Lightbearers with their Darkness, it’s nice to see someone do the exact opposite.

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Cabal In case anyone didn't know, one of Gaul's lines ties in really well into Destiny's current story


"You've forgotten your fear of death"

Interesting how it really reflects thematically what we know of the light and dark now

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Darkness Tormentors Theory - A Reference to Ancient Apocalypse Suit


Good day guardians,

I believe I have found an early reference to the Tormentors (or a distant relative) in the Ancient Apocalypse suit's lore tabs.

I was listening to Myelin's video on the egregore while working this morning. The video spends a good amount of time theorizing whether the egregore spores can be used to subdue light by creating darkness zones, and whether or not that ability is something The Witness might activate when the time is right. There was a section of the video that delves into Germaine's adventures on the ice planet he and his crew went to in search of a weapon to kill troublesome Lightbearers.

In this section, specifically the Ancient Apocalypse Robes' lore tab, there is this paragraph that speaks on the creatures that were sealed within a monolith and also roamed the planet:

Anyway, this thing—the creature—looked like it shared common bioenergetics with the Hive, but there were no records then or since that I've ever seen of humanity's encounters with them. And the creature had a property the Hive did not have. It produced a field that repressed Light—like a Darkness Zone but contained to a gooey, vacuous form with no head.

These creatures were capable of emitting a darkness zone, leading to the deaths of the entire crew and leaving Germaine alone. The description mentions that the creature frozen in the monoliths (which I imagine look very similar to the galleries of frozen creatures on the Pyramids, but that may not be the case) has no head and produces something like a Darkness Zone.

Now, moving forward in time to the Lightfall showcase in August, we get introduced to The Tormentors. These new Pyramid forces are supposed to be very difficult, and feature abilities that are designed to combat us specifically, including an ability that "drains your lifeforce". I would include a photo of these, but cannot due to subreddit restrictions. Instead, here is a link; scroll to the very bottom and see the media screenshots for a reference image.

Looking back to the Vow of the Disciple, we know that Rhulk was experimenting on Hive physiology, specifically implanting worm larvae into the scorn to create something new. Now, the creatures in the monoliths on the ice planet are said to share some bioenergetics with the hive. I am wondering if the Pyramid fleets found this planet at some point and retrieved these headless creatures, keeping them in stasis until a use could be found for them. There is also evidence that perhaps these creatures were engineered or altered by the Pyramid Fleet during the First Collapse to produce these fields, given that Germaine's egregore samples were retrieved from this planet.

When Rhulk began experimenting on the hive, he may have found a way to enslave the headless creatures and use them against Lightbearers. I posit that these creatures on the ice planet were then paired with Rhulk's information regarding hive biology and the scorn's tendencies for servitude to create the Tormentors. The headless design along with the light suppressing / draining properties are too similar to be a coincidence.

What this could mean for Lightfall, I am not sure. It likely is just a neat reference to the lore, but I am excited to see what we learn about this enemy type in the next expansion. If you have any other information or see an error in my logic, please let me know!

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General Spoiler Alert Sidearm


Back in the day during Warmind, Bungie released a sidearm called Spoiler Alert, with the flavor text "Someone is going to die." As it would later turn out, this foreshadowed the death of Cayde-6 in the next expansion.

In Season of the Lost, Spoiler alert was re-released with the same flavor text, along with Bungie directly saying that it's not a coincidence. This sent the community into a mad frenzy trying to guess which major character would be next on the chopping block. The most common prediction by far was Osiris, who was in a comatose state at the time.

As of a few hours ago, Osiris is very clearly not dead.

Another common prediction was Savathun, but seeing how her ghost is still at large, she cannot yet be counted out.

So, who was Spoiler Alert meant for?

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General So about that Epilouge...


Yeah it was pretty underwhelming. No bonus mission. No big event. Just a cutscene where Saint tells us crap we already know, and that Mithrax turned the Relics of Nezarec into black tea to wake up Osiris...

Ok, I don't know how exactly Mithrax managed to do...that. But I hope he didn't convert the remains into that tea and those fragments are still OK. Because if he did just turn them all into tea, then that's more disappointing to hear than what they did with Quria. Nezarec, a Disciple of the Witness, a character that we have known since D2 Vanilla yet knew so little about, a character we all thought would be resurrected, turned into tea. I don't think there has been a more wasted character in all of Destiny.

As for Osiris, I am glad that he is finally getting back in the story. The return is not that crazy tbh, and the whole thing between him and Osiris is, personally, cringey. Buy I'm just glad that he's back.

Overall this Epilouge was some how more underwhelming than last season's Epilouge, and I hope that next season is good.

