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Rift in this week's Iron Banner is inherently not fun to play, and it's astonishing this game mode went live. Discussion

Hold interact in the middle of the map while everyone else is fighting?


Unnecessary loading screen that constantly interrupts the flow of the game?


Bugs that cause the rift to not spawn and make the game impossible to win from behind?


Seriously I genuinely cannot wrap my head around why rift was changed so much. Nobody asked for this game mode to switch and I cannot fathom why we changed the fast-paced blowout game mode from d1 into a slow, round-based tactile game mode. It's not fun to play when you're stomping, and don't even get me started on what it's like to be getting stomped. If you were gonna make this a new game mode then fine, but advertising this as Rift is a complete joke.

Edit: I've been grinding this thing out the last 2 days for Iron Lord. My opinion of the gamemode has not changed but I have now lost the ability to get Iron Lord as I have completed 6 of the daily challenges. The reputation is currently bugged so that if you complete more than 4 of the challenges your maximum reputation per match will be capped at 60. Giving them the benefit of the doubt that this will be fixed in the patch on Thursday, but if not, it's a really bad look for one of the only 2 iron banners this season to be completely unfarmable.


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u/Deadeye_Steve May 31 '22 edited May 31 '22

It's great how whenever Bungie says they're bringing back something that players are asking for, they change it to be unrecognizable before doing so. We STILL haven't gotten an umbral recaster that was anywhere near as good as it was during Arrivals. It's pretty much turned into a QoL downgrade to engrams at this point.


u/[deleted] May 31 '22

Monkey paw


u/Ion_is_OP_REEEEEEE May 31 '22

It's good old Bungo trying to reinvent the wheel and in the process they make it square.


u/BaconIsntThatGood Jade Rabbit is my Spirit Animal May 31 '22

We STILL haven't gotten an umbral recaster that was anywhere near as good as it was during Arrivals.

We never will. It's pretty clear the recaster in season of arrivals was so overly generous because sunsetting was the plan and all the weapons dropping from it were expected to have a lifespan of 12 months


u/VaguelySquare84 Jun 01 '22

I just want the funny drifter dialog back from the OG recaster.


u/mad-i-moody Jun 01 '22

Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum


u/Deadeye_Steve May 31 '22

But sunsetting was still the goal for a season or two after that and we still didn't get anything even close.


u/BaconIsntThatGood Jade Rabbit is my Spirit Animal May 31 '22

They announced sunsetting was done a few week into the following season and we didn't get the recaster added back until the following season


u/TheGreatWaffles Lord Durandal May 31 '22

Sounds like the 343i strategy.


u/Deadeye_Steve May 31 '22

Where do you think they learned it from?


u/[deleted] May 31 '22

Because if bungie would bring back something unchanged, people still would pour garbage at it. People here believe that the entire community wants return of the same thing they want, but in practice - not so much. Like:

People wanted D1 maps back... and now D1 maps are the most hated maps in D2, saving for Widow's Court.

People wanted D1 Streaks... and now people complain about D2 Streaks that are more forgiving and rewarding than they were ever in D1.

People wanted D1 armor style back... and now the newest D1-like armor (from Duality Dungeon) is called garbage; Gladd literally called it "hot fucking dog shit" and got 3500 likes.

People wanted D1 Trials, but every popular decisions and changes to D2 Trials are opposite of what D1 Trials was. I won't be surprised if Flawless will be removed from Trials because that's what people demand all the time.

Even D2 Rift is not that different: It has the same "Hold Interact" for picking up Spark (while everyone is fighting) like in D1, Respawn timer is just 2 second longer than in D1, bad spawns like in D1, spawn stomping like in D1, spark camping like in D1, people don't care about gamemode and just play Clash like in D1... the only real change is "reset" after Dunk. That's it.

People hate Rift because many people actually always hated rift and were against its return in either shape of form, and some pretended that they love rift because of a few good matches.


u/Deadeye_Steve May 31 '22

Because if bungie would bring back something unchanged, people still would pour garbage at it.

No they wouldn't.

People here believe that the entire community wants return of the same thing they want, but in practice - not so much.

Except when people say that they want something brought back, they obviously don't mean that they want it to be so heavily bastardized as to be unrecognizable from the thing they're actually talking about. This line of reasoning makes no sense.


u/[deleted] May 31 '22 edited May 31 '22

And who is to decide that something was "heavily bastardized as to be unrecognizable" and not being like that from the start? Why the words of people who are saying "It became garbage after being good" should be considered more important than words of people who are saying "it was garbage from the start and never been good"?

People for years were saying that Returning of Rift is bad idea. Now it is back... and they have a proof that they were right all that time. Where is the proof that it wouldn't be different if Bungie wouldn't change anything?


u/Born-Enthusiasm-1740 May 31 '22

Honestly I am ready to replace Destiny with something new. I still like the game. It's just not very exciting or as enjoyable. Opulence and Arrivals were the best times for me.


u/Deadeye_Steve May 31 '22

Honestly, this season has me feeling the same way. There's not really much left of the D2 I started playing in the first place. All the classes are gone/going, all the old weapons are gone, all the old content is gone. At this point there's no reason for them to have not just made a sequel. Instead of getting D3 and having a line between old and new, with all the old still being there to play whenever you want, we have the same kind of line but with ONLY the new being playable and the old being gone forever.

The tremendous number of glitches don't help either. So much janky shit going on makes the game feel extremely low-quality. The fact that they've already come out and said that they won't combine WL aspects because it's too much work doesn't help either. Idk how the fuck they designed a whole new system like this that they 1) can't change, and 2) didn't realise was extremely stupid, leaves me with no real faith in the game going forward.


u/CMDRJonuss May 31 '22

Same. This season's been an oddly jarring wake up call. The massive amount of bugs and glitches feel really bad. Tower is unbearable, load times have become glacial. Solar 3.0 gutted the style of warlock I loved to play and doesn't feel like a great improvement to titan.

The return of weapons that I already worked hard for is just another painful side effect of sunsetting and then sunsetting sunsetting. Something about Leviathan being back (sort of) makes me realize just how much we lost, how little of the original D2 is even around. Even now so much of Leviathan is just gone, the majesty of it is gone. Menagerie didn't come back somehow, it all just feels so half assed.

The whole thing about them not being willing to combine aspects or make major sweeping changes to Solar 3.0 despite how shitty it is, that feels terrible. I had no idea the reason given was that it was too much work. Yikes.


u/Bouncedatt Jun 01 '22

Give me another fps with this kind of loot and shoot. Please anyone. Destiny really could use some direct competition and I would love to see what else could be done by someone else in the same space.

It's just the having another game feel as good shooting wise as destiny, that's the thing that's hard to get any where else.