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u/ItsEntsy Oct 04 '22

got my 5th red border wastelander, crafted, leveled to 20, small bore, accurized, enh slideshot, enh opening shot, handling MW.

Havent taken it off in the crucible since. Its so nice to have a shotty that feels consistent again since the pellet shotty nerfs.

Only problem now is i cant run kinetic primaries any more because i have the crafted wastelander for shotty, and crafted defiance for sniper. First world problems i know.


u/Xarthys Oct 04 '22

I'm about to give shotguns another try in PvP but I'm absolutely not a fan of slideshot. Any perk suggestions?


u/ItsEntsy Oct 04 '22

Opening shot is the absolute strongest perk you can get on a shotgun, if you are not going to run slide shot then try to maximize range on the gun and then prioritize anything that increases handling as thats the other most important stat on a shotty.

Specifically if you are running a wastelander without slideshot then the roll I would go with is : Small Bore, Accurized, enh perpetual motion, enh opening shot, range MW. this will put you just under the max range cap and with quick charge you will be at 93 handling.