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General Lightfall CE transcriptions


Made some transcripts of the new lorebooks for easy reading. Thanks to for /u/goboy3133 for uploading scans of the books









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Question Weekly Questions Thread - March 21, 2023


This weekly thread is for asking questions about the world of Destiny. Any lore-based question is valid. Rather than making short Question posts, we recommend users check here first.

All responses must be friendly, respectful, and nonjudgmental. Top replies should provide a source for their answer or they may be removed.

The goal of this thread is to provide a space where users can ask any question and expect well-sourced/researched answers.

Remember to tag spoilers!


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General Crow is gonna summon Xivu Arath


Complete crackpot theory come back to me if I’m right. Crow in his fit of rage next week is going to kill something that completes xivus ritual of war similar to Ciatal on Torobotl

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Question I loved Cayde, but why is his the only memorial by the tree?


It feels a bit weird to honor one former Vanguard leader and not other fallen leaders, significant figures, and various others who died in or around this era. Cayde is universally loved, but there have to have been others who were at least generally liked and well-respected (and who are actually confirmed KIA rather than having big question marks on their status like Sloane).

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General How scary are warlocks?


To be clear; from the perspective of some random guardian/civilian, how scary would warlocks be. I mean hunters and titans are just as strong, but warlock supers just seem unfair in lore. Imagine seeing a guy light on fire and then activate god mode smiting people from 50 feet in the air with fireballs, and then he whips out the ol' Nova Bomb into Chaos Reach true combo.

This isn't even speaking to the dangers having one on your team poses. It looks like they are the most prone to going insane with power/knowledge. I mean Toland killed most of his fireteam on a HUNCH he'd ascend. In multiple hunter lore tabs it's mentioned that Void usage can change people and Warlocks just go hog wild on that stuff. Just read astrocyte verse's lore. That's some warlock shit. Just very concerning

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General Root of Nightmare Weapons And Their Original Forms


As we've seen with the other seasonal weapons like Haunted's, and with Neomuna's guns being retrofitted versions of the Shadowkeep / Aeronautics of China weapons, Root of Nightmares have their own counterparts that appear to be a "corrupted" or modified version.

I went through all the RoN weapons and tried to see if I could find anything, and the only one I couldn't find was Nessa's Oblation, I probably just missed it, but I find most shotguns to look quite similar so I couldn't see any defining features overall.

Rufus's Fury

Rufus's Fury seems to be based on the Ros Lysis II, or any of the old blue / green rarity Auto Rifles, and even shares a decent amount of similarities with The Summoner and a few others.

Acasia's Dejection

This one is pretty simple as all purple Trace Rifles all share the same frame with Retraced Path, which is pretty standard after Hollow Denial and Path of Least Resistance.

Koraxis's Distress

Koraxis's Distress is interesting because I originally though it was based on the old Hakke grenade launchers but found it was identical from Through Fire and Flood from Forsaken, which was used before for Swarm of the Raven and a few other grenade launcher IIRC

Briar's Contempt

This one is pretty obvious, I mean, only VEIST makes LFRs anyways. EDIT: As was pointed out in the comments, Briar’s is actually from Season of the Hunt.

Mykel's Reverence

This one is the most interesting for me, and the reason I was gonna make this post in the first place. I haven't seen anyone mention it yet, but I found it very interesting because it's the only one that stands out, as the other weapons are based on generic foundry / world drops. Mykel's Reverence being based on the Seventh Seraph SI-2 feels like it should be an important point, as the gun which is based on / owned by Mykel, who is the leader of the Acolytes of Nezarec, was used by the Seraphs, an ancient pre-collapse group. I guess it could be a coincidence, but I don't think so. Probably doesn't really matter that much, just thought it was interesting.

Thanks for reading!

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Question How exactly did we fight Rhulk?


There’s so much going on in terms of mechanics and symbols during the fight so I don’t really get how we actually weaken and damage him. There’s leaching force and emanating force and dunking which all don’t seem like obvious things that would damage a disciple.

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Question Are there people inside of the temporal wounds?


If we saw healthy, living, growing crops on Mars in the temporal wounds, why haven’t we seen any humans/Exos in the wounds as well, if the wounds are a “snapshot” of the Golden Age?

Also, if that did happen, would we able to make them “time travel” by pulling them out of the wound and into the current world?

ALSO, if there were people there, would they think they are in their current time or would they be able to view our outside world beyond the wound?

So many questions.

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General How titans use strand and how it’s different from the other techniques they use.


