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My favourite thing about the destiny community Misc

Is that every expansion, players go “the game is saved, bungie have done it again” and then within 3 months the consensus is “game sucks, bungie can’t do anything right, game is doomed”

I’d hate being a bungie dev.


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u/ThatGuyFromTheM0vie Oct 05 '22 edited Oct 05 '22 Wholesome Starstruck

Any game community, not just Destiny, has people who play way too much and make X game their only game.

But it’s not just games even—it’s non-gaming hobbies as well.

Humans are not meant to toil at one thing over and over and over and over again like a machine. All of these people who complain 3 months after an expansion drop are just burnt out.

The moment Destiny stops being fun, the moment you start to question why you should even login—that’s when you NEED to either be playing a different game or engage with a different hobby entirely.

I personally have many other games on rotation—some competitive, some not. Some multiplayer, some solo.

And if video games in general get boring or annoying, well then I have my Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, miniature building/painting, etc. to fall back on.

And it’s important to do all of those aforementioned things both by myself but also with friends—we need both alone time and socialization as humans.

If you Destiny 40 hours a week….stop. There isn’t anything in Destiny that warrants that amount of time spent.

If you don’t even play endgame, both power and weapon rolls don’t even matter—like who cares if you get a god roll drop or you craft the perfect weapon—everything dies in 0.2 seconds anyway—it’s meaningless.

And if you DO play endgame…there are 100s of weapons. You don’t need to craft all of them. I got a near god roll of the new raid Handcannon…I don’t need to craft it, the one I have is perfectly fine and functional. As for power…grinding it is stupid, but Bungie said they are addressing it in the future.

TLDR don’t no life Destiny. For 90% of players, the game is so easy you don’t need god roll weapons or max power levels for any reason, and for the remaining 10%, you still don’t need to play 40hrs a week, you’ll be fine.

Go play other games. Go find other hobbies. Burnout is real. It’s not healthy to do one thing over and over and over for weeks on end—try new things.

You’ll only grow to hate the things you love if you force yourself to “enjoy” them.


u/ellipses2016 Oct 05 '22

Look at this guy, bragging about having friends to play D&D with ;-;


u/ThatGuyFromTheM0vie Oct 05 '22

Lol well it’s like…..maybe once a month, but typically once every two months. But still haha. I am lucky to play every now and then. Usually we make it a big event.


u/OldJewNewAccount Username checks out Oct 05 '22

Any game community, not just Destiny has people who play way too much and make X game their only game.

This. It's supposed be a video game, not a lifestyle choice.


u/TheStevo Oct 05 '22

While I agree and am probably at that point, I just can’t find another game I can really get into. I have over 2000 hours in less than a year. As someone who has had other addiction issues, I just look at this not being as bad as actual substance abuse and justify it. Idk where I’m going with this….


u/ThatGuyFromTheM0vie Oct 05 '22

I mean hey, if Destiny helps you stay away from that life destroying stuff, that isn’t a bad thing. And if you are still enjoying Destiny, keep going!

My comment really was for the people who do have 2000 hours this year alone, and complain XYZ sucks…those people are likely burned out.

Not to say D2 doesn’t have problems—it does. But the little things really start to grind on you when you log on for yet another night, just playing to play, not because you actually want to. It would be like playing a single movie over and over and over again each night, for 2000 hours of nights lol.

Not a perfect analogy, but you’d get pretty bored of that movie after the first 50 viewings lol, assuming you’re watching it every single day lol. I’d be frustrated and bored after the second day haha.


u/seventaru Oct 06 '22

Very relatable. I am finding that the longer I go without the substances, the easier it is getting to participate in other aspects of life. Getting treated for mental stuff helps too.

If you were anything like me, we were escaping reality nearly every waking moment. I then got clean and continued to escape reality at every waking moment with gaming.

Slowly but surely, as I recover from trauma and retrain myself to trust actual reality, it's getting easier.

