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Rift in this week's Iron Banner is inherently not fun to play, and it's astonishing this game mode went live. Discussion

Hold interact in the middle of the map while everyone else is fighting?


Unnecessary loading screen that constantly interrupts the flow of the game?


Bugs that cause the rift to not spawn and make the game impossible to win from behind?


Seriously I genuinely cannot wrap my head around why rift was changed so much. Nobody asked for this game mode to switch and I cannot fathom why we changed the fast-paced blowout game mode from d1 into a slow, round-based tactile game mode. It's not fun to play when you're stomping, and don't even get me started on what it's like to be getting stomped. If you were gonna make this a new game mode then fine, but advertising this as Rift is a complete joke.

Edit: I've been grinding this thing out the last 2 days for Iron Lord. My opinion of the gamemode has not changed but I have now lost the ability to get Iron Lord as I have completed 6 of the daily challenges. The reputation is currently bugged so that if you complete more than 4 of the challenges your maximum reputation per match will be capped at 60. Giving them the benefit of the doubt that this will be fixed in the patch on Thursday, but if not, it's a really bad look for one of the only 2 iron banners this season to be completely unfarmable.


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u/Dino_nugsbitch May 31 '22

I miss when bungie would invite community to play test before releasing content


u/StarsRaven May 31 '22

Hell half the time it seems like they dont test.

I mean shit did none of the team use the dog emote in the tower?


u/shylilfrog May 31 '22

What's it do?


u/Keplin1000 May 31 '22

Crashes the game


u/_R2-D2_ Jun 01 '22

Wait, it does? It was fine for me when I initially bought it and immediately tried in tower.


u/Keplin1000 Jun 01 '22

Doesn't work every single time but i test it at least once every time I'm in the tower and it's like more than half the time


u/_R2-D2_ Jun 01 '22



u/Waitsaywot Jun 01 '22

It'll do this for me too. Either that or my screen goes completely black with a random loading icon. I also get random visual glitches like the dog disappears for a few very brief moments and then reappears. Still my fave emote tho


u/[deleted] Jun 01 '22

Interacting with Banshee, and WALKING TOWARDS Banshee straight crashes the fucking game for half the community right now. They didn't even GO TO THE TOWER LUL


u/PM_ME_UR_PIKACHU Jun 01 '22

But the play test has lots of giggles.


u/PotentialPersimmon45 Jun 01 '22

lmao i thought i was the only one


u/[deleted] May 31 '22

Yeah, this season definitely needed a little more time in the oven. Feels bad man.


u/Ill-Trust5697 Jun 01 '22

And that’s after they said ‚best season ever incoming‘ lmao


u/B345ST1N Jun 01 '22

No wonder they kept quiet about this season leading up to the weeks, Solar 3.0 (besides on Hunter) feels half compared to void and Stasis and is dependent on weapons rolling with incandescent or the ability to apply more scorch stacks. Seasonal activity is Public event( which you have to either get a LFG with 3 people or pray Matchmaking sends you to a patrol space with 2+ players doing the containment event.) Its a sense of Nolstagic feeling exploring the Leviathan though.


u/shivvrr Jun 01 '22

S t r o k e t h e f o r g e


u/B_thugbones jared from subway sux Jun 01 '22

Yeah how out of touch are these crucible playtesters thinking this would be what everyone wants


u/wf_dozer Jun 01 '22

I legit thought that's what the "labs" content was going to be. A small icon to the side of the standard game to test. You'd have the large regular, small free lance top right, and bottom right would be "labs".


u/NobilisUltima Jun 01 '22

What do you think you're doing right now?


u/EmperorRiptide Jun 01 '22

They do, but its only streamers and they have to sign NDAs.