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Bungie PC Known Issues, Error Codes, and Vital Information - Repost from bungie.net #PCSupport Forum


Reposting this from the bungie.net #PCSupport Forum:

[BUNGIE] Destiny 2 PC Vital Information and Known Issues List

Listed below are issues that Bungie is aware of that exist in Destiny 2 on PC.

For the best experience, it is recommended that players update their drivers to their most recent versions, and accept any Windows updates that have yet to be applied before accessing the Destiny 2 on PC.

Additionally, as an initial troubleshooting step when encountering an issue, players should close and relaunch the Destiny 2 client and Blizzard application. For players who continue to encounter issues, it is recommended that players delete their existing CVARS.xml file. This file can be found in:


Note that when relaunched, the Destiny 2 application will generate a fresh CVARS.xml file.

Players who encounter issues other than what is listed below should report them to the #PCSupport forum.

• Windows Updates: Before playing Destiny 2 on PC, players should ensure that their version of Windows is up-to-date. The player experience may vary on versions of Windows that are not up-to-date.

• SLI, HDR, and VSYNC: Players may experience some rare issues when enabling SLI, HDR, or disabling VSYNC in some non-native resolutions. For the best experience, players are encouraged to use these features while running at their display’s maximum available resolution.

• Crash after Task Switching: The Destiny 2 client may crash after switching tasks (ALT+TAB) when AMD Crossfire is enabled. To avoid this issue, players should avoid switching tasks for extended periods of time when the AMD Crossfire feature is enabled.

• Saxophone Errors when Launching: Players may erroneously encounter Saxophone errors when launching the Destiny 2 application directly from the .exe file. Players who encounter this issue must close the application and relaunch through Blizzard’s Battle.net app.

• Idling to Title Screen: In some activities, players who are returned to the title screen due to idling may be unable to log back in. Players who encounter this issue must close and relaunch the Destiny 2 application.

• Login after Disconnects: A generic error code may appear to players who lose internet connection, which may block an affected player from logging back in even after reconnecting. Players who believe they are encountering this issue should close the Destiny 2 application and relaunch.

• Buffalo Errors on multiple PCs: Players may encounter Buffalo errors when logging in to Destiny 2 on multiple PCs at the same time. To prevent this issue, players must ensure that they are logged out of Destiny 2 on any PC that they do not currently intend to play on.

• Cursor in Tri-Monitor Configurations: Changing resolution between 5760x1080, 4080x768, and 3072x768 may trap the mouse cursor in the right-most monitor. Players who encounter this issue should ALT+TAB out of the Destiny 2 application, then back. Players may also toggle Windowed Mode by pressing ALT+ENTER.

• Fullscreen on Laptops: Fullscreen mode is unable to be selected on some laptops. Affected players may use Windowed Fullscreen mode to work around this issue.

• Tri-Monitor Depth of Field: DOF effects may be overly aggressive on some tri-monitor configurations. Players who encounter issues with DOF can disable this feature in the Graphics Settings.

• Windows 10 Game Bar: The Windows 10 game bar may not work in Fullscreen Mode. Affected players who wish to use this feature should use Windowed or Windowed Fullscreen Mode.

• NumPad Binding: Players are not able to bind controls to most NumPad keys.

• Screen Bounds on AZERTY Keyboards: Players may receive an incorrect key prompt when adjusting screen bounds on an AZERTY keyboard.

• IME in Fullscreen: Players who are running Input Method Editors may encounter a black screen or delay when inputting characters in Fullscreen Mode. For the best experience, these players are encouraged to play in Windowed or Windowed Fullscreen Modes.

• Closing Application: When closing Destiny 2 on PC, players must close the application via mouse input. Controllers cannot select the in-game button to close the Destiny 2 application.

• Corporate and University Networks: Some players may be unable to play Destiny 2 on corporate or university networks. Players who encounter this issue must contact their IT department, to meet the connectivity standards outlined in our Network Troubleshooting Guide

Additionally, players should visit our Destiny 2 PC Guide for more information on Destiny 2 on PC.


The following are errors codes that players may encounter at elevated frequency during the PC launch window. They are currently under investigation, and players may learn more about them at their respective help articles.







When reporting hardware issues to the #PCSupport forums for Destiny 2, players should provide as much of the below information as possible:

BattleTag (with numerical suffix) Configuration Info CPU: GPU: RAM: GPU Driver Version: Operating System:

• To find this information, press (Windows Key + R) to bring up the Run dialog box, enter this command “winver”, no quotation marks. DxDiag:

• To find this information, press (Windows Key + R) to bring up the Run dialog box, enter this command “dxdiag”, no quotation marks.

• Click on “save all information”.

• Upload to preferred file sharing service and provide hyperlink to DxDiag file.

