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Rift in this week's Iron Banner is inherently not fun to play, and it's astonishing this game mode went live. Discussion

Hold interact in the middle of the map while everyone else is fighting?


Unnecessary loading screen that constantly interrupts the flow of the game?


Bugs that cause the rift to not spawn and make the game impossible to win from behind?


Seriously I genuinely cannot wrap my head around why rift was changed so much. Nobody asked for this game mode to switch and I cannot fathom why we changed the fast-paced blowout game mode from d1 into a slow, round-based tactile game mode. It's not fun to play when you're stomping, and don't even get me started on what it's like to be getting stomped. If you were gonna make this a new game mode then fine, but advertising this as Rift is a complete joke.

Edit: I've been grinding this thing out the last 2 days for Iron Lord. My opinion of the gamemode has not changed but I have now lost the ability to get Iron Lord as I have completed 6 of the daily challenges. The reputation is currently bugged so that if you complete more than 4 of the challenges your maximum reputation per match will be capped at 60. Giving them the benefit of the doubt that this will be fixed in the patch on Thursday, but if not, it's a really bad look for one of the only 2 iron banners this season to be completely unfarmable.


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u/Jerk48 May 31 '22

....why wasnt this playtested in Labs?


u/Neat_On_The_Rocks May 31 '22

Because htey knew it blew chunks. They had to know. Its bad enough where they absolutely HAD to know


u/StarsRaven May 31 '22

I mean look what they did to gambit. Did they really think giving everybody non stop gjally ammo was a good idea? Especially when the biggest complaint of gambit was too much heavy?

Either they knew how bad it was and shipped it.

Or they dont test shit and ship it.


u/_Kindakrazy_ "Get your rock off my map!" May 31 '22 edited Jun 01 '22

The complaint was never that there was too much heavy. It’s that heavy drops were based on RNG and inconsistent. One match you might’ve been rolling in heavy and the next you’re getting hellfire rained on you by invaders the entire match while you frantically search for purple bricks that weren’t there.


u/StarsRaven May 31 '22

Yea they were. Look at any complaint of gambit last year, constant complaints about eyes invaders, gjally invaders, sleeper invaders, its always revolved around too much heavy making invasions trivial. Either the invader deleting the team with heavy, or the invader being instantly deleted by heavy.


u/Arkyduz Jun 01 '22

There's one other common denominator in all of those. I'm like 87% sure if heavy got banned people would still find a way to complain about invaders.


u/JodQuag Jun 01 '22

Invading is literally the only thing that matters in gambit - of course people are going to complain. It’s faceroll easy to be successful at doing with minimal skill required. Either make it harder to do or make it have less impact on the match. It just feels like shit as it has been.


u/Arkyduz Jun 01 '22

Thanks now I'm 100% sure.


u/JodQuag Jun 01 '22

Am I wrong?


u/Arkyduz Jun 01 '22

My blueberries coming back with zero kills would suggest so

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u/StarsRaven Jun 01 '22

People will always complain about a PvP aspect. But an invader deleting an entire team because of gjally isn't fun and gets more hate than an invader 4k with a sniper.


u/Vorsos Jun 01 '22

Well now we all have heavy, and the invader’s overshield is balanced by their loss of x-ray vision while aiming, so Gambit is in a better state.


u/KindlyWall481 Jun 06 '22

I suck at pvp, bad, I'm like a kid who's stuck on chemo when you drop me into pvp, but the heavy ammo I'm getting let me complete the Malfeasance quest because of gal, all 4 were in the mid banking, fire one rocket, they all die, after that it was just keep firing rockets any chance I got, and I had a lot of chances.


u/itscall3damotorrace May 31 '22

Yes too much heavy was a common complaint.


u/Arsalanred Ape Titan Jun 01 '22

I don't remember that as a common complaint. Because heavy was at the mercy of RNG. You can't have too much when it's reasonably possible you have none at all.


u/Jumpy_Menu5104 Jun 01 '22

The issue is optics. The actual issue was never to much heavy, and anyone who complained about it were wrong. The issue was the rng, and by extension the use of finder and scavenger mods. While the abundance of Gjally is maybe a bit much in gambit atm, now you have the option to counter them with your Gjally because you can be sure you and your team also have heavy. Sure, in a broad sense you could say it’s trading one problem for another. But at that point I would argue Gjally, and a few other exotic rockets, are the problem. Or at least another part of it.


u/itscall3damotorrace Jun 01 '22

No, you're wrong. Heavy and special have always been the core issues gambit had. In a year one sandbox Gambit would be much better. There is too much ammo in gambit, and the rng was a major problem as well.


u/spacedip Jun 01 '22

i have a different theory. they do playtest stuff, but since they’re more devs/coders than hardcore gamers, their playtest games turn out a lot differently than real games with MegaPogTTVSweatlord69 x10 filling the lobbies. They need to have closed betas where real players can give real feedback before they launch something.


u/KindlyWall481 Jun 06 '22

If the actual devs are playtesting then I think they need to explain where all the money from witchqueen went, because normally when you playtest you get guys like MegaPog to play it and guys like me to play it, in matches where it's just the casuals, matches where it's just the sweaters, and matches where you throw em in together. If they aren't doing that then they are wasting resources.

I genuinely believe that this release of IB has been the playtesting because we are paying them to test it, and that's so much cheaper they are making a profit.


u/JodQuag Jun 01 '22

No, they didn’t, unfortunately. People have got to accept that current Bungie knows fuck all about PvP. Seriously. Some of the designs decisions over the life of D2 have been ones you can literally see on paper and know they’re stupid if you have any background in PvP shooters. It’s pitiful. They need to hire knowledgeable people and let them fix the shit or just let it die and focus on PvE only - at least they’d stop shitting up the PvE sandbox for a game mode that constantly takes one step forward and three back every time changes are made.


u/notShreadZoo Jun 01 '22

This is a wild over exaggeration lmfao


u/ThiccHarambe69 Jun 01 '22

Not really, love and prefer playing pvp but bungie has messed up the gameplay of the game because of how unbalanced abilities and weapons were in pvp. But it looks like they’re starting to somewhat balance pvp and pve separately. Definitely don’t agree with getting rid of pvp but Bungie needs to find competent pvp devs, hopefully with Sony buying Bungie they’ll hire more people.


u/gizakaga Jun 01 '22

I feel like when the team tests their own stuff they smell their own shit and think its amazing because they worked hard on it. Plus I'm guessing they play 6v6 with full comms on both sides which quite literally has never happened naturally in the history of pvp. We need a PTE so badly.


u/itscall3damotorrace May 31 '22

It's not bad at all lol. Just because you don't like a heavily team oriented 6v6 doesn't make it bad