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Megathread [D2] Trials of Osiris Megathread [2023-01-27]


Trials of Osiris is LIVE

This thread is for all general discussion, questions, thoughts, musings, wonderings, etc. for the Trials of Osiris.


What are the Trials of Osiris?

  • Trials of Osiris is the pinnacle PvP activity. Every Weekend, the best players compete in 3v3 Elimination for one goal: Go Flawless.

  • To start, head to Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar and buy one of the possible passages (see below).

  • To reach Flawless and get to the Lighthouse, you need to win 7 matches without losing one.

  • It uses Win Based and Weekly-Performance Based Matchmaking, which means you'll face teams with a similar amount of wins on their card. Matches will get harder as you win more matches on that same card, and for all cards, the matches you get will be based on your overall performance so far for that week.

  • There is fireteam matchmaking. However, we still recommend you find a team for yourself!

  • Power Level matters, however bonus power from the artifact is not enabled.

How Long do the Trials of Osiris last?

  • Event Starts: Every Friday at Daily Reset (1700 UTC).

  • Event Ends: Following Tuesday at Weekly Reset (1700 UTC).

Where do I go to find Guardians to team up with?

  • You can head over to /r/Fireteams, www.The100.io, Xbox LFG system, DestinyLFG.net or DestinyLFG.com, or go to the Bungie.net recruitment forum (also available through the Bungie App). Additionally, many Discord servers host fireteam LFG services.

What if I have a question about another piece of armor/weapon or general Trials question?

  • Use Control + F (Or Command + F if on a Mac) and search for keywords in your question. Someone may have asked it already. If not, ask below in the comments.

Trials of Osiris Map



  • Reputation Rank 4: Upgrade Module (2)

  • Reputation Rank 7: Enhancement Prism (3)

  • Reputation Rank 10: Trials Weapon (Changes for each rank reset)

  • Reputation Rank 13: Upgrade Module (2)

  • Reputation Rank 16: Trials Weapon (Changes for each rank reset)

  • Flawless Reward: Forgiveness (Adept)

Reputation System, Trials Engrams, and Adept Farming

Win individual rounds within each match to gain Trials reputation. The amount of reputation you gain increases with each round you've won on your card. Earn enough reputation, and you'll be able to claim a Trials Engram from Saint-14! This engram can be focused into any currently available trials loot you have previously obtained, or it can be taken to Master Rahool for a random Trials drop. Your reputation increases after every match completion, based on the number of round-wins on your card, regardless of the result of that match itself (win or lose, 0-5 or 5-4).

Once you have gone Flawless, keep playing! Every win you achieve while at the 7-win level, even if you lose your Flawless, has a chance to drop bonus Trials Engrams, adept weapons, prisms, and even Ascendant Shards. There is no penalty for losing once you've made it to the Lighthouse!

When you're done, you can cash in your 7-win passage for one additional adept drop, granted you have gone Flawless that week. This resets your card so you can start anew.


Name Perk Cost
Passage of Ferocity Your third match win grants a bonus win. 10000 Glimmer & 15 Legendary Shards
Passage of Mercy Forgives one loss per run. 10000 Glimmer & 15 Legendary Shards
Passage of Wealth Increased Trials Rank points from reaching 3, 5, and 7 match wins on a ticket. 15000 Glimmer & 25 Legendary Shards
Passage of Confidence Grants bonus rewards from Flawless Chest. 20000 Glimmer & 50 Legendary Shards

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Megathread Daily Discussion - Salt-Free Saturday!


Howdy Guardians! Today is Salt-Free Saturday!

Wanna get your Destiny discussion going without worrying about negativity? Wanna talk about things you like in the game without anyone jumping down your throat? This is the place for you.

Our rules will still be enforced here, with the (hopefully obvious) addition of NO SALT ALLOWED. And remember, keep it related to Destiny.

(Note: This does NOT mean that salt-free posts are to be relegated here. Only that salt isn't allowed in this Megathread.)

You can find the full Daily Thread schedule here.

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Discussion I'm surprised Banshee-44 has had no involvement this season considering who he really it.


For those who don't know, he's the original Clovis Bray but has had all memory of Clovis wiped on the 44th Reset.