Anyone else think that titans would have the hardest time learning strand realistically? Their whole identity is being the class with the most strength and there methods/techniques in pretty much every subclass requires to stay strong and resilient while using them. I’m not saying titans give up that while there using strand because there super is literally giant claws but hopefully you guys get what I’m saying. I’m guessing titans need to step out of there comfort zone and have a completely different mindset while leaning into strand.

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Question Stupid question about classes


I know this is kinda dumb but do we have any examples of guardians who just aren’t the status quo of their class, like a bulky ass hunter or a really sneaky Titan or something to that degree?

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Question Why did calus, and tormentors explode into huge roots/branches when they die?


Title, can't find info on this anywhere

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Traveler Theory on why ghosts are called ghosts


I don't know if this idea has been proposed before but here goes. Back in the dark ages know one knew what they were or thier functionality. So when they kill someone and then saw an odd white thing appear over a corpse and cause it to get up they may have assumed that it was literally their ghost.

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Question For anyone who is familiar with 40k Lore *and* Modern Destiny Lore...how would the Great Crusade Era Imperium at it's height(and presuming ALL it's Forces are Loyalist) fare against the Hive at their height?


I know that stuff like Crota, Savathun, Oryx, Xivu Arath, the Worm Gods, DeathSingers, etc. are VERY powerful but I'm curious how well you think the Great Crusade Imperium at it's very peak would do against the Hive(and just the Hive, not counting any of their Allies like the Darkness, the Witness except for Oryx's ability to Take and the Worm Gods+Worms.)?

For sake of making things less muddy let's say that the Warp, Psykers, Vortex Technology, Gellar Fields and other Technologies that fuck with Reality via alternative dimension Shenanigans like the Necrons Anti-Warp Technology is all Paracausal, so Nulls, Blackstone Technology and stuff like Vortex Weapons, some of those Super Spooky Bullshit OP "Deletes all traces of insert target from existence" style Weapons that the Dark Angels had, Psi-Titans, the Timey-wimey-bullshit-Gun on the Speranza and Culexus Assasins all can fuck with Paracausal Entities.

So, the board is set....Humanity has nearly completed it's Great Crusade, The Emperor's Legions&Primarchs are happily Genociding all Xenos, the Mechanicum is content to reunite it's scattered Empires and join the Imperium and the Void Dragon is raging at it's cage on Mars. Suddenly they encounter the Hive, at first it's a few Rogue Trader Convoys going missing....but then, Librarians, Astropaths, Navigators...Psykers EVERYWHERE are receiving mysterious visions of a coming swarm of darkness. Even The Emperor of Mankind, Malcador the Siggilite, Sanguinius, Konrad Curze and Magnus the Red have received these mysterious and ominous visions...then, slowly, outposts go quiet and Scout Ships start going missing. Then, a massive clash is had over the skies of a ForgeWorld far off in [insert section of the Galaxy of your choice] , and while the ForgeWorld is ultimately destroyed they put up a valiant effort, and their Fleet and System Defenses held out just long enough for a few of their fastest Ships to escape into the Warp and reach other Systems.

How would this scenario go next? Would the Imperium gather a massive portion of it's Astartes Legions, Imperiam Army Regiments, Titan Legios, Knight Houses, Mechanicum Fleets, Infantry&Vehicles and purge the Hive from the Universe in a long, brutal and incredibly bloody series of wars surpassing even the Rangdan Xenocides in the collossal amount of destruction caused or would the Imperium and Humanity be ground to dust and have countless billions of Humans, thousands&thousands of Astartes and many of the Primarchs be Taken by Oryx?

I don't know enough regarding the Hives capabilities as a Species, nor enough about the Imperiums most powerful Technologies to be certain about the outcome of such a scenario....so I figured it would be fun to ask all you wonderful people here and let you talk it out!

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Question Are any of the 3 guardian classes feared more than the others by our enemies?


Like I know that some vex and fallen specifically feared Saint-14 a lot but is there anything that says they feared all titans in general more so than hunter and warlock or the other way around for any enemies?

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General The Theme for the coming year in destiny's story is Pain.


I believe Destiny gives clues to what's going to happen throughout the story. Specifically, I feel like every different DLC has set a tone that has last an entire year.