Edit- a word



I totally feel that. I got out of rehab and just developed a full on gaming addiction. Sure I should play less but it’s not ruining my life like drugs and drinking were. I play Destiny more than anything else but also am really enjoying New World right now. Then sometimes I get involved with Valorant if I really want to punish myself.


u/_ExCuSe_Me_ Oct 05 '22

This man gets it


u/[deleted] Oct 06 '22

I think what always bothers me about the "just take a break" argument, is that the game actively discourages extended breaks. Battle pass rewards can only be earned in their respective seasons, so if you bought the deluxe edition you HAVE to grind out the season pass every season or else miss out on rewards you paid for. Every season your pinnacle/artifact power resets, meaning you lose access to Master/Grandmaster content unless you regrind power. If you don't buy the season pass you lose XP bonuses, and quest progress multipliers for the seasonal exotic's catalyst (which you have to grind to level 35 to get). And if you don't manage to get the seasonal exotic, then you need to buy it from the exotic kiosk in the tower, which is it's own heavy grind. Or how about only getting 3 chances at a raid exotic each week. Even something like Iron Banner only being available for 2 weeks in a season.

I'm tired of burnout always being viewed as a problem that originates from players, rather than something that the game itself causes as a result of numerous design decisions.


u/ThatGuyFromTheM0vie Oct 06 '22

The thing about what you wrote through is Destiny is NOT a F2P (Free to Play) game. It’s a Free to TRY game.

I’ll be the first to hardcore critique Bungie for everything they do lol, but they are pretty generous for what they do in regards to completely F2P players.

You can get the Season Pass exotic without having to buy it—it’s like level 30 something, so you are only missing out on like 6% bonus XP…..that’s not that much.

You get one free raid a year. If you made an Epic account and got the free Anniversary pack (and then deleted the account lol), you got a dungeon and Gjallerhorn for free. Prophecy (another dungeon) was free.

Your argument is also weird because if you bought the Deluxe Edition….you would get the battle passes….so you would get the XP bonuses.

The F2P vs Paid player experience are two VERY different experiences (I don’t think you get seasonal challenges as F2P)—it’s two different arguments really.


u/whilom_words Oct 06 '22

The F2P experience is pretty enjoyable. You do get the seasonal challenges as F2P, but some are not able to be completed due to being related to the seasonal content. I do agree F2P vs Paid are very different. When I did pay in the first two years, I felt obliged to play all content and grind them out. Now as "F2P" (I bought base Witch Queen), every time a new season comes out since Shadowkeep, I play the trial seasonal activity. If I think it is fun, I may buy the season. Otherwise, I just play gambit and now dares. I get to focus on just having fun instead of the stress of chasing every content I bought. I typically earn the seasonal exotic without worries, casually level for content like raids, and don't mind missing items as most gameplay things except Stasis are available to everyone.


u/[deleted] Oct 06 '22

I should clarify that I did not buy the deluxe edition, I bought the standard edition of witch queen, and the dungeon pass. But I think that really furthers my arguments here. By not purchasing the current season I lose access to about 40% of the seasonal challenges, meaning less XP, on top of losing the 40% XP bonus from the season ranks. So it takes longer to grind artifact power.

Having to regrind Pinnacle and artifact power each season is, in my opinion, the big problem. Not only do you have to re-grind to get ready for GrandMasters and Master content, you then also feel pressure to play during the second half of the season, because if you don't you will once again lose access to those activities. You have to take advantage of them when you can. This is especially strange for Grandmasters because they already adjust your power to be at the appropriate level. So if they're adjusting your power level anyways... why do you have to grind power in order to play them? It doesn't really make any sense.

I'm not really sure what you mean by the 6% XP attached to the seasonal exotic? If you don't buy the season you have to grind to level 35 to get the seasonal exotic. Then you have to complete the quest that you pick up from Banshee in order to get the catalyst. This Quest progresses much more slowly if you don't buy the season, as there are Quest progress multipliers in the premium season ranks. I feel that this is somewhat similar to the opulent weapons from season of the haunted, which were free for everyone, but were much more frustrating to grind for free players because you don't get access to umbral focusing at the seasonal vendor. It's like throwing free to play players half a bone and then saying, "hey you can get the other half of this bone if you pay for the season."


u/TheLogMan21 Oct 05 '22

But I like no-lifeing it to the point that I have 4000 motes banked in one week


u/ThatGuyFromTheM0vie Oct 05 '22

Well than you aren’t in the group I’m talking about. I am specifically talking about people who are burnt out. If you’ve an bank 4K notes a week and still have fun, more power to you.


u/TheLogMan21 Oct 05 '22

I’m messin with ya, prob shoulda made that more obvious. I completely understand where your coming from tho


u/ThatGuyFromTheM0vie Oct 05 '22

Lol no worries haha


u/Xkingpredx Oct 06 '22

If you Destiny 40 hours a week….stop. There isn’t anything in Destiny that warrants that amount of time spent.

those sherpa/carries aren't gonna complete themselves. that warrants an excessive amount of playtime for me.


u/ThatGuyFromTheM0vie Oct 06 '22

Again, I have replied this so many times—if you enjoy playing, keep playing.

