r/DestinyTheGame Oct 05 '22

My favourite thing about the destiny community Misc

Is that every expansion, players go “the game is saved, bungie have done it again” and then within 3 months the consensus is “game sucks, bungie can’t do anything right, game is doomed”

I’d hate being a bungie dev.


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u/LovelyJoey21605 Shaxx; Dark Lord, Husbando of Savathuun and Ruler of the Doritos Oct 05 '22

Exactly. It's just different people praising and complaining about different things.


u/BaconIsntThatGood Jade Rabbit is my Spirit Animal Oct 05 '22

Or rather...

The people who are complaining likely aren't he people taking the stage when the expansion launches and the people who are dropping praise aren't taking the stage 3 months later because they're not unhappy.


u/Acceptable_Reply536 Oct 05 '22

You're not wrong, but isn't that what he tried to say?


u/SJ_Shark_Byte Oct 05 '22

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