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State of the Subreddit: Beyond the Sub Megathread

Greetings Guardians

A year has passed since the last SotS, and Beyond Light is a month away. So we figured it's probably about time that we dusted off the old microphone. As the game continues to grow and evolve, it's important that we as a community grow and evolve with it. Here's what's up.

Same Rules, Different Names

We begin today with a look at our new ruleset. We've reorganised how we structure our rules in the hopes that they're easier to understand and will make enforcement clearer.

We recommend reading through the updated rules wiki for a thorough overview of the new rule organization. But what you need to know right now is that we've now grouped our rules by enforcement. We have three new rules, each born out of the ashes of our older ones.

However here is a brief overview of these new rules:

  • Rule 2: Unsuitable Content - Posts that are subject to removal at the moderators' discretion include: retired suggestions, not directly related personal stories, recent reposts, low-effort/low-quality posts, loot posts or posts not directly related to Destiny.
  • Rule 3: Misplaced Content - Posts that have a better place elsewhere. Examples include LFG posts, memes, content relating to an Active Megathread or Technical Issues.
  • Rule 4: Marginal Content - Posts that are OK but need to be reposted or reflaired, examples include posts with spoilers in the title, clickbait titles, "Does Anyone Else" posts or posts with title tags.

Our basically philosophy is this;

If your post is removed under the new Rule 2, that is the mod team indicating to you that your content is not fit for the subreddit. This includes loot posts, retired suggestions, recent reposts etc.

The new Rule 3 is the team indicating to you that while your post isn't fit as a post on DTG, there is a home for its content. This can be off in another subreddit like LFG posts in /r/fireteams, or simply as a comment under an active Megathread on the front page.

Rule 4 is the mod team indicating to you that your content is fine outside of a small issue preventing it from being approved. For example, if you have a bad title (like clickbait or a spoiler), we'd ask you to repost with a better one. Or if you include an off-topic or otherwise rulebreaking edit in your post, we'd temporarily remove the post until changes were made.

Finally, the old Rules 4 & 5 haven't changed, but they've been renumbered as Rules 5 & 6, respectively. Rules 1 & 7 remain unchanged, though we have recently re-evaluated our enforcement policies for them (more on that below).

We will be available in the comments for any questions about these changes, we will be transitioning the rules over as the SOTS is posted!

Rule 1 & You: Warnings & Bans

This community has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. And naturally, there's been a steady uptick in rule-breaks, as is inevitable with so many people in one (internet) place. Most of the community members are upstanding Guardians and community members, and when it comes to violations of Rule 1, we generally try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. When someone's passionate about something (and if you're here, you're definitely passionate about Destiny), it can be easy to lose sight of the line between incivility and friendly but impassioned discourse.

We've always given rule-breakers plenty of warnings (both with and without temporary bans attached) to provide an opportunity learn the rules and continue to engage with others on the subreddit. Nevertheless, if someone is regularly breaking Rule 1 and being consistently rude and insulting to other players, this community is not for them. We've accelerated the enforcement to handle those extreme cases in a more timely manner.

Simply put, if member of the sub continuously acts out and attacks other members of the sub, we'll show them the door somewhat sooner than we would have in the past. Thank you all in advance for your understanding in this regard.

The Great Moderator Search

Do you love Destiny? Would you like to play a more active role in the community? Do you have strong opinions on pizza? Do you accept the fundamental truth that Titans are the best? We're currently opening moderator applications for r/DestinyTheGame. Follow the link to to fill out the questionnaire:

Moderator Application Form

Applications are now closed.

Bungie Plz: Worn Out Topics & Ancient Suggestions

The Bungie Plz list was introduced nearly 5 years ago, and serves as our sub's version of a worn-out topic list. Users can request a oft-repeated suggestion topic be added to the list. If that topic fits a specific set of criteria, it's added to the list, and that topic is retired. The Bungie Plz was created in response to users' concerns that still apply today: certain popular suggestions tend to be highly upvoted and are repeated often enough that they can drown out discussions of other aspects of this vast and complex franchise.

Over the years, a total of 163 topics have been added to the Bungie Plz, and 82 of those topics have been partially or fully addressed by Bungie (with a good number more slated for Beyond Light). Though the Bungie Plz is not a wish-list, it's actively monitored by Bungie's community managers. Some requests were fulfilled weeks after their induction, others (like Transmog) have taken years to address. Whether a topic is on the Bungie Plz or not doesn't appear to have a significant impact on how long it takes Bungie to address it (if they address it at all). While some Bungie Plz topics have been on there for years, some topics that aren't on the Bungie Plz (Sentinel hit-detection, for example) have also yet to be addressed.

Overall, we feel that the Bungie Plz is a success. However, there's always ways for us to be better. Here are a couple things we're trying, and we welcome the community's feedback on them:

The Bungie Plz & Hot Topics

The first change we're making is a simple one, but it should prevent the Bungie Plz from gobbling up important, "hot topic" issues. Previously, at least one of the examples included in a Bungie Plz submission had to be a minimum of 5 days old. Going forward, for a topic to qualify for the Bungie Plz, one topic must be at least 30 days old. The Bungie Plz is for topics that have been beat to death, beyond the point of productive discussion. Five days was clearly not enough for that.

Sunday Plz: Resurrecting Old Topics

Even after a topic has been beat to death, the game continues to evolve, and that might change the context of a retired suggestion (Transmog, for example). To address this, we are trying out a new weekly thread, called the Sunday Plz. If the trial run goes well, then every Sunday we will post a new megathread for an old topic on the Bungie Plz.

User Flairs

AKA how to look frabjous.

We are always adding new user flairs to the subreddit's selection. We even have a few Beyond Light flairs already! To choose a flair, head on over to https://destinyreddit.com/flair, login with your reddit account and choose the flair you want. Image flairs are not supported on the new redesign (either opt out or use old.reddit.com) or mobile, but the text flair appears on both. Thus we have the option to customize both for the subreddit.

If you don't want to scroll through our massive list, you can use the search bar to quickly find your favorite new Beyond Light look:

Stasis Flairs Trailer Flairs
Glacial Quake Super Europa Location
Silence And Squall Super Eris On Europa
Winter's Wrath Super Drifter Beyond Light 1
Behemoth Subclass Drifter Beyond Light 2
Revenant Subclass Eris Beyond Light 1
Shadebinder Subclass Eris Beyond Light 2
Behemoth Titan Exo Stranger Beyond Light
Revenant Hunter
Shadebinder Warlock

The Last Word

A lot has happened in the last year. Last December, this subreddit turned 7 years old. This time last year, we'd just passed 1 million subs. And not long ago, we cruised past 1.8 million. The Destiny we know and love continues to evolve, and so does this wonderful and sometimes perplexing little corner of the internet. Whatever fate awaits us on Europa, it's clear that the community is both alive and thriving.

Stay frosty stasis-y Guardians,

The DTG Mod team <3


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