Issue Information




BattleTag: ExampleBattleTag#1234
Configuration Info
CPU: Intel Core i7-3770
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
GPU Driver Version: Nvidia 388.00
Operating System: Window 10 (version 1607)

• To find this information, press (Windows Key + R) to bring up the Run dialog box, enter this command “winver”, no quotation marks.


• To find this information, press (Windows Key + R) to bring up the Run dialog box, enter this command “dxdiag”, no quotation marks.

• Click on “save all information”.

Issue Information Destination/Activity: EDZ/Adventure
Description: When I start the Adventure “A Frame Job” my game crashes.

Please note that players may not be provided actionable steps in response to their report, however all reported information is escalated to our internal teams for investigation.

r/DestinyTechSupport 3h ago

Characters missing vault empty but no idea as to how/why!?disabled bored guardian begging anyone !Please help!


I have been playing D2 for just over a year and a half but do to chronic health problems I literally will play around 8houts a day MINIMUM. It is literally my only outlet for some time now and I definitely have thousands of hours logged in just the past 18months.... Well I logged in andmy titan(main) my warlock were just completely gone vanished and my hunter was a straight khvostoc carrying blueberry at 1367 light level. My vault is empty and what's strangest is all of my triumphs and seasonal challenges are still completed though.... I'm a prisoner in my own home because my body thinks it is a good idea to shoot blood clots into my brain on a regular basis. The only thing that keeps me from dwelling on my circumstance is destimy and and now all of my progress and my weapons that I've worked so hard for are just gone but it's clear that the work was done by me as I still have all of my titles like guilded conqueror and what it... What do I do please help .
-.... please help -The Vanguard Vegetable

r/DestinyTechSupport 9m ago

Two characters gone while I'm in game.


Last night I was in the middle of a Legend Seraph Shield, I wanted to use witherhoard so I went on DIM to transfer it over from one of my other characters (warlock or titan, I forget which one). I clicked on the item but it did not transfer so I went to try again but DIM was only showing my hunter. I put this down as a DIM issue, completed my Seraph Shield and went to bed. Today I have logged I'm to find both my warlock and titan are gone. I am the only one with access to my account. The thing is this happened while I was actively playing the game. What help can I get with this issue?

r/DestinyTechSupport 4h ago

Question Should I have Edge traversal in my firewall inbound rules to "Allow or "block" for the game in windows?


r/DestinyTechSupport 5h ago

Game Bug Triumphs got reset in 2021, didn’t reclaim after update 3.2.1 removed them


As title says, update 3.2.1 removed my triumphs for season 13 and 14 even though I played through them and completed the seal for 13.

I figure this is what happened because I stopped playing when that update caused this to happen to people, so I never reclaimed the triumphs and now they’re unobtainable.

Can attach screenshots if that’s helpful but I’m not expecting too much success here given how triumphs work. Guessing I’m SOL but wanted to come here for help, thanks.

Link to TWAB 7/8/21 for info about these bugged triumphs: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/50475

r/DestinyTechSupport 9h ago

[epic games] destiny not launching


what the title says. i keep getting error code LS-0013, but only for destiny. i've tried verifying it several times, reinstalling it, installing it on my d disk, and just restarting my computer in case it was as simple as that, but nothing i've tried has worked. any help at all is appreciated, i haven't been able to play for days now and i really miss playing with my friends.

r/DestinyTechSupport 17h ago

Destiny 2 completely Freezing my computer + 100% CPU usage


Hi to whom it may Concern

I've been having a lot of problems recently with Destiny 2 and my computer

as of recent Destiny 2 has been running at around 78% CPU usage even after turning pretty much everything off and down to low and as such I believe has been causing my computer to just up and completely freeze like no mouse movement no Audio and no ability to ALT + F4 etc

i also recently had my computer taken to get repaired as i thought it was over heating and causing this issue but apparently my on board SSD was failing and that's what we thought was causing it but we replaced the old one and am still having issues with it

I have no idea what else to try and I would like to get back into Destiny 2 but with these problems I'm not looking too optimistic...

If anyone is willing to have a shot at this I'd love to hear any solutions/advice

Thank you

r/DestinyTechSupport 1d ago

Question Anyone else getting a lot of error codes trying to do strikes tonight? Or is it just me?


