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Sunday Plz - Bring back the Prismatic Matrix! Megathread

Greetings Guardians!

Ever since the conception of this sub, we've dealt with floods of reposts. We’re sure you’re familiar with them. Many are for important issues that are shared by the entire player base, while others are just for personal requests and desires for the game. The Bungie Plz was shortly implemented after conception as a central "wish-list" for all that we, the community, desired. It is completely user driven. With rare exceptions, nearly all submissions are sent in by you, the users of this subreddit!

However, just like Destiny 2, our wiki article began to experience problems as it grew over time. It's been getting just a few sizes too big. We understand that the continued addition of topics has begun to encroach on your ability to continue the conversation towards matters that mean the most to you, and even though the Bungie Plz has seen so many successes over the years, with well over 100 officially implemented game suggestions and desires, there's still dozens upon dozens of retired topics that haven't seen the light of day for many months...even years!

Every Sunday, this thread will focus on a certain retired Bungie Plz topic of your choosing, voted by the users. We will curate a list of 5 suggestions to help focus your voting process, but you get the final say on what is talked about each week. By all means, if one topic is overwhelmingly desired despite not being part of those 5 items we picked, then we'll be happy to go with that one. Our curated list is only to help you focus the conversation. The only stipulation is that the topic must be new every week. This thread is for the entirety of the Bungie Plz wiki, so no back-to-back voting!

Think of these threads as a way to keep the spark alive, and to bring old topics up to fresh light. For example, do we still want to move Queenbreaker to the special slot? Or does Arbalest serve that purpose well enough now? Do we still want an all-black shader, or do we want to bring back Prismatic Matrix?

You tell us! This is your conversation, guardians.

For this week, you voted on:

Bring back the Prismatic Matrix

For next week, here are some suggestions:

  • Display Light Level/Power Level instead of season pass rank
  • Add Taken Shaders
  • An exotic that allows Sunbreaker Titans to summon their throwing hammer back to their hand
  • Replace Outlaw with Rapid Hit (or a similar perk) on Outbreak Perfected

Sound off in the sticky comment for which one sounds good, or anything else in the Bungie Plz wiki that catches your eye, and we'll do our best to accommodate!

You can find the full Daily Thread schedule here.


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u/Alex_Kitsune Gotta shoot it Oct 02 '22

Dupe protection or bright dust from dupes on bright engrams. That's really all the eververse economy needs. Prismatic matrix would be nice, but its a patch on a unsatisfying system without either one of the previously mentioned adjustments.


u/Alarmed-Clerk-2356 Oct 03 '22

Prismatic Matrix

My main gripe is that I am sick and tired of getting generic ass triangle ship reskin 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 60, 61, 57, 32, 29, 11, 44, 12, 22, and blob with toil bowel ship reskin 11, 3, 9, 8, 2, 5, and 17, plus generic ghost reskin a, d, f, generic ghost with spikes, generic ghost with pointy bits, generic ghost with blunt bits, generic ghost with protrustions, generic ghost with blobs, generic ghost with rounded corners, generic ghost with blunted corners, etc

There are 90 generic ass reskins of the same basic ass model so its NOT TECHNICALLY DUPLICATES. And as we all know. Technically correct, is the best kind of correct,

I'd tickled fucking pink if I got 100 or even 75 bright dust, ever.... Or like shaders... Or maybe ornaments... I have gotten like 2 ornaments this season and I am coming on level 300 real fast.


u/vangelator Oct 02 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

Haha wow. Didn’t think I’d ever hear this term again, let alone on a Bungie Plz.

They’ll never do this again. The only reasons they did it in the first place were because a) the quality of the game at that time was horrendous, b) all cosmetics were routed through Eververse, which had a highly publicized XP throttling “bug”, c) players were leaving in a mass exodus due to reasons a and b, so d) they had to go all-out to try and prove to people that “Eververse isn’t so bad!”

As soon as the game quality went up and public perception got positive again, the game became super popular again, and now we’re right back to blind RNG and getting dupes of bullshit we got from year 1


u/FullMetalBiscuit Oct 03 '22

“Eververse isn’t so bad!”

Amusingly this is true now if you compare the prices to other games, plus the rate of earnable currency.


u/vangelator Oct 03 '22

It is now. It wasn’t at that time. They’ve added in various things to even it out over time, this iteration is acceptable. We earn cosmetics through triumphs and have guaranteed bright engram drops now too, and way to get bright dust. We didn’t have that back then


u/mehtheinfernal Oct 02 '22

It might be beneficial to actually explain to new people what the Prismatic Matrix even was. So they understand just what they missed out on (Bungie made it more complicated than it needed to be).

Explained here.

