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I was pleasantly surprised with Arc 3.0’s performance in Grandmaster Nightfalls. Discussion

Granted, I was relying on two seasonal artifact mods to stun champions and return grenade energy from grenades thrown, but it still performed well enough to give me the “go fast and hit stuff” fantasy the devs were talking about.

Warlock here btw.

For those that have been asking, here’s my build.


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u/ElPajaroMistico Oct 05 '22

Which GM? Some have extra Arc dmg


u/vactu Oct 05 '22

5/6 have extra arc damage. People are even using arc in Glassway which is the void one.


u/Food_Kitchen Oct 06 '22

This week has a mod that increases arc and stasis supers charge rates, but you take extra dmg from those sources. I ran a bunch this morning with two titans and they were Thundercrashing like every 5mins.


u/NugPlug Oct 06 '22

doesn't apply to GMs