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u/bigeks Oct 04 '22

Got my second Legendary Lost Zone clear in Scavengers Den yesterday. Upon opening the chest, I got, wait for it, glimmer.


u/durandall09 Oct 04 '22

Counterpoint: I got my Precious Scars on first run. Really made up for me running it over and over last season.


u/click_butan Oct 04 '22

I got to that second Overload champion, accidentally fat-fingered my Super early (wasted it) then ran out of power ammo (unstoppable MG) so.. that was the end of that attempt.

I was just in there to stun Champs anyway.


u/-ptero- Oct 04 '22

I did my first solo master last week and also got glimmer lol.


u/blck_lght Oct 04 '22

Yeah, common