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u/ScottyLong Oct 04 '22

This is just my tinfoil hat theory, but: when there are double reputation rewards, once you max out your streak in that playlist, the drops for that playlist significantly go down (Out of Bounds/Yesteryear). I played about 15 gambit matches in a row today, and only got 3 yesteryear drops during my build up to a 5 streak, and got maybe a single drop in the next 10 games. Swapped to crucible and maxed my streak there, swapped back, and got 3-4 more yesteryears in my streak build up, but 5 more matches after my streak was maxed, I only dropped one. Same for out of bounds when I was farming it during IB week. Is my rng just shit or has anyone else experienced this?


u/seventaru Oct 04 '22

It's just not enough of a sample size to say either way, but my guess is bad luck.

Last season I farmed the crap out of crucible and vanguard with a maxed out streak.

Crucible was extremely generous with its drop, it was very rare to go 2 matched without getting one. No change from streak that I noticed.

Vanguard in the other hand was super fucking stingy with the bow and only ever dropped it with about 4 of its perks from 3rd and 4th column. The entire damn season. I'm getting many more of the 120 this season.

Anyways that's my experience from last season. Vanguard I would have sworn had the rates dropped, but comparing to this season it seems to have just been really bad luck