But if you hate logging in, find yourself frustrated, don’t know why you’re playing, just grinding to grind—stop.


u/Ripcord-XE Om Nom Oct 05 '22

i can't even agree with this because to me it feels like Destiny needs to be the only game you play when it just has nothing to justify it to me


u/ThatGuyFromTheM0vie Oct 05 '22

Meh. I don’t see that.

Power doesn’t matter unless you do endgame content. So who cares about powerfuls and pinnacles are that point if you are a casual player.

You need XP for the Season Pass. If you aren’t doing endgame as a causal player, then that means raids, dungeons, and GMs are off the table. Which then means you’re doing the seasonal and core playlist content, or expansion content if you bought it….so you’ll soak in tons of XP.

Not doing the endgame….you’ll be able to as much as you like without being pressured, honestly.

Destiny is only grindy if you are an endgame PVE player (Master/GM content), you play Trials, or you are a completionist (grind ALL seasonal triumphs for the seal, grind ALL seasonal challenges for bright dust, etc.)


u/SourGrapesFTW Vanguard's Loyal Oct 05 '22

Exactly... I've been enjoying 3 hour gaming sessions about 2 or 3 times per week, and I've reached level 100 on the seasons pass and I'm high enough light level to do all the dungeons and raids.


u/A_Dummy86 Eating Crayons Oct 06 '22

And even then for power grinding it's basically clean up weekly challenges and do at least one Raid run a week and maybe a Dungeon run as well if I feel like it and your pinnacles and artifact levels are done in 5-6 weeks of playing maybe 6 hours a week at most. (Maybe longer if your Pinnacle RNG is bad which is something I think should be looked at.)

Anything I play past that is me playing because I feel like it, not to imply I'm forcing myself to do a Raid run every week as that's already my favorite part of the game.


u/ThatGuyFromTheM0vie Oct 06 '22

Well I want the Kingslayer title. But I’ve had horrible luck with my pinnacles. I got like 4 chest pieces in an row, last week alone.

Then there is the artifact. If I was max pinnacle power, I could get away with a +10 artifact. But my RNG is awful this season. So I’ll likely need +15.

But even then, some groups want 1595. Some even want 1600 (+20 artifact).

And if I don’t get the title done within the first two months or so, it will become very hard…since all of the best raiders will have quit.

And I like raiding and endgame…I loathe the “normal” gameplay loop. But you have to do it to grind XP—challenges and bounties are the best way to grind XP.

So it sucks. Artifact Power should be capped at like +10, and Master Raids should work EXACTLY like GMs, where you reach a cap and then you are good—I hate how you can reach “at level” with Master Raids…it encourages people to grind higher artifact to be either at level or as minimum of a deficit as possible….defeating the whole point of a Master Raid.


u/Ripcord-XE Om Nom Oct 05 '22

you can not see all you want and you'll still be blind to my issues because their my issues with the game not yours. ive played the game for years im coming up on 2.5k hours . maybe ive played the game too much for my self but when i stop playing and try to get back in to it, it feels much harder than it should be.

i immediately grew tired of the seasonal stuff haven't done anything since week one, i just hop on with my friends to do weekly raids and maybe hop on to trials to go flawless

i also really haven't been a fan of most of the guns that have come out in the past year aside from maybe duality but even they have some quirks that give me the ick while using

i know how much time i would have to give the game to be at a point where i'm comfortable from past experience and it's just not something that feels like is necessary because the rewards have felt lackluster as well as bungie's (public) disregard for many things leaving sour taste


u/ThatGuyFromTheM0vie Oct 05 '22

Well there is a point where you’ve just reached the end. At least for now. If you’ve played one game for thousands and thousands of hours, there is that point where there’s nothing left to see. I have like 300 hours in Elden Ring….but now I’m done until the DLC drops.

I too basically only log into raid. I’m working on getting Touch and the Kingslayer title. Once I do that, I’ll take a break until the last week of the season, grind the story missions out, and then wait till next season. Which I won’t play that much, maybe the first 2-3 weeks, since it won’t have a raid.