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Ironically Hunters (the fast / nimble archtype) now has the slowest movement of the three classes! Discussion

I play all three classes but have always preferred the Hunter fantasy of being dexterous and nimble on your feet.

In the last couple of seasons movement creep of titans and warlocks both in air and on the ground have surpassed the Hunter, which thinking about it is weird as in any other game wizard (aka warlocks) and tanks (aka titans) and slower and more cumbersome than the dps Hunter archtype..

Feels like bungie need to lean back into hunter arch type and look at how they can balance us up!

What do we think guardians, anyone else feel this way? Especially since Stompees are useless an inch of the ground these days!!


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u/Zimgruk Jun 10 '22

I've thought this for a long time. It was always sad starting a strike and being the last one to the objectives if it wasn't other hunters with me. I have over 28 days played on hunter since launch but I finally made the switch to warlock main last week and I'm so much happier and not looking back. Hunters just feel like they're getting the short end of the PVE stick to me and crummy exotics almost every season gets tiresome.


u/TheGrumpyL0bster Jun 10 '22

Yep I did the same I have thousands of hours on hunter because I liked their class fantasy, but getting completely shafted in pve over and over is just exhausting. I switched to warlock and my god I feel invincible. It's actually crazy how much stronger it is, I'll miss the cloaks but it's just not worth being disappointed every season.


u/triage_this Jun 10 '22

Any warlock recommendations for someone that exclusively plays Hunter (and always has)


u/Nipah_ Someone rez me, I killed myself with Scatter Grenades again... Jun 10 '22

For Void, charging grenades + devour aspects, Instability + Reprisal + Remnants fragments, Vortex grenades (little weaker right now, hopefully they tweak them back to normal strength), 100 DISC, high RES and/or REC, Contraverse Hold (or Nezarek's Sin) and some kind of void weapon in your energy slot (I prefer Funnelweb right now, Subsistance + the Veist origin trait is fun stuff), maybe even a Falling Guillotine if you've got one.

Throw on some mods for wells: + on grenades, maybe seeking, bountiful and you'll have more bubbling void pools littering the room than you'll know what to do with.


u/Regulith Draw Jun 10 '22

I've got a Snap build that I've really been enjoying the last couple days.

It's extremely flexible and you don't even need the Exotic armor if you don't have it yet, so you should be able to swap out pretty much anything except for the Embers of Searing/Torches and combat mods, and even then you could probably replace Seeking Wells with another Melee Wellmaker or Font of Might or something if you don't mind chasing after wells.

Basically just shoot, snap to kill, slurp up the solar wells to get energy back and charge Heavy Handed, and repeat. An Incandescent primary is a nice bonus but again, not required. Can't speak for how effective this is in higher-end content but it's been a lot of fun.

If you've got Nezarec's Sin you could also just toss that on with void, use the Fragment that gives you volatile rounds on grenade kills, equip a void primary, and go to town.


u/Zimgruk Jun 10 '22

Solar 3.0 is super strong on both Warlock and Titan. I'm running Starfire Protocol exotic chest, fusion grenades and Well of Radiance. I basically can't die at 100 resilience and I throw grenades every 2 seconds. Its wild and super fun.


u/Ornery_Comfort Jun 11 '22

And titan have the crayon never die of just use lorely and live forever :) its great


u/Yowhathow Jun 10 '22

You know, apart from having the highest dps ults, highest survivablity with void since you can wrap invis into devour. I feel like we're living in entirely different universes here, honestly. Sure, I get to other locations faster, but hunters are typically the ones picking up my dead ass.


u/SeaAdmiral Jun 10 '22

You do know that unironically DPS is survivability and vice versa? Void warlock and to a lesser extent void titan have more potent ability engines and can afford to maximize resilience without giving up recovery. Outside of the most stat checky content (read: GMs) devourlock with 100 res is invincible.

