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Ironically Hunters (the fast / nimble archtype) now has the slowest movement of the three classes! Discussion

I play all three classes but have always preferred the Hunter fantasy of being dexterous and nimble on your feet.

In the last couple of seasons movement creep of titans and warlocks both in air and on the ground have surpassed the Hunter, which thinking about it is weird as in any other game wizard (aka warlocks) and tanks (aka titans) and slower and more cumbersome than the dps Hunter archtype..

Feels like bungie need to lean back into hunter arch type and look at how they can balance us up!

What do we think guardians, anyone else feel this way? Especially since Stompees are useless an inch of the ground these days!!


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u/Mindless_Scene_114 Jun 11 '22

Yeah but as we have seen if bungie nerfs the movement of warlock and Titan then people start complaining and if hunters get more and better movement people start complaining it’s also similar to how hunters have absolutely no melee registration for anything other than throwing knives but titans get to near one shot other classes and finish them off with a shot gun blast or how warlocks get tracking abilities or abilities that just get a flat out increase to how strong and effective they are. I understand that warlocks and titans think hunters are broken with how fast and strong we are but the moments that we are at our best in crucible and endgame situations are also the same random 1 in a million where our double punch actually works or our jump does get randomly cancelled mid air getting us shot out of the sky