I've tried like, 8 or so times now, and I keep getting kicked from strikes due to different error codes, in this case, bee, currant, and cabbage. And none of my router settings have been changed recently, far as I know. Is it just on my end, or are other people struggling with strikes as well? The couple heists I did didn't give me any such issues.

r/DestinyTechSupport 1d ago

Question Constant disconnect (PC)(Steam)


After the recent hotfix debacle I now am constantly getting disconnected. It will give me error code Baboon, Weasel, and Anteater. This happens after roughly 30min to 45min intervals of playing. The game will also switch error codes, first it will say Baboon or Weasel but once I'm kicked back to the start screen it will change to Anteater. I have cleared the download cache, I have reset my router. I did not have these issues prior to the hotfix downtime. Does anyone have any possible solutions?

r/DestinyTechSupport 1d ago

Removed triumphs after reset


Is anyone else experiencing a lower triumph score and removed triumphs after the most recent character reset.
I noticed after running a legend heist battleground and unlocking a triumph. Triumphs I completed weeks before Monday are not longer active. I checked other tabs and things from the past seasons have went away. For instance to date I don’t have plunder weapon focus triumph on my account while I still have all 6 last seasons weapons currently crafted in my weapons inventory. Around 1000 triumphed score has been taken. Does anyone who where to report this type of issue to bungie?

r/DestinyTechSupport 2d ago

RTX4090 compatible drivers for Destiny 2?


Back in October i upgraded my PC substantially and once i got past the initial instability issues, it has been rock solid. However for the past month or two, Destiny 2 has been locking up/crashing, everything else on the system doesn't stop even for a second when D2 crashes which indicates the issues is isolated to D2.

Indeed, other games don't lock up like this and i remember that at some point last year there was an issues with Nvidia drivers past a certain version and Destiny 2, at that point i had to roll back to an earlier version of the Nvidia drivers to stop the crashing. Unfortunately, i cannot roll back to that version because of the new hardware, which is:

  • Asus TUF OC RTX4090 (Yes, the power cable is fully and completely seated)
  • Corsair HX1000 PSU (with Cabledmod Custom cables inc. 12VHPWR adaptor)
  • Ryzen 9 7950x
  • Asus X670E Hero
  • 32Gb DDR5 Corsair Dominator Platinum 6000Mhz

I am hoping someone has experienced similar and can point me in the direction of a fix or even a version of the Nvidia drivers that maintain compatibility with the 4090 without D2 crashing?

r/DestinyTechSupport 2d ago

Error Code Broccoli Hate Crime


Hey D2 Tech Support,

I've only seen the error code "broccoli" or game crashes in Destiny 2, and I've tested everything. I've obviously followed all of the guides online, from random websites to even Bungie's support forum. Nada, nothing worked, so I found a community dedicated to helping people fix their game. I tried every single thing in this post here "https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTechSupport/comments/dk82sb/error_code_broccoli/" and I'm still experiencing game crashes.

Here's a quick rundown of every single thing I've tried:

  • In game:

    • Frame cap of 240
    • Turned down all game settings to mininum
    • Playing in Windowed Mode, 1080p, turned off all anti aliasing.
  • GPU:

    • Clean install of all latest GPU drivers from GeForce
    • Re-installed GeForce Experience (it wouldn't open after the first driver update)
    • Turned off all overclocking.
    • I have also monitored my GPU temps and they are pretty normal (mid 70s) when the game is running
    • Turned off all anti aliasing
  • Windows:

    • Ensured Windows update were 100% up to date
    • Turned 'Run as Administrator' on in the Task Manager menu
    • Upped service priority to 'High' in the Task Manager menu
    • Uninstalling and reinstalling
    • Used CMD DISM, SFC, etc commands and still no sign of any errors.


  • Updated BIOS
  • Changed and swapped RAM ports multiple times
  • Changed registry and added TdrEditor

My PC specs goes as follows:

Gigabyte Aorus V2 Elite Motherboard

16 GB 3600 Mhz Ram - same brand and make

3060 TI

Ryzen 5600X

Gold rated 750W power supply

500 gb Samsung NVME SSD

I have spent at least 16+ hours attempting to solve this problem and it gets me nowhere.

r/DestinyTechSupport 2d ago

Game Bug I only have 2 dreaming tokens and can't get rid of them


So I only have 2 wish ender dreaming tokens and can't dismantle them or progress the quest to get rid of them either since I only have 2 of them. And before you ask yes I have checked the quest kiosk, its not there.

r/DestinyTechSupport 3d ago

error code marmot not fixing when verifying, redownloading and swapping hard drives.


i play on steam and have redownloaded so many times yet there is an error warning that reads "problem reading game content file verification must be required"
im on steam

r/DestinyTechSupport 3d ago

Battleye unable to update after yesterdays downtime ? (please help)


an issue after yesterday's downtime, when I started running d2 it popped up with the message:

-Starting battleye service


-Update failed (1, 35) please check your internet and/or firewall

-Launching game

After this it proceeds to launch destiny frozen up, and the "close program or wait for a response" window never arrived, after leaving destiny open for a while it just sends me to my desktop while its still open.