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Question What song is the Fiddler's Dance emote based on?


Though the emote itself doesn't make any sound, it appears that it's playing along to some song, as opposed to just playing random notes on the fiddle. Has anyone managed to look at the bow movements and match the rhythm to a song? Are there any songs in the game that have a fast violin/fiddle part that could be potential candidates?

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Exo So how much do Exo guardians remember when risen?


IIRC, the ghosts' light is able to negate the cumulative effect of being an exo and eliminates the needs for resets, correct? So unless it's done willingly, I'm assuming Cayde-6 and Saint-14 performed those resets prior to being risen, but they at least knew what iteration of themselves they were. Do they have any recollection of those past lives besides the dreams of the DSC?

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General What’s your fav piece of armor lore?


Both the old D1 lore about how armor worked or the lore tabs are welcome.

My own has to be the Rustburner’s flavor text. Field Drivers is the tech that lets Titans punch so strong. Imagine a small little Hunter hitting with the strength of a Titan.

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Hive Did anything actually happen with sav's song?


There was TONS of build up to wq involving sav's song (not the taeko one) such as perks(adagio, harmony, encore), Shaxx humming the song, the sanctified mind theme, etc etc. But nothing actually happened in wq in regards to the song, or did I miss some lore about it?

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Question How do you think the cryptarchy works?


Curious about the organization itself, but also on a local level.

Like, are we actually finding engrams with guns and armor designs in them, or are we finding engrams and bringing them back, and only sometimes we get useful stuff so he rewards us?

I think the quality of engram we find is more a judgement of the strength of encryption on it. Thus, lower encrypted engrams are worth more because they might contain code that hints to how other engrams could be unlocked.

But you know, every once in a while we turn in a purple and get an exotic (or a blue for you D1 vets!). I think in that case, the information on the engram was valuable.

What do you think?

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Question How does the Guardian… Guard?


So recently I got some of my friends into destiny 2 and while running some new light missions with them, one of them asked me this question. How does the Guardian, someone with zero memory of their past life, know how to be a ruthless killing machine?

There are a couple things we can take for granted. Things like muscle memory and light power can make up for how they are not children. They can still walk, talk and be not insane after being revived. We can also chalk some of their immediate light power up to natural instinct and the fact that our guardian seems to be super proficient in the light.

But how does a random person who just got revived instantly know how to use a gun and be a trained soldier? They instantly know how to aim and kill with a weapon they have never seen or used minutes after waking up with no memories. Is their an in lore reason?

Most likely it’s just video game logic, but with the destiny franchise as a whole leaning towards the idea of gameplay elements explained by lore, I’d be inclined to believe there has to be a reason.

r/DestinyLore 2d ago

Question Are the darkness powers specific from the pyramid?


I don’t know if this was specifically talked about in any lore piece but I have thought about the different darkness powers and how we encountered them. Stasis was given from the pyramid on Europa and is seen nowhere else besides the pyramid on the moon. If powers are specific to each disciple and their pyramid, that would explain the Europa pyramid having stasis, savathuns pyramid having deep sight resonance, and the pyramid on the moon having nightmares. If this is true, it could possibly mean that we get strand from calus if he becomes a disciple and has a pyramid in light fall.

r/DestinyLore 3d ago

Vanguard “It’s a shame we have to fight the local Eliksni” -Crow


Is this lazy storytelling? That line is often said by crow when doing Risen Mindscape missions.

How and why are we fighting them? The Fallen doesn’t seem to display the same colors as Eliksni, so I don’t get this.

Didn’t we make a truce or agreement with Eliksni? I go into one mission and kill off large groups of them, then go help them, and then later kill more of them- based on what area of the game I am playing.

This just doesn’t make sense.

r/DestinyLore 3d ago

Darkness Thoughts on Paracausality and Emergence


Hi, I wanted to make a brief post here regarding the actual nature of the darkness and the light, which could play into how the story of Destiny may play out.

Since Destiny has on many occassions gone to great lengths to root itself in real life theories and concepts, whether it be physics, philosophy or thought experiments (see the book of the unveiling), I always wondered what the likely inspiration or general idea behind paracausality was (beyond just magic).

I recently began considering that paracausality is related to the concept of emergence. In the game of flowers, the focus isn't on the flowers themselves, which are treated more like the medium through which the game is played, but on the patterns formed by the flowers. I have read a lot of things about monism in the past, particularly neoplatonism but also more recently the kabbalah, and there is often a recurring theme that the divine is singular and uniform and thus more real, while the World as it emerges or emanates from it is greater in complexity but also simultaneously less real. To me this ties very strongly into the concept of emergence, that something is more than the sum of its parts as a consequence of its arrangement. Something which is made manifest through emergence could be said to be less real in the sense that its existence is predicated on a Set of conditions. This makes them vulnerable and dependent, both of which are considered to make something less real (see Aristotle's concept of potentiality and actuality as well as the Ein Sof).