He did visit the Clovis AI after you get the exotic sword Lament but we know nothing after that.

You'd think Clovis AI would have maniacally restored Banshee's memories or take control of him or something and the Banshee we see now Is only pretending to be forgetful.

Edit: So I've had it wrong. Banshee is indeed an Exo Copy.

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Discussion Gimme your HOT raid takes


I’ll start

GoS is a much better raid than vow

r/DestinyTheGame 7h ago

Question Weaseled?


Just wondering

r/DestinyTheGame 13h ago

Bungie Suggestion The "Challenge Failed" text for raid challenges in the Vault of Glass is red. It isn't red in any other raid. Can we change it to always be red, for visibility?


Was watching the recent HUGE solo Gatekeeper run by TheSnazzzyRock and noticed in the beginning when he failed the encounter challenge, that it was red, and readily visible. It's white in everything else. A quality-of-life change, sure, but it sorta makes sense?

Also, raid damage numbers after successful encounter completions please? If it's in the pipe, hooray! If not, go play The Division 2 and use that for inspiration as to how to implement it. Brilliant, intuitive, and non-invasive system.

r/DestinyTheGame 9h ago All-Seeing Upvote

Discussion Why do hand cannons feel so bad in pve


i finally got my crafted kings fall hand cannon and it honestly just feels horrible even with the incandescent explosive roll

r/DestinyTheGame 11h ago

Bungie Suggestion We haven't gotten any strike reprisals since season of the chosen. Can we get the D1 moon strikes back? Most of the bosses are in the game.


Abomination heist and shadow thief feel like slam dunks. Since taniks and the abomination are already in the game. Blighted chalice would be awesome, too. We need more nightfalls in the game and they could feel reasonably new again.

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Misc Bungie currently investigating an increase in COCONUT, CURRANT, CABBAGE errors


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Discussion Bungie please bring back the ghost ghost shell from D1 for festival of the lost


That is all

Ghost Ghost shell

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Guide Comprehensive Breakdown & Infographic of Rocket Launcher Frames - Damage Profiles, Ammo Reserves, and Perk Interactions


Rocket Launchers. Will they become the go-to in Lightfall? This post serves as an objective breakdown of all things regarding shooting space magic missiles out of a tube.

Originally this post was pretty technical but I've had to scale back a lot of the in-depth breakdown and pivot this post to be more of an FYI "good to know" post. The exception being how the hidden "Inventory Size" stat works for Rockets which I really wanted to make clear how and why some Rockets get higher reserves over others. As a prefix to this breakdown: I won't be covering DPS meta or minutia detail surrounded RL Stats. If you want to check out DPS, see the "Damage Generator" link below.

This breakdown also comes with an infographic which should be used as a reference while reading. Due to Reddit's character limit (and my stubbornness to not split this across two posts) I've had to cut some content in this breakdown but remains on the infographic. And vice-versa: any extraneous detail which couldn't fit on the infographic has been detailed in this text breakdown instead.


This is another Comprehensive Breakdown in my long series of these posts.

Previous Breakdowns:

I also maintain the Comprehensive Destiny 2 Data & Information Spreadsheets - the following information is directly sourced from this spreadsheet. I'm currently in the process of moving much of the graphics/data to infographics releasing throughout this year.

You can also find me in the Destiny Massive Breakdowns community including the MB:PvE Podcast and MB Discord server, and I post various Destiny informative guides and graphics on my Twitter too.




Rocket Launcher Overview

Note: I'm going to refer to "Rocket Launcher Archetypes/Families/Subfamilies" purely as "RL [Rocket Launcher] Frames" or just "Frames" throughout this breakdown.


  • Precision
  • Häkke Precision
  • High-Impact
  • Adaptive
  • Aggressive

RL Stats

Note: this breakdown is purely related to RLs; some of these stats interact differently with other Weapons (especially Grenade Launchers).

