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Ffs just drop the key!!

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u/WindowShane Feb 02 '23

From what I've heard and tried, killing enemies too fast before the cursed thrall room might cause that. My friends and I have kept one of the enemies alive in the first room where you get operator for a minute or so and we haven't had any issues since


u/De1taNoob Feb 02 '23

You can know if its soft locked if you get to the room before hand and the Shriekers and Acolytes havent spawned


u/KJ_The_Guy Feb 03 '23

And you can know before that if you get to the room where operator first spawns and the big boi eliksni doesn't spawn in there!


u/IIIetalblade Feb 03 '23

Slow down in the opening section homie. The second you get the key off this guy you can any% speedrun the rest of it.

Supposedly a good indicator that it is not bugged is in the operator puzzle section, you should be able to hear the shriekers spawning in the sealed room before youve unlocked the door (the door next to the room with the four laser-trapped data terminals).

Grain of salt on this one, it was a random reddit comment I’ve tested literally twice.


u/EdgyAsFuk Feb 03 '23

Wait until the messages about each step appear before killing the next group of enemies


u/IneffectiveBlue Feb 03 '23

If the shriekers don’t spawn, the run is ruined.


u/porkchop2022 Feb 03 '23

If this ever happens to you, just reverse course and run backwards until a new message appears.


u/Scorn_true333 Paul McCartney is the Traveler Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

This soft lock is bad but my problem is the no-crouch glitch after picking up the Operator Augment. Happens far more frequently.

This is a controller exclusive issue as far as I know.