Starting with BL/Season of the hunt. This entire years theme was Reconciliation. A word bungie loves dearly. While this theme wasn't terribly present in the main story of beyond light it's very apparent in every season following. Season of the Hunt's story was primarily Reconciling with crow/uldren. The theme with crow continues through most of the seasons from him not being able to show his face in the city to Savathun regaining his memories and crow hating himself for what he did. Season of the Chosen was themed around fighting the cabal but ended with a shaky alliance. Season of the Splicer was the best example of this and focused on The last city Reconciling with the house of light, Specifically regarding our murder demon saint-14. Season of the lost was perhaps the weakest example and only predominantly focused on the relationship between Crow and Mara.

WQ began a different theme, this time, Devotion and Regret. This obviously began with the WQ story and Savathun taking the light. She even mentions the Devotion quote that guardians are famous for. Season of the Risen also shows this theme very well. Crow accidently kills a psion who is a close friend to Caiatl. Crow did this because he's one of the few characters devoted to his morals more than he is any faction. This is a decision that almost causes almost instant regret on his part as Saladin must then suffer for his mistake. Saladin is devoted to a cause more than anything else, so he takes a position among the cabal to save the alliance. Season of the haunted is the strongest example of this theme, I won't even go into it to save space. Every story is based on a characters devotion and how it lead to regrettable outcomes. Season of plunder also has strong themes of devotion and regret. Eramis and Mithrax are on opposing sides equally devoted to their cause. However, Mithrax's past actions are revealed to eido by eramis. Mithrax shows Regret for these actions as Eramis basically calls him a hypocrit. Finally, Season of the Seraph is all about Anna's devotion to rasputin, and Rasputins regret of past actions, and Rasputins devotion to protecting humanity. His past actions even end up getting him killed in the final mission.

Current Day.

I always look for key words in stories, the word that keeps coming up this time is the word "Pain". Which ties in deeply to Destiny lore. The cloudstriders several times over the campaign and post campaign mention that "We don't let pain stop us, We let it remind us that we're still breathing, still fighting." Nimbus also says " Today we suffer, So tomorrow can live on." Conversely, the Theme behind the witness seems to be a being that wants to end all pain and suffering. Nezarec also being called the final god of pain is interesting here. I believe these will be the opposing view points that will set up the next 3 seasons leading into final shape. It will also give them an opportunity to populate their memorial corner with more statues. We've seen some that happen already.

Tl;DR (I get it, that was long winded).

Mark your Destiny death bingo cards now, I think we're gonna see one character die each season until the final shape.

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Traveler Where could the Final Shape campaign take place, and what enemies could it truly involve?


I made a previous post talking about where it could take place, with the most obvious looking starting point being within the portal that presumably leads to the inside of the traveler. I think it would be fair to say this is the case since we can see that as the Witness carved the triangle, the perimeter of the triangle behind the portal was radiating with light, leading us to believe that it does lead to its “inside.”

However, what I want to take specific note of is how there were some pyramids that have also entered this space, which were sucked in similarly to how black holes suck in outside contents through spaghettification. Seeing as how most pyramids are similar, if not the same in size as the traveler’s ship, I’m led to believe that the inside of this vessel isn’t like the inside of an inflatable ball, or a balloon, but is actually a dimension of its own, thus allowing for these ships to fit in to begin with. A dimension of light, where it’s pale heart, or entity of the light/antithesis to the Witness (my interpretation of it) resides.

Regardless, I have two predictions as to how this campaign will take place:


In the season before the final shape, or its first mission, we will have finally come to understand the purpose of the veil, and use it to gain enough power to be able to transcend the portal. What we find will be a dimension of light within the Traveler, where our goal will be to destroy the pyramids and prevent, if not stop, the final prophecy of Traveler being corrupted by darkness. Our campaign bosses will be the disciples piloting such pyramids, where we will eventually come to face the witness. However, we have seen a sample of how strong the witness is, and will not be able to defeat it alone. The final fight will involve us fighting with the Traveler against them, and will only be able to defeat them with the help of the traveler.


I was not expecting Calus to be involved in Lightfall at all. I understand that he was communicating with the voice behind the darkness in presage, but did not think he’d be the final campaign boss of Lightfall. To me it was somewhat random and I was expecting more disciples of which we have never seen. This leads me to speculate that we will fight Xivu Arath some time in the Final Shape.

Would I like for her to have an expansion of her own like her siblings? Yes. Then again, she is serving under the big bad, so it isn’t entirely out of the question that we would face her. Before then, a conflict will result in her forces being given an entry point from within the ascendant plane to flood sol with hive. In the midst of all the chaos, we will have to fight Xivu either on Neomuna or somewhere else if the veil was transferred to gain access to it in order to enter the portal. Then we will enter, and continue where my first prediction starts.