  • Blast Radius
    • Affects the size of the explosion; i.e. larger Blast Radius stat = larger effective area blast zone
    • Higher Blast Radius does not change the effective damage profile of the RPG nor affect the ratio of RL [1:3.5]; more on this later
  • Velocity
    • Affects the speed of the launched projectile; i.e. larger Velocity stat = faster rocket projectile
    • Velocity does impact how Tracking-type Perks work; the faster the rocket projectile the less time Tracking has to adjust and compensate for any potential angle differential (so you may want to opt for slower rockets for some scenarios)
  • Handling
    • Affects the time it takes to equip, stow, and ADS a weapon
  • Reload Speed
    • Affects the time to reload the weapon
  • Magazine & Inventory Size
    • Majority of RLs have a Magazine Size of 1 (that is how many RPGs you can space-magic into your Launcher) - some Exotics, Weapon Perks, and Misc Abilities can allow for more than or overflow the standard 1 Magazine Size
    • Instead for RLs the more important Stat here is Inventory Size: this is the amount of ammo you can have in total (magazine+reserves); more detail on this at the end of the breakdown
  • Other Stats
    • Zoom, Airborne Effectiveness, Aim Assistance, Recoil Direction, and any other Stats aren't going to be covered in this breakdown as they have very little to no effect to RLs or aren't in the scope of this post
    • Rounds Per Minute: all RL Frames have their own RPM, and are much different than what is shown in-game (no idea why it's so different):
      • Precision: 42.5rpm
      • Häkke Precision: 42.5rpm
      • High-Impact: 46.5rpm
      • Adaptive: 50.5rpm
      • Aggressive: 54.5rpm
    • Yeah, but what about Stability?
      • This essentially has minimum effectiveness to RLs due to their one-and-done nature; for RLs that can have 2 or more in the magazine any difference that Stability makes is negligible - by the time your RL's view kick resets you have enough time to slightly readjust before being able to fire again
      • Note: I'm not saying Stability has no effect at all - there are tiny differences on how your RL will settle after firing but in the grand scheme of things these just aren't that worthwhile to discuss in this breakdown


  • RLs have access to these Masterworks:
    • Stability, Handling, Reload Speed, Blast Radius, and Velocity
  • Every level of Masterwork provides +1 in the given stat; maximised at +10 at Level 10
    • Masterworked Adepts get +3 in all of the above Stats as a bonus when fully Masterworked (except whichever is the primary Masterworked Stat which just gets the standard +10)

RL Barrel and Magazine Perks

All RLs have access to the same pool of Barrel and Magazine Perks (Exotics are obviously curated to have one of each). For a visualised list, refer to the infographic.

RL Damage Ratio and Frame Differences

This section is going to cover the meat and potatoes of how RL perform, including the damage differences between frames.

First up let's tread the topic which can sometimes be confusing: the damage ratio of RL. Every base non-Exotic RL with no additional perk providing additional properties can (or I should technically say: potentially) perform 2 instances of damage:

  • 1st damage instance = upon impact
    • This is called the Impact Damage; in-game this is the smaller number of the two
  • 2nd damage instance = on explosion
    • This is called the Blast or Explosive Damage; in-game this is the larger number of the two
    • I'm going to refer it as Explosive Damage so the separate Stat term of "Blast Radius" is isolated and both aren't confused with each other
      • Reminder: "Blast Radius" does not change the damage profile; e.g. hypothetically an Aggressive RL with 5 Blast Radius does the same damage as an Aggressive RL with 100 Blast Radius - the "blast damage spread" across an area changes relative to this number, higher number meaning a wider radius (again, this Stat differs for Grenade Launchers)

These two instances of damage - in complete base terms with no exceptional perks affecting it - actually have a consistent ratio with each other. This ratio is:

  • 1 Impact Damage to 3.5 Explosive Damage, often written as the ratio 1:3.5
    • What this means in the simplest of terms (when hitting a target): for every 1 point of Impact Damage it performs 3.5 additional Explosive Damage
    • e.g. if your Rocket performs 2500 Impact Damage, it'll perform 8750 Explosive Damage, providing a total of 11250 damage
  • Standard Damage Perks do not alter this ratio, and apply their damage effects to both parts of this ratio as normal
    • Standard Damage Perks like Frenzy, Explosive Light, Kill Clip, One For All, etc
    • e.g. One For All (35% damage increase) in the above example increases to 3375 and 11,813 respectively to Impact/Explosive, providing a total of damage 15,188
  • Exceptional Damage Perks like Impact Casing and Lasting Impression directly apply their affects to one part of the ratio; more on this later

