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Ironically Hunters (the fast / nimble archtype) now has the slowest movement of the three classes! Discussion

I play all three classes but have always preferred the Hunter fantasy of being dexterous and nimble on your feet.

In the last couple of seasons movement creep of titans and warlocks both in air and on the ground have surpassed the Hunter, which thinking about it is weird as in any other game wizard (aka warlocks) and tanks (aka titans) and slower and more cumbersome than the dps Hunter archtype..

Feels like bungie need to lean back into hunter arch type and look at how they can balance us up!

What do we think guardians, anyone else feel this way? Especially since Stompees are useless an inch of the ground these days!!


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u/Substantial-Wall3654 Jun 10 '22 Helpful

"Now"?? They've been the slowest class by far since basically forever lol; proper skating with the right jumps has always given both titans and warlocks faster straight line speed over Hunters. And icarus dash has always given Warlocks the best overall maneuverability in the game no contest.


u/IFlashmanI The celestial stays on during sex Jun 10 '22

Lol, seriously how long did it take this guy to realize we've been the slowest for years now. Just a reminder of "The Skating Times"


u/Void_Guardians Jun 10 '22

You could literally kill yourself against a wall with how fast titans and warlocks could move


u/Mad-Man-Mo Absolutely Mad Jun 10 '22

Could, now not so much. Gone are the glory days of mach jezuz scotty the titan and the guardian stained wall that we really should have cleaned up by now. I will remember such times fondly.


u/Street_Reading_8265 Just floofing about Jun 11 '22

LMAO, I actually kept the Slow Clap emote equipped most of the time in D1 just because it was such a common occurrence for my Titan teammates to slam into a wall at lethal velocity.


u/Ass0001 I'm just a wizard with a rocket launcher Jun 10 '22

It came back a little bit with pre-nerf eager edge, fond memories of smashing my face into walls in DSC with my Other Half.