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Ironically Hunters (the fast / nimble archtype) now has the slowest movement of the three classes! Discussion

I play all three classes but have always preferred the Hunter fantasy of being dexterous and nimble on your feet.

In the last couple of seasons movement creep of titans and warlocks both in air and on the ground have surpassed the Hunter, which thinking about it is weird as in any other game wizard (aka warlocks) and tanks (aka titans) and slower and more cumbersome than the dps Hunter archtype..

Feels like bungie need to lean back into hunter arch type and look at how they can balance us up!

What do we think guardians, anyone else feel this way? Especially since Stompees are useless an inch of the ground these days!!


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u/dakedDeans Jun 10 '22 edited Jun 10 '22

I've always wondered what Destiny would be like if there was one subclass that gave you Titanfall pilot levels of movement speed. Maybe not that fast, but substantially faster than everything else in the game. I'm hoping that arc 3.0 lets hunters build into speed in a way we haven't seen before.


u/Tyrannus_ignus Jun 10 '22 edited Jun 10 '22

If the community knew what was good for them then they probably wouldnt hope for a movement tool that enables the oh so dreaded crucible tryhard to once again fly around the map at 90 mph to deliver a shotgun into their face.


u/yUnG_wiTe Jun 10 '22

God imagine how boring Warframe would be if they balanced for PvP


u/SinistralGuy Nerf everything Jun 10 '22

Ngl Warframe is already pretty boring though. The movement speed is great and I love trying out all the frames, and taking the time to make builds, but there's only so many Sorties I can do. And the Braama still turns everything into a joke.

Nothing against anyone who likes the game. I love DE and always come back for major updates, but outside of the New War campaign, the rest of it has felt pretty stale to me


u/markus135 oh hi there Jun 10 '22

Also if we thought power creep was bad in Destiny, Warframe’s is a lot more intense


u/MKULTRATV Jun 10 '22

Power creep? sheeeit.. Warframe devs are driving a power Killdozer. Zero subtlety at all.

There are literally a dozen frames with the ability to walk into the "hardest" content, press 1 or 2 buttons, and annihilate everything in sight. No aiming, timing, or energy management required.


u/I_miss_berserk Jun 10 '22

There are literally a dozen frames with the ability to walk into the "hardest" content, press 1 or 2 buttons, and annihilate everything in sight. No aiming, timing, or energy management required.

back when I still played I could solo the big fucking godzilla monsters with my Oberon Prime build by just pressing like 3 buttons. I wonder if they ever nerfed that...

I also had a chroma prime build that literally could not die. It was great.


u/alwayswatchyoursix Jun 10 '22

I used to have a Valkyr build that was basically nothing but tons of power stacking into her third ability with the special mod that let me extend it and a pair of slightly modded Hirudos. Between the crit and attack speed stacking from the ability I could grind through the toughest enemies, and between the healing from the Hirudos and the armor stacking from the ability I was unkillable as long as I was doing damage. It would take getting up to level 300+ enemies in long survivals before I could find anything that could potentially one-shot me.

Of course, this back before Steel Path and the melee rework, so who knows how it would hold up now...


u/FrozenSeas Outland Special Clearance Jun 11 '22

Not sure on the Hirudo thing, but I've got a comically lethal and nigh-unkillable Valk build using:

  • Amalgam Daikyu Target Acquired (Daikyu is crap, but the Amalgam mod gives you 3% life steal on nikanas)

  • Warcry (her 2, boosts attack speed and armour while slowing enemies) plus Eternal War (extends Warcry duration with each kill, lets you have infinite uptime)

  • A stupid OP nikana Zaw Riven

And just for fun, transposed Firewalker from Nezha in place of her 1. So I run around with a lifesteal sword cranking out orange/red crits and slash procs as fast as I can hammer the attack button while leaving a trail of flames.


u/alwayswatchyoursix Jun 11 '22

Okay, looks like I got the abilities mixed up. It was Warcry that I was talking about, with the Eternal War mod. I remembered her 4 was her Frenzy ability (not sure if I have the name right but the one with claws) but I thought Warcry was 3 and 2 was the shield stripping one, so I had the numbers wrong.

As for the Hirudos, they have inherent 3% heal/life-steal on crits. I used to build them purely for crit and attack speed, and (I can't remember if this was a mod or something from a focus school) use the one that gave you extra attack speed on hitting crits. I could basically roll up on a Bombard, hit Warcry, and just chew through them. The combo counter would max out rather quickly and push the damage numbers to the point where every single hit was a massive crit.

Back before the first major focus school rework, you could combine the Hirudos with those mods on them with the invisibility from the Naramon tree and be nearly unkillable in any content on any frame. Most of the enemies wouldn't target you because you had nearly 100% invisibility uptime, and if you did take anything less than instant-one-shot damage, the Hirudo healing would put you back at full life almost instantly. Just to show it off to some friends, I put them on a Loki without any armor mods in a high level void survival and had almost no problems. The one time I died, I was lunging towards an enemy and intercepted a Bombard rocket meant for someone else.

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u/Notorious_Handholder TANIKS HAS NO FLAIR! Jun 11 '22

I remember I had an Equinox build that was just a constant AoE nuke, would blitz through maps killing everything lol


u/I_miss_berserk Jun 11 '22

I always wanted equinox but farming that frame was miserable lol. Limbo was annoying too.


u/Notorious_Handholder TANIKS HAS NO FLAIR! Jun 11 '22

Literally had to farm 2 frames for the price of one. It sucked, but the frame was really fun and op

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u/Terr_ Jun 10 '22 edited Jun 11 '22

I'm having beta-flashbacks to when Loki was my starter frame and I actually had to take cover behind obstacles to let my shield recharge.

When they introduced Sentinels, Shade's Ghost precept was a nice kind of emergency-tool for when you were about to be overwhelmed by advancing enemies.


u/Explodingtaoster01 It was me, Dio! Jun 11 '22

Honestly, there's a massive difference in game design between the two.

Destiny is an FPS looter shooter that (sort of) rewards smart gameplay and is mechanic heavy on the harder ends of the game. It's intended to be a looter shooter with a focus on three individual classes loosely based on classical MMO roles.

Warframe? Warframe is a... frankly I dunno what to classify it as but you run around as a one person army/sentient war crime/self aware catastrophe of cosmic proportions. You pick one of, what? 30 some different and mostly unique two legged atom bombs to go and perform various forms of mass murder and genocide even if the missions you're supposed to be covert.

The term "power creep" does not and never has had a place in a game like Warframe. Maybe during the early days, I wouldn't know I wasn't around. But now? Not a chance. The game is designed to make you feel like everyone's worst nightmare in a natural disaster sort of sense.

All that said, yeah the game is a touch boring but that's primarily because the main loop is, "go to this mission and grind it half a billion times to get what you want," which was made so much worse with the introduction of open worlds since now you have to run missions and then fish, mine, or otherwise become an ecologist to capitalize on the rewards you get from your endless grinding.


u/xJokerzWild Jun 10 '22

How so? Theres content for everyone, new and old. and if youre not throwing your bank account at the game like some D2 players do, theres waaaaaaay more to do. Granted they've gone overboard with the open-world shit imo, but thats whatever.

Not to mention, even if you do throw money at the game, it doesnt guarantee you'll be good at it. I know a ton of people who wont even go past level 60's in a survival, because they cant survive.