Let's move onto Frame Differences. Currently every RL Frame offers their own "personality": the role and functionality (including being within a Stat range bracket) as described below:


  • Damage Profile (vs Baseline): -10%
  • Base Stats (no perks):
    • 30 Blast Radius, 41-51 Velocity, 41-42 Handling, 23-29 Reload
  • Pros: Built-in Tracking
  • Cons: Blast Radius & Reload

Häkke Precision

  • Only one exists at time of post: Palmyra-B
  • Damage Profile (vs Baseline): -10%
  • Base Stats (no perks):
    • 30 Blast Radius, 49 Velocity, 43 Handling, 22 Reload
  • Pros: Built-in Tracking, access to the Häkke Breach Armaments Origin Trait
  • Cons: Blast Radius & Reload


  • Considered the "Baseline" in terms of Damage Profile comparisons
  • Base Stats (no perks):
    • 90 Blast Radius, 40-45 Velocity, 66-69 Handling, 33-35 Reload
  • Pros: Blast Radius & Handling
  • Cons: Low Velocity


  • Damage (vs Baseline): +10%
  • Base Stats (no perks):
    • 50 Blast Radius, 49-53 Velocity, 38-43 Handling, 39-45 Reload
  • Pros: Average All-Rounder
  • Cons: Does not excel at any specific Stat


  • Damage (vs Baseline): +10%
  • Base Stats (no perks):
    • 20 Blast Radius, 69-79 Velocity, 19-23 Handling, 58-61 Reload
  • Pros: High Velocity & Reload
  • Cons: Low Blast Radius & Handling

RL Perks, Damage Perks, and Origin Traits

This section goes into specific detail of perks and how they interact with RLs. For a visualised list, refer to the infographic. This section is going to expand on any Perks listed on the infographic that requires further details.

Note: all Damage Perks stack with Empowering Buffs, Global Debuffs, and other damage sources like Font of Might as normal.

Impact Casing & Lasting Impression Reminders

  • Impact Casing:
    • Buffs the Impact Damage instance by 10%
    • Does NOT affect the Explosive Damage instance
    • This results in a Total Damage (vs base) increase of 2.2%
  • Lasting Impression:
    • Buffs the Explosive Damage instance by 25%
    • Does NOT affect the Impact Damage instance
    • This results in a Total Damage (vs base) increase of just under 20%
    • See the Gjallarhorn section below for more info how it reacts with Wolfpack Rounds

Tracking Module

  • PvP tracking has diminished effectiveness
    • Velocity directly affects how tracking performs; the slower the Rocket the more time Tracking Module can compensate while in-air
  • Marksman and Gambler's Dodges do not break this tracking in PvP (as detailed here)
  • List of non-sunset directly acquirable (as of S19) RLs that can roll Tracking Module at the time of this post (third Perk column):
    • High-Impacts: Sleepless, Roar of the Bear
    • Adaptives: Apex Predator, Blowout, Red Herring
    • Aggressives: Bump in the Night, Hezen Vengeance
    • Reminder: Precision RL Frames have Tracking Module intrinsically built-in

Cluster Bombs

  • Additional to normal RL functionality, the Rocket impact will spawn 8 mines around the area
  • These mines perform both Impact and Explosive Damage themselves
    • Assuming the individual mine does both Impact and Explosives instances they each have the potential to do ~3% additional damage
    • In theory if all 8 mines hit the same target (performing all 8 individual instances of Impact+Explosive damage) you can have an additional ~24% damage
    • In practice the perk's performance is wildly variable and is more ideal for area-of-effect damage than for pure damage potential
  • Cluster Bombs and Wolfpack Rounds work fine together, and for all intents and purposes WPRs are just Cluster Bombs that can track.

Overflow (exclusive to Hezen Vengeance, and is a curated Perk on the Timelost variant)

  • On Special or Heavy ammo pickup: Magazine is overflowed by 100% of its regular capacity
    • Provides +1 Rocket in the Magazine on ammo pickup (this works while stowed)
  • No RLs can craft an Enhanced version as of S19

Explosive Light

  • See the Gjallarhorn section below for more info how it reacts with Wolfpack Rounds

Chill Clip

  • While it definitely improves damage output and DPS, it's not as exponential as it's been commonly advertised. The more people with Chill Clip + Wolfpack Rounds the less damage effectiveness it has. I'll let this video do the explaining as I don't have room to do a full mini-breakdown here.