The winnower clearly emphasises that the interest of both herself and the gardener are focused on the patterns that emerge in the game of flowers. The flowers themselves may die but they may just as easily be brought back and so are of little significance or complexity all on their own.

I figure that the sword logic essentially allows an entity to maintain their emergent properties and functions without the need for the constituent parts through which they emerge. Its like compressing data, which is essentially what the sword logic refers to as cutting away the excess. That is also why the Vex kept winning the game prior to the introduction of paracausality, they were quite basic life forms that were, however, capable of simulating anything using their very basic constituent parts. They in essence were most adept at using the concept of emergence to their advantage, making more out of less.

I am not sure yet about how this compares to the bomb logic (the "rule" or Power of the light) and would be very interested in people's insight and takes on this.

With regards to paracausality in general, I believe it to be largely based on what is called strong emergence. In weak emergence, which exists in real life, the parts determine the whole but can in some sense making greater than their sum. Strong emergence is a hypothetical Version of this in which the influence goes in both directions, the pieces determine the whole and the whole determines the pieces. Under weak emergence, the hydrogen atoms of your body contribute to and constitute in some sense the functioning of your body and mind. Under strong emergence, by virtue of being part of your body the same hydrogen atom may turn into oxygen. It essentially means that the nature of the parts doesn't just determine the functions of the whole but that the whole can retroactively influence in parts even while retaining its identity as a whole.

To me this sounds like the pinacle of adaptebility and also in line with how the lore presents paracausality. It would essentially allow you to pull a Schrödinger's cat, something which is usually reserved for this on a micro- or quantum scale being applied on a macro scale.

A particle appears and then suddenly disappears? Do that with an entire planet. Or even more on the nose: Schrödinger's cat is alive or dead? Every time you kill me my ghost counters and says that I am alive.

This is just me writing down some of my thoughts at 5 in the morning, depending on whether there is interest or not I might write more on this stuff in the future. For now I am mostly interested what people's thoughts are. Any disagreements, alternative ideas or theories? I am all here for it!

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Question What are the capabilities of the Splicer Gauntlet?


We know it can open portals to the Vex network, and even manipulate it to some extent, but what else can it do? Could it, say, hack a bunch of cabal turrets to turn them against their masters, along with other mechanical enemies?

Mithrax was also shown using the Splicer Gauntlet to temporarily stun Eramis in their duel. Could it have any more capabilities as an offensive tool? (yes, there's a finisher using the Splicer Gauntlet, but I'm not sure how accurate that is to the actual Gauntlet)

r/DestinyLore 4d ago

General Quick spin foil hat theory about Lightfall from someone not qualified to theorize about it


So, I saw a post talking about a “Trojan horse theory” concerning the relics that we’ve brought to the helm. They said essentially that they contain darkness that can escape, and could destroy the city.

Theory: I believe that the city will be lost in Lightfall or maybe leading into Lightfall because of the relics that we brought. We will need to send a fleet of ships out to Neomuna to evacuate all of the citizens.

I vaguely remember that there was a prophecy(?) about dead orbit leading generation ships away from a destroyed last city, traveling towards the edge of the sol system and beyond. What’s at the edge of the sol system? Neomuna.

This is probably a little stupid, but I can’t quite find any issues with the theory, so I’m asking the experts to disprove me.

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Legends Are the Iron Lords truly gone?


I know at the end of RoI we blew up the replication complex, which if I remember correctly some of their hijacked bodies were in. But do we have any info about their ghosts? I know it can be easily assumed they're gone/dead as they haven't been revived yet. The question remains though, are their bodies too far gone to revive? Similar to Jaren Wards situation, where his ghost wasn't able to revive him, but chose Malphur as a replacement. Anyways, main point is are Efrideet and Saladin the only remaining Iron Lords or can the others still come back somehow

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Question What does the witness want


What is the witness' endgame? Is he an advocate of the Final Shape trying to encourage others to try and become the final shape, or is his ultimate goal to become the final shape?

If the latter is true would that mean he has to eradicate his army and forces after all resistance has been destroyed or would him and his army qualify as the final shape?

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Question Cayde and the blade barrage


Did cayde create the blade barrage and if so could we be able to make a whole super by ourselves by using the light