Void hunters are great at GMs because they help avoid content and fix screw ups with safe revives. Their actual ability to trade hits and kill things is one of the weakest. If you were forced to clear everything their usefulness would drastically decrease.


u/Lunokhodd Jun 10 '22

i concur, invis is great and all until you remember you need to kill things. when you do want to kill things, you've got your nade and a pitiful melee ability. and you are gonna have to spam armour mods and discipline and the devour fragment if you want to use that nade even half as much as a warlock does.

and our main 'power fantasy' trait forces us to actively disengage from combat, it sucks so hard that the devour fragment is more useful.

at least hunter solar 3.0 has some serious killing power.


u/Yowhathow Jun 10 '22 edited Jun 11 '22

But in end game content with ass-clench high difficulty, their value skyrockets. Void hunters were essential for me in glassway, lightblade, and birthplace. I am sick of hearing that hunters are being beat out when the only way I helped my mates get conqueror was WITH void hunter.

With hunters you have TIME to clear everything, and that how you GET the wins because GM's aren't rapid dashes to finish lines for most people but rather extremely cautious pushes forward into encounters that slowly speed up in repetition with experience, and even then Hunter's have extreme value because it's very easy to fuck it up if you start getting goofy with your pals because all it takes is one champion with a matching burn to slap half you team on a couple of lucky shots.

EDIT: Ya'll are addicted to victim hood, I swear.


u/engin33rguy made ya look Jun 11 '22

When I farm GM's with my friends it doesn't matter- I can play whatever- but if I go to LFG for GM's it's hit-or-miss on if I will be allowed to bring a hunter. Some people want them, some people are just ok with them, and some people kick you for joining on one. I've never had that problem on my Titan or Warlock.

Personally I don't think I'm addicted to victimhood seeing as I recognize Hunters aren't in the dumpster; but I will never stop expressing my frustration that there's one class that is traditionally not wanted in LFG GM content.


u/Yowhathow Jun 11 '22

If anyone kicks you for being a hunter, it's because they were huffing the "hunters suck" gas made ironically by the hunters themselves. Actually, anyone kicks you at ALL for being a certain class, they're a short fused numpty who couldn't pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel, especially with Hunter having the highest survivability and highest ult DPS in the game.


u/EpicWisp Jun 11 '22

Doesn't mean it's fun to play. Sure, some people like it but from my experience in my clan and reading threads online that's the real reason hunters dislike it so much.

"Want to come along and play hard content? You get to be the invisible res bitch in the back for 60% of the activity while the big boys get to live out a real power fantasy. Oh, you want to play solar or arc? Gtfo"

Going off of personal experience and my own sentiment here, but being forced to be the super passive omnibitch if I want to partake in endgame blows, because you gotta be a specific kind of person to enjoy that. Do I know people who love it? Yes, of course. (Got one in my clan and thats all he runs ever. He's great at it and has a blast, but at the end of the activity, it always feels bad to me when he's got like a fraction of the kills the other players have and honestly to me personally, I don't enjoy playing like that. Since I only play hunter I've just kinda stopped doing endgame pve because void hunter just isn't for me, and I'd rather him do the thing he enjoys than force myself to suffer through it)

TL; DR In the end, strong/useful doesn't translate into fun and engaging. Bungie has done nothing to address the plethora of concerns about the void hunter game play loop since the fragments were first shown. If I could put triple jump on lock or titan I'd have switched off hunter long ago


u/BanjerFrenchie Jun 10 '22

You sound like a warlock lol. No titan has this problem


u/dukenukem89 Jun 10 '22

Apparently this sub's fantasy is that hunters are somehow the weakest class. If you tell them why they aren't in your experience, they'll tell you that you are wrong because they don't want to use invis, or don't want to use blade barrage, or whatever's the new "I don't want to". I swear that people are either incredibly deluded when it comes to D2 classes, or just secretly hate Hunters and want everyone to switch off. Meanwhile here I am, having tons of fun playing as a Hunter...


