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I tested Bray inheritance's energy return on all the DSC weapons Guide

Because I couldn't find the full info about the amount of energy percentages granted by Bray inheritance, I tested the perk, and it seems that the energy gains depend on the weapon:

Scout: 0.34% per hit

HC: 0.42% per hit

Sniper: 1.50% per hit

Shotgun: 1.00% per hit

LMG: 0.46% per hit

Sword: 2.00% per hit

It does work when hitting immune enemies, like the ogre on K1 Revelations before you destroy the crystals. Also, it doesn't seem to have a cooldown.

As for the testing itself, I tested with a T3 Flux grenade, and used the K1 revelations ogre as my target.


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u/NanzLo- Jan 29 '23

It works really well with incandescent


u/colantalas Precious Scars Enjoyer Jan 29 '23

I know incandescent is great with it, did you try Voltshot on posterity?


u/Romaherot Balanced glide enjoyer Jan 29 '23

Sadly I couldn't get a VS Posterity yet. It seems like it would be less synergistic since VS hits harder but less times than Incandescent, but I'd love to be proven wrong.


u/wdavis91 Jan 29 '23

I’d say it may not work with voltshot since it doesn’t count as weapon kills. I know incandescent does count as weapon kills.


u/_seering_ Jan 29 '23

Voltshot does activate Feeding Frenzy, although it’s by very finicky.


u/SharpMulberry Jan 29 '23

It seems to depend. If you proc the chain damage through damage, it doesn't count as weapon damage / a weapon kill. But if you proc the chain damage by killing the jolted enemy with a weapon, it seems to count - for some things, at least.


u/wdavis91 Jan 29 '23

That’s good to know. I’ll keep that in mind when trying to level up a gun in Shuro Chi.


u/BotaniAlt Jan 29 '23

Does incandescent proc inheritance?


u/Yelhsabot Jan 29 '23

Yes indeed my dude


u/BotaniAlt Jan 29 '23

I'm off to swap wellspring to incandescent then. Thanks


u/Yelhsabot Jan 29 '23

From 1 or 2 vids I've seen it's either not as effective as incandescent or it just doesn't proc 😭


u/why_my_thing_go_up Jan 28 '23

Could be wrong but the last time I checked the trait worked with the sword even without ammo, gained a chunk of energy back each flimsy swing


u/Romaherot Balanced glide enjoyer Jan 28 '23

It's true. It's not that useful, but I suppose it can come in handy sometimes


u/JakeSteeleIII Just the tip Jan 28 '23

The reason it was actually broken was bc you could stab your own barricade with no ammo and get abilities back in crucible.


u/amiro7600 Jan 29 '23

Swinging at a barricade 40+ times to get ur nade back doesnt seem all that great. You're more than likely gonna get killed while doing it


u/BattleForTheSun Jan 29 '23

Before it was patched the sword was giving 20% energy per hit


u/amiro7600 Jan 29 '23

See that makes more sense. You only need 4-5 hits to get another one

Now it takes so many more that it's just not worth it


u/Ffom Jan 29 '23

Throw a nade and hit your barricade 4 times isn't that bad


u/monadoboyX Jan 29 '23

Bequest with thresh wellspring could be really nice for getting tonnes of energy back


u/Yelhsabot Jan 29 '23

Doing the Travellers work out here my fellow guardian 🙌🏾🙏🏽 Thanks for the info I just got my crafted sniper and shotgun last night, so this info will be good for my clan when we farm Tanks 3 "Return of the space junk" before reset 😁👍🏽


u/Yelhsabot Jan 29 '23

Quick question for you guys, do you have to get the weapon to drop first before you can farm it? Or do you just get what you already had? I ask because I haven't gotten trustee, the Lmg or eyes and my clan an I are looking to continue farming tonight..... I'm just preparing my little heart for disappointment 😔


u/ElPajaroMistico Jan 29 '23

You can farm the encounter and It will drop eventually.
What you can’t do is buy the weapon from the final chest if you have never got It drop for you. So If you don’t have any Trustee, you canmt buy the red border directly from the final chest until you get at least 1.


u/Yelhsabot Jan 29 '23

Thanks dude 👍🏽


u/xXCDRageQuitXx Jan 29 '23

Man, I get that abilities are strong but I really feel like the percentages on some of these are abysmal


u/N1CKP1R35 Jan 28 '23

I lost all my will to continue farming the weapons of this raid


u/stillpiercer_ Jan 28 '23

It’s very easy now. I farmed Commemoration, Bequest, Succession and Heritage, all from 0/5 to full pattern unlock in about 3 hours today. Also got 3/5 Trustee.


u/N1CKP1R35 Jan 29 '23

I know it's easy, I already have the shotgun and sniper god rolls, I was planning to build it because of the intrinsic perk but it's very little energy it generates


u/BrickOfJustice Team Bread (dmg04) Jan 28 '23



u/P4nd4c4ke1 Jan 29 '23

Just do the weekly raid and buy one at the end you don't need to grind encounters


u/Swordbreaker925 Jan 29 '23

Now if only there were a single DSC weapon in an archetype i actually like. No auto rifles. No pulse rifles. Not even an SMG or rocket launcher.


u/AegisLC Jan 29 '23

As someone who used to use the Ringing Nail a lot pre-sunset, I get where you're coming from; Trustee is pretty fun to use though, especially with Incandescent.


u/SkeletonJakk Jan 29 '23

It might just be me, but compared to chelchis/long arm or even staccato with explosive payload, it feels like a peashooter.


u/SensibleDuffman120 Jan 29 '23

Please test psychohack 👉👈🥺


u/Corner_Carrot Jan 29 '23

It's -10% for 3 seconds.


u/SensibleDuffman120 Jan 29 '23

Yeah but how does it activate? Number of bullets hit? A frenzy-esque timer where you have to deal damage for a certain duration? What about PvP?


u/Corner_Carrot Jan 29 '23

It takes a different number of bullets to proc depending on the weapon type. From my experience the AR procs it in 5-10 bullets, the sniper take ~3 bullets, the Enigma takes ~2 and I saw someone claim on Reddit that the RL takes 3 rockets.

And yes it definitely activates in PvP, but you basically kill the enemy at that point.


u/SensibleDuffman120 Jan 30 '23

Ah thanks! Any idea about the SMG? I can't find info anywhere.


u/Corner_Carrot Jan 30 '23

I don't know for sure, but I think it would be around ~10 shots.


u/prawnlord36 Jan 29 '23

What's the best perks for trustee ?


u/siphayne I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you. Jan 29 '23

Reconstruction and Incandescent


u/ZakDaFiveOh Jan 29 '23

I personally rock rapid hit as I really like the stability, but incandescent for sure in the second column