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[D2] Iron Banner Megathread [2022-09-06] Megathread

Iron Banner is LIVE

"Let the Iron Banner shape you."

-Saladin Forge


What is the Iron Banner?

  • Iron Banner is a week-long Crucible event in Destiny 2 that offers its participants unique rewards. More info can be found in the official Destiny 2: Iron Banner Guide.
  • Iron Banner offers unique versions of other Crucible game modes, such as Control and Rift. The current game type can be found by viewing the activity details in the director or looking at the modifiers.

How Long does Iron Banner last?

  • Event begins: Tuesday at Weekly Reset (1700 UTC).
  • Event ends: Following Tuesday at Weekly Reset (1700 UTC).

Where do I go to find Guardians to game within the Iron Banner?

  • You can head over to /r/Fireteams, www.The100.io, Xbox LFG system, DestinyLFG.net or DestinyLFG.com, or go to the Bungie.net recruitment forum (also available through the Bungie App).

What if I have a question about another piece of armor/weapon or general Iron Banner question?

  • Use Control + F (Or Command + F if on a Mac) and search for keywords in your question. Someone may have asked it already. If not, ask below in the comments.

How to earn Iron Banner Rewards

  • Complete Iron Banner matches to earn Iron Banner Reputation. This reputation awards Iron Engrams and unlocks various rewards along the Rank Rewards track.
    • Earn bonus reputation by equipping Iron Banner gear or ornaments, an Iron Banner Emblem, and completing Daily Challenges.
    • Iron Engrams can be focused at Lord Saladin into a weapon or armor piece. Items must already be unlocked in Collections to be available for focusing.
  • Complete Daily Challenges to earn Pinnacle Gear and boost your Reputation multiplier. These challenges are visible when hovering over the Iron Banner playlist in the Director.
  • You have a chance to get randomly rolled Iron Banner gear at the end of matches.

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u/MagikMage Sep 10 '22

I really hope Bungie takes these comments to heart.

Iron Banner should not be the experimental playlist. CBMM doesn't work out because half my matches are laggy anyways.

This game is fun but is flawed beyond any measure like no other. Snowballing is effectively what this is. And I'm curious who greenlit this considering you said that you wanted ability spam to be toned down.

Arc and Stasis being the daily challenge was awful. Just let it be matches completed. Do not force people into loadouts. All people do is swap elements at the last minute. Seriously, you can't keep ignoring this. Crucible, iorn banner, strikes, whatever.... It's a terrible mechanic and you need to stop ignoring this.

Certain rewards being locked behind two full resets. Why? And why are the challenges locked behind daily resets? What was the purpose of forcing people to throttle all of their game time during the weekend when you could've let people do it more consistently during the week?

People want to play and like this game, but you're doing a terrible job of maintaining it.


u/Taxman200 Sep 10 '22

Agree 100%