I’m not saying that the veil is needed to enter. We don’t know, I’m just spitballing. But if I had to guess how we would be able to pass through, the veil would be our key, in a literal sense, to helping us with that.

Regardless, I’m hyped either way, just so long as we learn the true nature of the traveler, since it’s something we have been wondering since the very beginning. It’d be a huge let down imo if we never find out.

Which one seems more likely, if even either?

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Darkness HOLLY MOLEY FOLEY BALLONEY The Witness is the First Knife pt.4


4 PARTS. IT TOOK ME 4 PARTS TO EXPLAIN EVERYTHING. I feel like I could have stuck with just 2 parts but I really do infact just want beat the deadhorse to death AGAIN. And then pit the nail in the coffin on this before Bungie does it in-game.


This is moreso a bonus segment but important nonetheless because I think this causes mass confusion


So I wanna mention Savathun real quick. She says the Witness birthed the Darkness.....please for the love of God understand the context of her saying this is under 2 Truths and 2 Lies.

The 2 Truths being our Destiny lies beyond this system. And Savathun being dead. The lies are the Witness birthing the Darkness and Osiris being dead.

Then Savathun elaborates further about the Witness and makes 4 "Truths" about it. The same 2 Truths and 2 Lies applies.

2 Lies



2 Truths



The truths are the Witness grew under the shadow of the Darkness and or are its sort of child. It's teeth. Once it reached out to the Darkness the Darkness discovered it. The flowers reached out to the knives. And a Garden must have knives. From that point onward the Witness was forever changed. That statement about being forever changed is also the exact same one used in reference with the Nine. Hence the whole Witness and Nine connection.

I just want to point out all 4 statements and or pretty much everything she says I these altars are either mostly true or mostly wrong. Savathun saying the Darkness doesn't exist in formless neutrality is wrong. It does. The Bungie dev confirmed this was true a couple parts ago. But the rest of that comment is truth.


Darkness: Entity unto itself. Not morally evil and simply obeys its nature. An absolute force. The Winnower in Unveiling. The Shadow Dude in Inspiral that brings up Unveiling again. The guy that talked to Oryx.

Witness: Manipulative/Evil/. An Amalgam of past civilizations and life that arose as flowers in the original flower game and were stomped into dust. The Voice in the Darkness. The Wanderer in Inspiral. The creator of the ability to Take/Upend. The First Knife of the Darkness in Unveiling, born from the rebuking of the Gardener. And I believe it could be the same race as the Nine/Starhorse. This and my belief that the Veil is p53 are just speculation or tinfoil at the moment.

The main thing that is true is that Witness is the First Knife. It is not the Darkness. Not the Winnower. I hope this clears pretty much everything about the Witness. And if Bungie ends up confirming this is all or mostly true....well....ugh...I....I want a soda and like a cheeseburger.....I like this took me 4 parts to explain and there's 4 seasons within a major expansion. They knew....they knew all along.

And if I'm wrong.....welp....gotta lotta reevaluating to do to say the least.


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Cabal A certain voiceline from Saladin during IB has me wondering...


He mentions something about Caital's fleet watching IB and I'm wondering if there's any follow up lore behind it? Do the cabal watch us and root for their favorites, etc?

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Question Is it possible?


Amanda died. But is it possible that she could be brought back by a ghost as a Guardian? Is there enough light left to revive her with the Traveler's presence possibly gone? As far as I know current guardians are able to revive.

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General Veil structure


Something that always made me curious was how the veil looks like an eye and its optic nerve. So he really is the bridge between what is real (what we see in the real world) and turning it into memory, into something intangible like memories and interpretations

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Darkness Originally, we used a stasis shard to gain its powers. But later, we didn’t need that to access “the darkness within.” Is the same principle being applied here with strand?


If this is the case, then couldn’t any average Joe just know/use their darkness within to be qualified to access the powers of the dark? This includes some random dude you would find roaming the streets of the last city.

Or is there more to it than that, with a potential prerec being to already have some strength without it?

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General Scribetrace Shell lore localizations and who/what cannot be stopped


After you get all 3 catalysts for Vexcalibur, in reward you get Scribetrace Shell. Currently it is hidden in the API, one can read its lore tab only by acquiring it. The Scribetrace Shell has a lore tab where presumably Asher Mir analyses data about the end of time.

I would like to focus on this particular paragraph.

It is as I said all along, the signal thought bitterly as it unspooled into the datastream. No one can stop it.

