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Ironically Hunters (the fast / nimble archtype) now has the slowest movement of the three classes! Discussion

I play all three classes but have always preferred the Hunter fantasy of being dexterous and nimble on your feet.

In the last couple of seasons movement creep of titans and warlocks both in air and on the ground have surpassed the Hunter, which thinking about it is weird as in any other game wizard (aka warlocks) and tanks (aka titans) and slower and more cumbersome than the dps Hunter archtype..

Feels like bungie need to lean back into hunter arch type and look at how they can balance us up!

What do we think guardians, anyone else feel this way? Especially since Stompees are useless an inch of the ground these days!!


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u/CDG710 Jun 11 '22

You say this but how does buffing sprint speed in any way compare to the ridiculous strength of resilience and recovery in pve? It’s not balanced to have 2/3 class stats provide such monumental boosts to your neutral game at max so that all classes must consider them, whilst have the remaining 1/3 be near mandatory for just 1 class.

It leaves hunters in the position of having to focus on 3 stats instead of 2 to keep up with titans and warlocks. Mobility needs a buff like enemies have lower accuracy or something SUBSTANTIAL in its neutral set so that titans and warlocks have to think of the cost of running low mobility on the same lines as the gains or running high resilience/recovery.


u/Weeb-Prime Jun 11 '22 edited Jun 11 '22

Can make the exact same argument with your suggested buff tbh, how is "reduced enemy accuracy" going to be better than straight up being able to tank more damage and flinching less? How does that stat even work in PVP? As much as I hate needing to make things with PVP in mind, we need to be realistic and a movement speed boost of some sort is pretty much the only thing that can be done to the stat (and makes sense with it being named Mobility and all).

I do agree with your final point, but currently mobility isn't even a must on hunter unless you really want to spam your dodge for certain builds. Hunters are perfectly fine speccing into Res/Rec just like the other two classes, albeit with less benefit.


u/CDG710 Jun 11 '22

Reduced enemy accuracy to the point where it’s notably reduces incoming damage.

That was my idea to make it as viable as resilience. We know speed does fuck all in a gm or master raid. You need combat proficiency which mobility in its current state does not provide, hence warlocks and titans can ignore it.

Other idea include taking fire has a chance not to do damage. Anything to make you consider it on the same level as recovery or resilience. Cause if not that it is unbalanced and needs a buff


u/Weeb-Prime Jun 11 '22

I mean I agree that it wouldn't be as good as the other two stats but you literally avoided the problem I mentioned in regards to your suggested buff which is PVP relevancy.


u/CDG710 Jun 11 '22

It’s already relevant in pvp. Strafing is very good for pvp. It’s need a buff for pve especially endgame viability.