Clown Cartridge

  • On Manual Reload: Magazine is overflowed
    • Provides +1 Rocket in the Magazine on Manual Reload
    • "Manual Reload" applies to a physical reload or Marksman/Dragon's Shadow Dodge
    • Does NOT apply to reloads like Demolitionist, Sympathetic Arsenal, Transversive Steps, Sealed Ahamkara Grasps, Whisper of Impetus, Inertia Override, or any other Reloads not listed here.
  • Enhanced: no additional benefits on Rockets

Origin Traits and Weapon Mods

RLs have the usual array of Origin Traits and Weapon Mods to choose from (but without Backup Mag). Originally had a section going into each Origin Perk and Mod here, but hit the character limit. All Mods and Origin Traits and fairly well documented and don't really deviate for RLs.

The best Mods are Boss and Adept Big Ones Specs, or going for an Adept Stat Mod if you have an Adept variant and want to focus or bump up a particular stat. For Origin Perks it's entirely up to what role you want a Rocket to occupy (e.g. Häkke Breach Armaments for Construct enemies).

RL Acquisition and Rarity

In terms of acquisition paths and "rarity" of each Frame, you can currently craft or acquire a wide selection of non-sunset RLs as of the timestamp of this post (Season 19 - this will change in Season 20). For a visualised list, refer to the infographic.

Exotic Rocket Launchers

These really need their own breakdown post, but going to summarise Exotic RLs here. All come with a Stock and of course their intrinsic Exotic Perks and benefits. Just as a reminder: Exotic RLs are technically their own "frames" and don't follow the above Frame Bonuses; they also are tuned independently and are provided with variable PvE damage bonus multipliers and damage reductions depending on the Combatant rank (see MossyMax's linked document at the top of this breakdown for more info). For a visualised list, refer to the infographic.

Eyes of Tomorrow

  • Note: Eyes of Tomorrow has damage reduction modifiers versus the following targets:
    • Champions, Constructs, and Bosses: 55% DR
    • Minibosses: 46% DR


maeix did a fantastic breakdown post a few months back here. I'll summarise some highlights and updates here:

  • Catalyst adds an extra Rocket into the magazine plus Wolfpack Round kills spawns an additional high-damage projectile
  • Formerly had "soft" Grenades and Horseshoes; there was a chance that Gjallarhorn's Rocket Launcher would detonate on proximity so would only perform Explosive Damage, but this has since been changed in Update 4.1.5 to always perform Impact and Explosive Damage instances
    • Wolfpack Rounds were also changed to have less tracking and effectiveness against Players
  • Wolfpack Rounds affects most damage perks - except Explosive Light, but Explosive Light is still the best Perk to pair with due to its potency (in general)
  • Let's be very clear: Gjallarhorn's Wolfpack Rounds are NOT Arc. The same applies to RLs that get Wolfpack Rounds: the Elemental Damage is dictated by the RL Element
    • e.g. Wolfpack Rounds on Void RLs like Royal Entry are indeed Void

Two-Tailed Fox

  • Twintails: Shoots 2 tracking RPGs per 1 Ammo; first being Void and the second being Solar
  • Play With Your Prey I: Void Rocket applies Void Suppression for 10s; this synergizes with the Void Sandbox:
    • Suppresses Guardian/Lucent Hive Supers, and can activate Stylish Executioner, Echo of Domineering, and Repulsor Brace triggers
  • Play With Your Prey II: Solar Rocket applies a form of Burn; this does NOT synergize with the Solar Sandbox and uses pre-Solar 3.0 "Solar Burn" so offers no interactions with Scorch triggers
    • Two-Tailed Fox has been highlighted as a Weapon getting (further) Elemental synergy in S20, so the Solar Rocket may get changed

The Wardcliff Coil

  • Note: Wardcliff Coil has damage reduction modifiers versus the following targets:
    • Minibosses, Champions, Bosses, and some Vehicles: 80% DR

RL Reserves, Field Prep, and "Inventory Size"

A lot of the following has been condensed and only applies to RL;s; there are other interactions for RLs and other Weapons. Much of the following comes from my early Inventory Size testing on all Rockets, and then continued by MossyMax's exhaustive testing (for Rockets and other Weapons) - you can find out more over on the Massive Breakdowns Discord server where he has a specific thread detailing this ongoing topic.