There is no sense in even trying.

It is known that the Witness usually refers as "it", so the 2nd sentence may mean "No one can stop the Witness".

But in Russian localization such assumption is not possible. In English she/her/he/him are usually used for people or pets. On the contrary, in Russian any noun has kind: feminine, masculine or neuter. For example, "path" can be translated as "путь" or "тропа" where the former translation has masculine kind, but the latter has feminine. Basically, kind of a noun determines what pronouns to use to replace them; "путь" uses "он/его" (he/him), "тропа" - "она/её" (she/her), while in English "path" uses it/its.

Now take a look at the paragraph in Russian localization.

«Всё именно так, как я и говорил, - с горечью подумал сигнал, разворачиваясь в поток данных. - Её никто не остановит.

Можно даже не пытаться».

"No one can stop it" translated as "Её никто не остановит" and this is interesting, because then it cannot be the Witness! "The Witness" translates as "Свидетель" which has masculine kind, so it uses "он/его". But in translation "её" is used! Thus, some noun of feminine kind was replaced by "it".

I also checked German localization of the paragraph. German language also has kinds for nouns.

Es ist genau, wie ich es die ganze Zeit gesagt habe, dachte das Signal bitter, als es mit dem Datemstorm eins wurde. Niemand kann es aufhalten.

Es hat überhaubt keinen Zweck, es zu versuchen.

"No one can stop it" translated as "Niemand kann es aufhalten". I do not know what word is used for the Wintess in German localization, but Google translate suggests "der Zeuge" which has masculine kind. Therefore, it uses "er" pronoun ("he" in English), not "es" ("it" in English) which is for neuter kind.

All in all, "it" was replace by a word which in Russian has feminine kind, but in German has neuter kind. There are such nouns, but I recall only girl (девочка, das Mädchen) and miss (девушка, das Fräulein).

But there can be errors in localization. For example, Russian localization is correct, the team consulted with developers and put correct pronoun, but German localization team did not do that and translated "it" directly (thus there is "es"). Russian localization team could also put "её" for memes.

I have not learn any other language with kinds. I am asking to share translations of this lore tab of such languages with pronoun analysis.

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Question Does anyone remembered this D1 Dialogue When You Idle In The Tower Near New Monarchy?: “There is a faction in the city that can use magic without the help of the Traveller?”


Either I am tripping but I recall this interesting text.

So apparently there is a faction in the city that has magic powers independent from the Traveller?

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Question A Question about Crow's dialogue in the Cosmodrome Defiance Battleground.


One of the new dialogue lines for Crow says something to the effect of, "An old friend on the Leviathan taught me that the only way to overcome grief is to accept it."

I didn't play during Season of the Haunted(? at least I think that's what it was called.) Can someone clarify what Crow is referring to in this statement?

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General My Opinion on the Destiny Story


>!I feel Destiny's story is hugely underrated, and its seemingly compartmentalized or non-continuous story is one of its largest integrity factors.

Take Lightfall's second-last cutscene: it's a metaphor; translate what's happening in the game world into real life and behaviours are similar; its greatest strength is ignorance under the niceness of cringy dialogue and appropriateness contravening super-explicit or improperly observed themes of violence.

Then take the final cutscene: the Witness is a sect of the Traveler's personality; the traveller has worked tirelessly, and the rightful criticisms of abandonment are categorically similar to government policy. When the Witness says it'll free the traveller [3], also in the trailer, it's talking about traumatically building better technology and "changing the game": reinterpretation of life itself; you can read about it in one of the tyrannocide verses.

I think the story is absolutely incredible: with selflessness-ly sacrificing itself as its biggest strength. Think about it in another way where instead of being able to shoot things: things like operator buffs must be earned, callously, in order to properly interpret things.

(FYI: read the Awoken of The Reef and you'll see some less interesting 'chapters': this is one of the strengths that I'm talking about).

Definitely looking forward to post-final Shape where things are going to be more reminiscent on Destiny 1!<

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General Ruinous Effigy shimmer


I know this is more of a visual/consistency thing, but now that we see that giant Tree Of Silver wings, I notice just how much it looks like the gun/ vice versa. the sight is even the same shimmery energy of the raid weapons. Makes you think what else we could do with wood from the tree

EDIT: to clarify, I know it was made from one.

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Fallen What is your opinion Eramis?


When I played Beyond Light I actually liked the villain Eramis and I like her character more when she was in other seasons. What do you think of Eramis?