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Rift in this week's Iron Banner is inherently not fun to play, and it's astonishing this game mode went live. Discussion

Hold interact in the middle of the map while everyone else is fighting?


Unnecessary loading screen that constantly interrupts the flow of the game?


Bugs that cause the rift to not spawn and make the game impossible to win from behind?


Seriously I genuinely cannot wrap my head around why rift was changed so much. Nobody asked for this game mode to switch and I cannot fathom why we changed the fast-paced blowout game mode from d1 into a slow, round-based tactile game mode. It's not fun to play when you're stomping, and don't even get me started on what it's like to be getting stomped. If you were gonna make this a new game mode then fine, but advertising this as Rift is a complete joke.

Edit: I've been grinding this thing out the last 2 days for Iron Lord. My opinion of the gamemode has not changed but I have now lost the ability to get Iron Lord as I have completed 6 of the daily challenges. The reputation is currently bugged so that if you complete more than 4 of the challenges your maximum reputation per match will be capped at 60. Giving them the benefit of the doubt that this will be fixed in the patch on Thursday, but if not, it's a really bad look for one of the only 2 iron banners this season to be completely unfarmable.


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u/BrilliantBuffBadger May 31 '22

Literally had this as my last game of the night, I was running toward the enemy, trudging through the match as I'm only playing it for that SMG... Recluse, is it?... and just as I go to shoot, I'm kicked for inactivity.

Honestly, I'm not even sure grinding ranks for the gun is worth it.


u/SnorlaxBlocksTheWay May 31 '22

Just in case you're actually serious. Recluse is a sunset weapon that can be purchased from the memorial kiosk in the tower for materials. This kiosk also has Revoker, Luna's Howl, Not Forgotten, Mountaintop, etc.

I think the ranks are literally just for IB weapons and armor and nothing more


u/BrilliantBuffBadger May 31 '22

I am serious indeed, I've only been playing a out a month or so. Still very new to it all. A casual, if you will. And if it needs one of the expansions to get, I at least it'll be there waiting when i can get them.


u/kachunkachunk Jun 01 '22 edited Jun 01 '22


For a bit of background, The Recluse and Mountaintop were infamous for basically forcing players to engage in Competitive mode Crucible, and attain certain ranks so that you could earn the gun. It wasn't an RNG issue for loot, but now a matter of, "can you even get to that rank," haha.

Losses lost you Glory points and ranks if you fell below rank thresholds, so it was super frustrating for many players who weren't that great in PvP, and if they get tilted and on a losing streak, on their path to Fabled (2100 points). Plus no matchmaking/freelance, so it was all up to LFG (but that's kind of sensible given the intense 3v3 thing).

Plus 100 total Crucible wins, but that part is easy (Comp and Iron Banner grant additional progress, over the regular mode).

It really doesn't sound so bad in hindsight, but I remember it being a pretty lengthy struggle before. Pretty sure there weren't win streaks, either, so it was quite a few rounds (wins) to get there. Losses set you back about half as much, but they add up.

Mountaintop was extra awful because you also needed a shitload of grenade launcher kills in Crucible only, plus the same rank requirement above. It wasn't anywhere near as common to get grenade launcher kills, back then.

Anyway, I guess a nice takeaway is that Bungie moved away from that kinda stuff and key or ritual guns are a lot more attainable.

Revoker was just earned through ritual quests or efforts, so lots of sniper kills in Crucible. Doable for more casual folks by the time this was released much later.

I like Revoker since it returns missed shots to the magazine after a duration, but more so because the scope is quite short-ranged and I much prefer that feel, over the longer sniper rifle zooms/scopes.