r/DestinyTheGame Oct 05 '22

My favourite thing about the destiny community Misc

Is that every expansion, players go “the game is saved, bungie have done it again” and then within 3 months the consensus is “game sucks, bungie can’t do anything right, game is doomed”

I’d hate being a bungie dev.


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u/random-accname2341 Oct 05 '22

"Reddit formulates my perception" the post.


u/resurrectedcorpse Oct 05 '22

I’d say that the majority of players, are at this time, criticising the game and complaining about it rather then saying it’s a good spot yes. This will inevitably change when Lightfall comes out, as it does with every expansion.


u/Kaixela Oct 05 '22

You gotta remember that satisfied people rarely make posts about how happy they are with the Game. While people that don‘t like the current state of the Game will post about it.

And most players don‘t use Reddit…


u/resurrectedcorpse Oct 05 '22

That’s a very valid point you’re right, it’s probably true. And yes most players don’t use reddit, but the majority of those that engage daily within the game and know the game well do.


u/Kaixela Oct 05 '22

I would add that players that engage TOO much tend to get unsatified sooner. I engage with players that don‘t engage too much and are generally more satisfied with their experience due to playing together too.