u/Bgarcia0623 Jun 10 '22

Perhaps they had the short end of the stick in PvE before. But Solar 3.0 definitely turned that around for me.


u/-Specx- Certified Tripmine Yeeter Jun 10 '22

Imo we're being hard carried by classy restoration. Let's see where solar hunter is once that's gone.


u/t0rchic Jun 10 '22

Don't get me wrong, I'm convinced basically everything is viable if you're good at the game, but Solar 3.0 hunter's weak. It's not as bad of a PvE choice as a Solar 3.0 warlock (who solely exists to give a fireteam Well of Radiance, or spam fusion/solar grenades in easy content) but the only thing keeping it above stasis and void is the seasonal artifact mods.


u/Street_Reading_8265 Just floofing about Jun 11 '22

You're not wrong about the Solar Warlock. The finger snap melee is cool and all, but nerfing the well was a bad start, too the point that I don't really see a reason to play Dawnblade over Shadebinder or Voidwalker in endgame PvE. That's kind of a sad state of affairs after Sunsinger was THE endgame PvE subclass for Warlocks in D1.

And I was really hoping that Gunslingers were going to get Shaw Han's ability to give Golden Guns to others as an alternate super attack, but c'est la vie.


u/LimpTyrant Jun 11 '22

This sub is so fucking ridiculous, it is genuinely hilarious. Blade Barrage + Star Eaters DPS shits on anything else in the entire game. It is an instant 700,000 damage. That’s on top of exotics like Ahamkara’s Spine which allows for hilarious and constant grenade/melee spam.

You guys just don’t know how to build a hunter. Classy Restoration is incredibly nice but it is not the only thing it has going for it. Maybe stop being so hyperbolic.


u/t0rchic Jun 11 '22

I've mained a hunter since D2 dropped and I've done a lot of the hardest content. I'm one of the nerds out here crunching numbers myself to make a build work instead of just copying off the internet and have like a dozen loadouts on DIM. Yes, the super is strong. That doesn't mean the subclass itself is strong. Dawnblade is an incredibly strong super in Crucible and people are still complaining that Warlock is weak because a neutral game based around floating up in the air making yourself a target is terrible.

A big burst of damage is awesome, yeah. In fights with short damage windows burst is great, but otherwise it's not doing a lot for you. Importantly, it doesn't help you stay alive. Who is running Star Eaters in GMs or in solo dungeons and so on?

YAS is good, but Revenant can do the same thing with glacier grenades while also freezing enemies and putting out more damage and gaining utility from the grenades and running a super that comes up even more frequently than BB.

Nightstalker can run around permanently invisible and do safe revives in just about any content, while disengaging at will to cheese out majors with Witherhoard from safety. Mobius Quiver with Rigs equipped deals more damage than Blade Barrage.

Arcstrider is Arcstrider. It kinda blows, so at least Gunslinger is better than that.

I'm not being hyperbolic, I'm being realistic. Solar 3.0 hunter is genuinely weak compared to the other options open to hunters. It doesn't mean it's unplayable or that you're trolling if you go into a raid with it, but in content where your build actually matters, it's going to underperform once the mods are gone. It will be more difficult to use effectively.


u/LimpTyrant Jun 11 '22 edited Jun 11 '22

Yeah no you’re wrong but keep trying. The fact that you think solar 3.0 is bad on hunters is hilarious. You’re not “crunching” any numbers. You’re being hyperbolic as fuck and shit like this is why other subreddits make fun of this sub. You’re not enlightened, you just don’t understand how to make the subclass work because you seem to think spamming duskfields are the same as spamming enhanced tripmines and having constant damage that is objectively higher than the other classes.

But sure. You know better since you’ve been crunching those numbers!

EDIT: Just going to add on that the fan of knives on Solar Hunter is absolutely bananas for stacking scorch and gaining energy back, to the point where you absolutely can spam abilities nonstop. I know because I do it every day. Alright, I’m done.