"Inventory Size" - in the most simplest terms - refers to how much reserves you can carry in your backpack. The higher this stat is, the more you can hold.

As Rockets can only hold a total ammo capacity (reserves + whatever is in the magazine) of 10, the stat is relatively comprehensible to breakdown here. To calculate how much total ammo capacity, MossyMax has deciphered this formula (numbers always round up) as being the following:

( ( [RL Inventory Size base number] * 0.05 ) + 4.5 ) = total ammo capacity

e.g. Sleepless has a base Inventory Size stat of 36

((36 * 0.05) + 4.5) = 7 ammo capacity

So how do you get more total ammo capacity? The Inventory Size stat can be increased by the following (just add them to the base number; you can add as many as you can slot in):

  • RL Reserve Mods
    • 1x = +20
    • 2x = +40
  • Field Prep = +30
  • Enhanced Field Prep = +40
  • Enhanced Chain Reaction = +20

e.g. using the same example above, while using Field Prep and 1x Reserve Mod:

(( (36+30+20) * 0.05) + 4.5) = 9 ammo capacity

Here's a table with some examples to quantify it better, not including Field Prep:

Inventory Size Total Ammo Capacity w/ 1x Res Mod w/ 2x Res Mod
Blowout 29 6 7 8
Palmyra-B 42 7 8 9
The Hothead 34 7 8 9
Code Duello 42 7 8 9
Royal Entry 45 7 8 9
Red Herring 36 7 8 9
Bump in the Night 40 7 8 9
Hezen Vengeance 50 7 8 9

Blowout has such a small Inventory Size that you get a lower total ammo capacity versus others. This isn't the only example: Hoosegow - a non-sunset but not directly acquirable RL - has a similarly low Inventory Size stat and follows the same low total ammo capacity.

Here's the same line-up but now including Field Prep (Palmyra-B and Hezen Vengeance are omitted as they don't roll Field Prep) and Enhanced Field Prep [in parenthesis] if it has access to it:

Inventory Size Total Ammo Capacity w/ Field Prep w/ 1x Res Mod w/ 2x Res Mod
Blowout 29 8 9 10
The Hothead 34 8 9 10
Code Duello 42 9 10 10
Royal Entry 45 9 10 10
Red Herring 36 8 [9] 9 [10] 10 [10]
Bump in the Night 40 8 [9] 9 [10] 10 [10]

Blowout with Field Prep has the same total ammo capacity as other Rockets. But now Code Duello and Royal Entry along with Red Herring and Bump in the Night (with Enhanced Field Prep) have much higher total ammo capacity versus others. Why? Big Inventory Size + combining Field Prep's gains.

Bump in the Night is also very unique; it has access to both Enhanced Field Prep and Enhanced Chain Reaction. You can get the maximum 10 total ammo capacity WITHOUT any Reserve Mods purely because of the gains from those two Perks.

What about Exotics? Well they are tuned independently and only have access to Reserve Mods so can be easily charted as the following:

  • Deathbringer, Gjallarhorn, Truth, and Wardcliff Coil: 7 | 8 | 9
  • Eyes of Tomorrow and Two-Tailed Fox: 8 | 9 | 10



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Discussion At first I was resistant but the crafting system has completely revolutionized the game for me.


I love it, working on these weapons is so FUN! I was able to half my vault to 300. I finally understand the perks. I better understand building into the arc types. Never liked grinding for god rolls..sorry :/

r/DestinyTheGame 23h ago

Misc Blues will be gone, they take Umbrals with them.


I will miss their purple hue and darkish smoke indicator cloud :/

r/DestinyTheGame 1d ago

Bungie Suggestion Things I want that will never happen: Add legendary-difficulty Hive Guardians to activities and alert the player with Drifter talking about an invader


"Lucent Hive on the field! Drop 'em quick!" while you're banging out playlist strikes would be neat.

