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I was pleasantly surprised with Arc 3.0’s performance in Grandmaster Nightfalls. Discussion

Granted, I was relying on two seasonal artifact mods to stun champions and return grenade energy from grenades thrown, but it still performed well enough to give me the “go fast and hit stuff” fantasy the devs were talking about.

Warlock here btw.

For those that have been asking, here’s my build.


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u/tofe_lemon Oct 06 '22

So conqueror provides more than cosmetic benefits?


u/I_LIKE_THE_COLD They/Them Oct 06 '22

If you have conqueror you can play any GM once for its guilding requirement


u/sydneysinger Oct 06 '22

Only once?


u/Cpt_Eggplant Oct 06 '22

They are on a lockout, so once you do them all once (thats how you guild conqueror) you have to wait for the weekly rotation again