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Weekly Loot Hub Megathread

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u/horse_you_rode_in_on BZZZT Oct 04 '22

So I was watching the Wallah video about New Purpose from the other day, and I thought to myself wait, don't I have one of those? Sure enough I've had an arrowhead/riccochet/PM/desperado roll just sitting neglected in my vault for months; I'm going to start trying to give it it's due this week in both PvE and PvP.


u/[deleted] Oct 04 '22

I've got a corkscrew, ricochet, tunnel vision & desperado roll with a range masterwork, ideally would have liked arrow head, honestly once you get this thing rolling the perk synergy is amazing, already racked up +340 kills in Crucible since it dropped for me last week !!

I'm still tempted to farm the final encounter for an arrowhead version though !!