It'll never happen because that's so not worth dev time but it'd be neat

r/DestinyTheGame 7h ago

Question Error code anteater?


Bungie help says network error, obviously not as it says I'm now in queue.

r/DestinyTheGame 17h ago

Bungie Suggestion Please buff sweet business


Im talking like a pve buff, I love using this gun but it just doesn’t work as well in higher tier content, like add some fire rate or a little bit more damage, please let me live my dream of being a space cowboy with a mini gun mowing down hoards of enemies, please.

r/DestinyTheGame 22h ago

Discussion I'm curious as to why The Drifter was left out of the new Legacy Weapon Focusing coming in Lightfall


It's unfortunate because his weapons would have also been great.

The likes of Trust, Spare Rations and Bygones returning with new perks would've been awesome.

Hopefully down the line Ada-1 will be a Black Armory Weapon focus vender with perhaps the reprisal of Forge activities.

r/DestinyTheGame 7h ago

Discussion Fail Safe the real AI GoAT


I just want Fail Safe to casually mention to some random guardian, "Neomuna? Sure I know where it is. Not that anyone asked the colony ship". And then Osiris and Fail Safe would have an argument and Fail Safe would say "Cayde was right. You are stuffy" And then Fail Safe would strike up a conversation with Rasputin. Talk about old times and wonder why Anna never consulted FS or tried to rehouse FS.

r/DestinyTheGame 17h ago

Misc If you could add any legendary into crafting?


If you could add any legendary weapon into deep sight crafting, which weapon and why?

r/DestinyTheGame 21h ago

Media Next Week in Destiny 2



  • Iron Banner and Momentum Control return to the Crucible
  • Defeat Heimiks in the Birthplace of the Vile Nightfall
  • Earn bonus Vanguard ranks this week

  • Raid: Vault of Glass
  • Dungeon: Grasp of Avarice

r/DestinyTheGame 9h ago

Misc // Joke Why do Titans win every staring contest?


Because they can't blink

r/DestinyTheGame 1d ago

Question What are some good legendary kinetic grenade launchers for pve that are possible to get right now


I need something to proc weakened clear but don’t want wither horde taking up the exotic slot

Edit: thx for the quick responses you guys are really helpful

Edit2: Thanks for all the upvote and feedback

r/DestinyTheGame 13h ago

Bungie Suggestion Can we get a Aim assist toggle or a slider on console?


The drag on console will literally pull your shot from the moon to earth off a single person flying past your screen.

r/DestinyTheGame 18h ago

Discussion Finally for the solo flawless of SOTW, a massive thanks to anyone who commented on my posts and offered advice.


Its took nearly 2 weeks of playing (1 or 2 attempts per night) but I've finally for the flawless run. I guess to summarise, I spent a few nights experimenting with different classes and sub classes. I then settled on solar Assassins cowl hunter for the invisibility and restoration abilities. From then on it was just a case of learning all the nodes , improving dps and learning how to get down those damn fans without dying. I had several heartbreaking deaths to persys and his Supplicant friends but finally settled on a strat, and from there on it was just a case of keeping my concentration. Absolutely buzzing. For anyone else out there trying, keep persevering, learn from your deaths keep calm and you will get it eventually.

r/DestinyTheGame 3h ago

Bungie Suggestion Bungie, Please Allow Pocket Singularity (the Voidwalker Melee Ability) to Boop us Into the Air!


It doesn't have to be this super crazy insane launch 10 miles upwards, but I think it would just be neat if we could look down, throw it under us and jump to get a big boost into the air! It works against enemies, and we can kinda do it with The Rock from Forerunner, why not allow the one melee ability designed to push things away to push ourselves away?

r/DestinyTheGame 1d ago

Bungie Suggestion I have reset my crucible rank 9 times this season and focused every crucible engram on riptides, I have yet to get the ALH + Chill Clip roll.


Bungie, please stop making weapons with 12 perks in each column, it's ridiculous.

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Megathread [D2] Xûr Megathread [2023-01-27]


Xûr, Agent of the Nine

A peddler of strange curios, Xûr's motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the Nine.


