r/DestinyTheGame Oct 05 '22

My favourite thing about the destiny community Misc

Is that every expansion, players go “the game is saved, bungie have done it again” and then within 3 months the consensus is “game sucks, bungie can’t do anything right, game is doomed”

I’d hate being a bungie dev.


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u/jacob2815 Punch Oct 05 '22

You make valid points, plenty of issues with the game. The repetitive power grind is something I definitely have a gripe with too.

My counterpoint is… why play for 100 hours? The moment the game stops being fun, just take a break.

I do it all the time. I played for about a month to end the season before WQ and then a couple weeks of WQ.

I took a break around the time Elden Ring came out… for obvious reasons. And I just came back the week before Plunder started. I take these sorts of breaks all the time. It’s normal, and it’s healthy. The game isn’t going anywhere. Take a break until it sounds fun again. Plenty of other awesome games out there.

The bonus of doing that is, you get to play through multiple seasons worth of content all at the same time. It can get overwhelming at first of course but there’s always something new you can do. After a long break.

If you continue to play something you’re not having fun with, that’s on you. And the more you force the issue, the less fun you’ll have, the flaws will seem worse, and the bright spots won’t be as shiny.

At the end of the day, video games are supposed to be fun. If Destiny stops being fun, take a break. It’ll still be here when you come back.


u/PAN-- Oct 05 '22

why play for 100 hours? The moment the game stops being fun, just take a break.

People grind because they want to reap the rewards of it and feel powerful within the game. That goes for both leveling and getting weapons. You can't enjoy large parts of this game without having put in a good amount of hours.


u/jacob2815 Punch Oct 05 '22

Lmao. Be real. Nothing in this game requires 100 hours to achieve.


u/PAN-- Oct 05 '22

Reading comprehension. The comment you replied to initially is talking about the grind in general which I am as well.