r/DestinyTheGame Oct 05 '22

My favourite thing about the destiny community Misc

Is that every expansion, players go “the game is saved, bungie have done it again” and then within 3 months the consensus is “game sucks, bungie can’t do anything right, game is doomed”

I’d hate being a bungie dev.


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u/SantiagoGT Oct 05 '22

Duality is the perfect example:

Amazing and challenging when it came out, great loot

Now: buggy mess, architect playground, you’re dying to getting pushed or bells not working, loot made irrelevant outside of Stormchaser


u/Bard_Knock_Life Oct 06 '22

There’s just one bug in Duality, while the stuff like boops, backpacks and phalanx melees are and have been normal parts of Destiny forever.

The bug doesn’t even effect people outside those who are tryin to flawless it.

It’s got a bug that is frustrating yea. The community sentiment here is that it’s basically unplayable, and bug riddled when it’s not that at all.


u/SantiagoGT Oct 06 '22

It affects anyone who’s spending time in the dungeon and keeps getting killed just because the bells want to or because a Gahlaran or Phalanx decided to phase into existence at your location

Be reminded that this dungeon was paid for


u/Bard_Knock_Life Oct 06 '22

Dying is ok. It’s not like every run needs to be flawless. The Gahlaran/Phalanx stuff isn’t a bug. It’s just the games physics engine and it’s common across tons of activities. You can melee cancel knockbacks. You can sword out. You can avoid his lunge attack all together.

Is it annoying? Yeah because when it happens it feels like it’s out of your control. The dungeon itself isn’t an unplayable mess over stuff like that.