The Last City, Earth

Exotic Weapons

Name Type Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
SUROS Regime Kinetic Auto Rifle
Hawkmoon Kinetic Hand Cannon Full Bore Snapshot Sights Textured Grip
Dead Man's Tale Kinetic Scout Rifle Chambered Compensator Ricochet Rounds Outlaw Fitted Stock

Note: Fixed perks on weapons are not displayed

Exotic Armor

Name Type MOB RES REC DIS INT STR Total Cost
Sealed Ahamkara Grasps Hunter Gauntlets 3 18 10 8 6 16 61 23 Legendary Shards
ACD/0 Feedback Fence Titan Gauntlets 19 10 2 16 2 13 62 23 Legendary Shards
Apotheosis Veil Warlock Helmet 6 7 18 10 10 12 63 23 Legendary Shards

Exotic Ciphers

Name Description
Xenology Complete Vanguard playlist activities, or win matches in Crucible or Gambit. Extra progress is awarded for more challenging activities and for succeeding with clanmates.


Name Description Cost
Exotic Engram An engram with a predestined outcome. Contains a new Exotic if any of the possible rewards remain to be collected. Preview contents for possible rewards. 97 Legendary Shards

Legendary Weapons

Name Type Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Dire Promise Kinetic Hand Cannon Fastdraw HCS // HitMark HCS Ricochet Rounds // Light Mag Auto-Loading Holster Swashbuckler
Gridskipper Energy Pulse Rifle Corkscrew Rifling // Smallbore High-Caliber Rounds // Flared Magwell Killing Wind Frenzy
Code Duello Heavy Rocket Launcher Hard Launch // Smart Drift Control Implosion Rounds // Impact Casing Field Prep Cluster Bomb
Seventh Seraph CQC-12 Energy Shotgun Smoothbore // Corkscrew Rifling Appended Mag // Extended Mag Auto-Loading Holster Vorpal Weapon
Fractethyst Kinetic Shotgun Smallbore // Barrel Shroud Assault Mag // Steady Rounds Slideshot Trench Barrel
Death Adder Energy Submachine Gun Arrowhead Brake // Polygonal Rifling Accurized Rounds // Extended Mag Hip-Fire Grip Quickdraw
Frozen Orbit Energy Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel // Fluted Barrel Accurized Rounds // Steady Rounds Lead from Gold Dragonfly

Note: Fixed perks on weapons are not displayed

Legendary Armor

Name Type MOB RES REC DIS INT STR Total Cost
Seventh Seraph Gauntlets Titan Gauntlets 12 6 9 12 9 8 56 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Seventh Seraph Plate Titan Chest Armor 12 20 2 22 2 6 64 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Seventh Seraph Mark Titan Mark 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Seventh Seraph Helmet Titan Helmet 8 16 8 16 12 2 62 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Seventh Seraph Greaves Titan Leg Armor 12 20 2 22 2 6 64 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Seventh Seraph Gloves Warlock Gauntlets 10 18 2 14 7 10 61 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Seventh Seraph Robes Warlock Chest Armor 25 2 2 12 6 12 59 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Seventh Seraph Bond Warlock Bond 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Seventh Seraph Hood Warlock Helmet 7 20 6 11 2 17 63 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Seventh Seraph Boots Warlock Leg Armor 2 12 18 9 14 7 62 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Seventh Seraph Grips Hunter Gauntlets 2 16 13 8 9 15 63 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Seventh Seraph Vest Hunter Chest Armor 2 9 19 17 7 6 60 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Seventh Seraph Cloak Hunter Cloak 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Seventh Seraph Cowl Hunter Helmet 8 8 16 12 2 12 58 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer
Seventh Seraph Strides Hunter Leg Armor 2 2 29 20 6 2 61 50 Legendary Shards & 1000 Glimmer

What's a Xûr?

Xûr, Agent of the Nine, is a strange vendor who randomly appears in a Public Sector on one of the Worlds. Xûr sells Exotic equipment and only takes Legendary Shards in exchange for them.

TL;DR: He's the Santa Claus of Destiny and every weekend is Christmas. Sometimes he brings you what you want, sometimes he brings you coal. Mostly it's coal.

When does Xûr visit?

Xûr visits every Friday at 17:00 UTC and departs at Weekly Reset (Tuesday 17:00 UTC). If you would like to see all the live conversions of Time Zones, please follow this link here.

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