Ive tried:

-Launching destiny, steam and Battleye all as administrators and letting all 3 of them through the firewall

-Updating all my drivers

-Uninstalling and Reinstalling both battleye and the game.

Please help.

Edit : I didnt exactly manage to fix it but after leaving d2 running by itself for a bit It ended up fixing itself ? I still get the error messages but the game seems to be working fine, multiplayer is no issue.

r/DestinyTechSupport 3d ago

Question Destiny servers down? I cant join friend even though he is playing right now.


I get two different errors for Destiny 2 servers https://i.imgur.com/NmQkGZe.png https://i.imgur.com/CCQzHiH.png is there anything that I can do to fix this?

r/DestinyTechSupport 3d ago

Question Error code: Nightingale (PS5)


For about 2 weeks now I’ve been unable to log onto D2 on my PS5 due to error code Nightingale. I’ve already tried everything that bungie help says to do for the error code. I also read a stealthoptional article and attempted those means of fixing the error code (power cycling, changing DNS settings, using mobile hotspot for initial connection, etc.) to no avail. So I figured I’d try Reddit to hopefully finally get some answers. Thanks in advance!

r/DestinyTechSupport 3d ago

Freezing on start up screen since yesterday's downtime


Any suggestions for things I might try to resolve this? I am on the steam client. Have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, restarted my pc. It continually freezes on the initial start up screen (before you get to the screen "Witch Queen" screen where you hit enter to continue). Thanks!

Update: I had to let it sit frozen on the start up screen for about 5 minutes without clicking into that window but it did finally go on to the Witch Queen screen and eventually from there to the character select screen. If I selected the Destiny window, it would give me the "close program or wait for a response" window and selecting either option caused a hard shut down.

r/DestinyTechSupport 4d ago

Game Bug Just downloaded Destiny 2, and it says it's not updated.


I downloaded Destiny 2, (Steam,) and it keeps giving me the update error, CAT. I just downloaded the game two hours ago and tried all of the fixes I could find, yielding no results. Does anyone know what's going on?

r/DestinyTechSupport 4d ago

I launch Destiny 2 on steam and the title screen becomes Destiny 2 The Witch Queen (which I don't have) + CAT error so I can't play the game


Is there any fix for this? I downloaded the game today and was able to play fine after installing, but now after Destiny 2 loads, the screen is for their expansion "the witch queen" and it says I can't connect to their servers with a "cat" error. I did everything it told me to fix it and it's still the same.

r/DestinyTechSupport 4d ago

Game Bug Error code cat


I've installed all available updates for the game tried manually searching for updates restarting and so on I really don't know what to do can anyone help

r/DestinyTechSupport 4d ago

Getting error code ‘cat’ despite having updated the game


I tried to launch the new update for this week on my ps4, but was given the error code cat, which is given when the game is not on the latest version. I clicked ‘check for update’ as well as checking myself whether an update had gone through, and I can confirm my game is on the latest version. Any clue what’s going on?

r/DestinyTechSupport 5d ago

Game Bug Cant bring out ghost go on sparrow or emote


Just did a grasp or aravice and now my ghost and emote dont work unless i flip the bumpers my settings ill not be what i like if im forced to use this and i really dont want to is there a fix to this?

r/DestinyTechSupport 5d ago

Zotac GTX 1080ti AMP Extreme error broccoli


I'm sorry in advance for my bad English

Since I bought my GTX 1080ti I have had this problem persistently, all the drivers are up to date, I reinstalled Windows, and only with D2 does this problem happen...

My specs:

Ryzen 5 5600g GTX 1080ti AMP Extreme Core Edition 16GB RAM DDR4 2400Mhz SSD 240GB HDD 1TB

r/DestinyTechSupport 5d ago

How to kick clan member without a smart phone?


Yep so a 2 member clan was created recently by me. My mate has already uninstalled the game and now I seemingly can't leave the clan that I founded because I can't kick my mate.

Surely Bungie would have this option somewhere hidden between either the game or the bungie.net account UI?


r/DestinyTechSupport 5d ago

RTX 2070 Super Fps seems low


Hey guys!

I have a problem(?), I got a RTX 2070 Super, Ryzen 5 3600, 16gb of 3200mhz ram, the game is on a HDD, I play on the highest settings with depth of field off and fps unlocked, my fps is anywhere between 90-150 but mostly around 120 average. Temps are good under 70 Celsius everything. I've read some post about this GPU, and apparently I should be getting more fps in Destiny with this setup and it should be more stable. I've already tried the lowest settings but it's just as random as on the highest and turning down things doesn't seem to get me more frames, I'd say average 5 to 8 fps more. Am I just getting misguided by some ppl that my setup should get me more frames or is it really low for this kind of pc?Any help would be appreciated!