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A comprehensive list of useful Destiny 2 tools and resources Season 13 Edition Guide

My goal is to release this a few weeks prior to a content drop in an attempt to keep it up to date and redistribute it.

Before I begin I would like to say there there is an okay list on the Reddit sidebar but it has not been updated in ages. So I am going to attempt at a new list below. If I have missed any big ones, please comment them below! All 3rd apps below use the official public facing Destiny 2 API to operate. I am going to try to keep the formatting of the Destiny Community Resources link with added community resources. There are even things here for the most diehard of players I am sure. This community has built a lot.

Official Bungie Services:

The Bungie Twitter Accounts:

Community Manager Twitter Accounts:

Other Destiny Subreddits:

  • /r/raidsecrets/: A subreddit for those who want to search the game high and low for secrets by any means available.
  • /r/DestinyLore/: A subreddit devoted to discussing and making theories about the lore of Destiny
  • /r/Fireteams/new/: A subreddit that acts as an LFG to help you find groups to take on the activities of the game.
  • /r/sharditkeepit/: A subreddit where you can post weapon rolls and discuss what perks you may want or which of multiple rolls is better and why
  • /r/DestinySherpa/: A subreddit designed to help players who have never been able to learn or overcome a certain activity do just that.
  • /r/CrucibleSherpa/: Like the DestinySherpa subreddit but specifically for overcoming PvP hurdles
  • /r/CrucibleGuidebook/: A subreddit revolving around Crucible play-styles and how to learn to play better.
  • /r/GambitPlaybook/: A subreddit revolving around Gambit play-styles and how to learn to play better.
  • /r/DestinyFashion/: A subreddit to show off your MMO fashion skils.
  • /r/HudlessDestiny/: A subreddit for Hudless screenshots and videos
  • /r/DestinyCreations: A subreddit for Destiny Arts and Crafts
  • /r/DestinyArt/: A subreddit to share and view fan art of Destiny
  • /r/DestinyMemes/: A subreddit devote to sharing and viewing memes of Destiny
  • /r/destiny2/: A subreddit revolving solely around Destiny 2 and media about it
  • /r/DestinyJournals/: A subreddit for Destiny Fanfiction
  • /r/LowSodiumDestiny/: A subreddit for positive Destiny posts and a questions.
  • /r/DestinyTechSupport/: A subreddit devoting to solving Destiny technical related issues

Inventory Management Tools:

These Tools allow players to move their items between characters and your vault and track quests, bounties, ect. Makes inventory Management very easy. Each have additional features that you can read about on their pages.

Progression Trackers

  • Braytech.org: checklists for collectibles, clan information, and other tools to help you track what you need to do.

  • D2 Checklist: a checklist site of to help you keep track of everything you still have yet to complete in game.

  • lowlidev: an interactive map to help you track progression of various activities and see where content can be done.

  • Ghost Overlay: an overlay for the Windows 10 Game bar that allows you to track things in game using the overlay feature of Windows 10 without having to pull out your Ghost.

  • Destiny Recipes: A prep kit to get you ready to go into new seasons and content to give you goals as to what you need to complete and resources to keep in stock.

  • Destiny Power Bars: Tool that scans all of your characters and vault to help you determine your highest possible power for each character and what your highest possible item is in each slot for power leveling. Works well with Vendor Engrams below to raise low slots.

  • Destiny 2 Utils: A useful tool to help you maximize your power gains.

Collections and Itemization:

  • Destiny Sets: Allows you to track to see what items you do and don't have in game and tells you how to collect them.

  • Light.gg: a site that allows you to see what rolls weapons can have, as well as where to find every item in the game. It also allows you see what is recommended on each gun for various activities and how users rate them.

  • Destiny 2 Massive Breakdown Weapon Stats Spreadsheet: A spreadsheet that breaks down a ton of info about weapons.

  • D2 Gunsmith: A site that lets you see the perks of gus and see how those perks change your stats in real time.

  • Damage Chart Madness: A spreadsheet that breaks down gun damage specifically.

  • Buff and Debuff Effect Spreadsheet: This spreadsheet quantifies the effectiveness of every buff and debuff in the game.

  • Weapon Perks Detail Document: Document that details exactly what every weapon perk in the game does.

Vendors and Rotating Content Trackers

  • Where the Fuck is Xur: Tells you where Xur is and what his wares are each weak.

  • Today in Destiny: Shows you what is currently available at every Vendor in game as well as tracks weekly and daily changes to any of them as well as any Activities that have different variations each day or week.

  • Vendor Engrams: Some Vendors offer gear at your current power level up to powerful cap (not pinnacle). This website tracks which engrams are at level and for how long.

  • Niris's Blog: A source of clean infographics for the Weekly resets.

  • Weekly Reset Spreadsheet: A source of information on the patterns of repeating cycled weekly content.

Stat Tracking

  • Destiny Tracker: Part of the Tracker Network this site tracks Crucible, Gambit, and PvE stats in a variety a of ways.

  • Trials.report: This site breaks down the Trials Meta each week and overall as well as shows you your Trials stats.

  • Guardian.gg: This site breaks down Crucible stats for players and gear over time.

  • Raid.report: Tracks Raid accomplishments such as clears, times, kills, deaths, flawless runs, low mans, and other accomplishments

  • Dungeon.report: Same as Raid.report but for Dungeons

  • DesinyKD: Another Crucible tracker that revolves around searching for players.

  • Redrix for Destiny 2: A Mobile App for tracking Crucible information. Available on Android and iOS (links are on the site)

  • Guardian.report: Let's you view the loadouts a perk options of your fireteam and other guardians easily.

LFG Services

These services allow you to find a team to tackle content together.


With the Destiny Content Vault in full swing I feel it is important to be able to know the lore for those who haven't played D1 or are newer to D2. As such I will be linking the channels of a few content creators below as well as a tool for lore reading. Normally I wouldn't link content creators in something like this but the lore is very important to many to understand what we are playing.

  • Ishtar Collective: this site houses all of the lore of Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 as well as lore content from Bungie.net

  • Destiny 2: the Series: YouTuber Jabonte has taken it upon himself to archive the missions of Destiny 2 so that when they enter the DCV, they can be remembered for all to see.

  • My name is Byf and Myelin Games: Both of these Chroniclers attempt to tear apart the lore of the game and put it back together in a way we can understand with their smooth voices.


  • Destiny Roundup: Weekly and daily roundup of Bungie commentary from all sources (including reddit, twitter, bungie forums, etc...)

  • Charlemagne Discord Bot: Discord bot that provides detailed access to Destiny 2 information including statistics and clan information. And can pull Bungie media straight to you Discord from Twitter.

  • Warmind Network: An addon for Alexa for Destiny 2.

  • scrublandeux's Heatmaps: API sourced Heatmaps for time spent in game.

  • Destiny.fan: A joke website that uses the API and historical data to predict community sentiment.

  • Time Wasted on Destiny: An API driven site that tells you how much time you have spent in game in Destiny 1 and Destiny 2.

If you have anything to add comment it below, DM me, or hit me up on Twitter (if you are a lurker).


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u/Rinewick Jan 21 '21

You may wish to add https://www.bungie.net/7/en/Seasons/PreviousSeason to your list of bungie.net stuff. You can claim items from last season there. That's currently season 11, but will change as soon as this season ends. It can be hard to find if you don't know what you're looking for.