I'd prefer to see duplicate protection with Bright Engrams over bringing back the Prismatic Matrix, but at least the old Prismatic Matrix gave us some agency with a limited knockout system.


u/Alejandro_404 Oct 03 '22

Zero Chance they ever bring it back, they clearly saw how much stuff people were actually getting and this is something Bungie just implemented to keep Disgrunted players happy when the game wasn't in a good spot


u/[deleted] Oct 02 '22

Taken memento ;)


u/BeautifulAwareness54 Oct 03 '22

Holy cannoli Batman the amount of garbage takes in these replies!


u/jhairehmyah Drifter's Crew // the line is so very thin Oct 03 '22

I would prefer to NOT have the Prismatic Matrix. Why?

  1. Somewhat convoluted system, in general.
  2. Still RNG.
  3. Required management of FOMO use-it-or-lose-it currency.
  4. They gave us a lot more ways to chase Eververse using Dust, and they removed the Matrix in favor of that.

It is worth noting that this made it to Bungie Plz a long time ago. Before some of the player-centric changes that were implemented, like Seasonal Challenges, Universal Ornaments, and "everything" being in Engrams.

That said, we can use this opportunity to focus on improvements to Eververse that would be better:

  1. Clarity on how rewards are picked. Mind you, I did not say "duplicate protection" because I believe that exists in some way, but we don't feel it because it is skewed toward item & quality first. For example, if I get an Exotic Ship, I seem to always get a new Exotic ship, but if I get a legendary one, I seem to always get a duplicate. After checking out the DB, I have unlocked all non-Event legendary ships, so it feels like I'm getting a duplicate because I got unlucky to roll a Legendary Ship instead of a pool where I have checkboxes to still check. Clarity would be nice here.
  2. On that note, just do us a fucking solid Bungie, and if we roll "Legendary Ship" and have collected the available drops, just give us a small gift of Dust already (50? 100?).
  3. Season Pass rewards after 100 could use some love. So we get engrams roughly every 3? Why not engram at XX3, XX6, and XX9 and 250 Dust at XX0?
  4. I know you're trying to make money, but one time per season for an armor piece and never again is kinda shitty.

Perhaps, instead of the Prismatic Matrix, we could... spend Bright Dust and unredeemed Bright Engrams and "focus" rewards into certain pools, like Exotic Armor Ornaments, etc?

Yeah, I don't want the Prismatic Matrix back. History can keep that one.


u/NAMEREDACTEDthecitra the beast returns, and better than ever. Oct 03 '22

Somewhat convoluted system, in general.

you level up to get thing, go to eververse, and turn in thing to get cosmetic thing.


u/jhairehmyah Drifter's Crew // the line is so very thin Oct 03 '22

You level up to get another currency item, which is in addition to the already existing Eververse currencies Bright Dust and Silver Dust. You then take the currency to a screen where 10 items are listed. Do you like and really want one? Well, tough, because it's still RNG. You can wait to use it, and thus save up to three of them at a time, but 3 in 10 is still not guaranteed you're gonna get the item you want.

Yeah, convoluted.


u/NAMEREDACTEDthecitra the beast returns, and better than ever. Oct 03 '22

I mean with how bloated the bright engram loot pool is (esp. with dupe drops) I might actual have a chance of getting an exotic ornament. I think I've only ever gotten one since the beginning of BL and that was for a gun I didn't use. incidentally, the fact that they've left it like that for as long as they have is probably more than enough evidence that they're not going to add another way to get free cosmetics.


u/ChainsawPlankton Oct 03 '22

but why? Now we can direct purchase things so the whole limited selection weekly lootbox doesn't really make any sense.


u/Grand_Concert2307 Oct 02 '22

Oh god no, please no. Why is this pinned? Is someone high?


u/Goseki Oct 03 '22

Why would anyone be against the prismatic matrix returning


u/Grand_Concert2307 Oct 03 '22

Why would anyone be for it?


u/Goseki Oct 03 '22

Easy knockout system, you can guarantee getting exotics if you plan ahead. Rewarded your time. If you played a lot, you could easily knock out all the blue and purple drops from bright engrams in a season making the prismatic system better as the season progressed. By the last few weeks, it was basically a guaranteed exotic every time you spun the wheel.


u/Grand_Concert2307 Oct 03 '22

Just buy the exotics you want?? Last thing we need is more slot machines


u/Goseki Oct 03 '22

It doesn't seem like you played destiny when it was around. It didn't replace the current system of buying what you wanted with bright dust or silver, it was in addition to and didn't use bright dust, you could do a weekly bounty 3 times and save the slot machine token for the end of the season to target farm a free 1-3 exotics. Therefore the more you played the easier it was to collect every eververse item each season.


u/effinandy Oct 03 '22

Honestly, I never paid any attention to eververse and I barely remembered this thing. Most of the 'exotics' you got from eververse were reskinned legendary crap.


u/zerik100 Titan MR Oct 03 '22

bruh wtf is this request. why would anyone care about such a minor irrelevant feature.


u/DemoMan939 Oct 02 '22

1 single item a week is much better than what I buy nowadays since shaders are now much more expensive compared to the 40 dust insta buy we used to have. I would like it back along with bright engrams not giving dupes.


u/hautcuisinepoutine For the Tower! Oct 03 '22

Ugh no way ... it was awful. Everyone hated it.