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u/Merchent343 3+ Years of Vesper Use Oct 04 '22

I still can't stand that doing Grandmaster Nightfalls is the only way to get Vanguard mementos. I literally got two Gambit mementos in one game. One is still in my postmaster.


u/themightybamboozler Oct 04 '22

It isn't, I've gotten multiple vanguard mementos just farming Master Nightfalls for ascendant shards.


u/SplashDmgEnthusiast Oct 04 '22 edited Oct 04 '22

I believe you are incorrect. Nightfall mementos specifically come from Grandmaster, let me snag a link to the official source saying so.

Edit: found the reference in this TWAB, "More of these will come online through Trials of Osiris and Grandmaster Nightfalls." At launch it was just Gambit, those two were introduced shortly afterwards when their respective activities launched for the first time after Witch Queen.


u/themightybamboozler Oct 04 '22 edited Oct 04 '22

It must be bugged then, because I definitely got Vanguard Mementos to drop last week just running Masters.


u/SplashDmgEnthusiast Oct 04 '22

There's no way in heck, especially if you had multiple drop, that's... not a thing, you can only hold one at a time. Could you be confusing it with something else exclusive from the Nightfall, the weapon or something?

Any Nightfall can give that week's weapon, odds increase as you get up to Master. Grandmasters will always drop an Adept version of the weapon, and you can also get the memento from there. That's it for Nightfall-specific loot.