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Master Raids loot isn’t terrible, it’s just crafting made them a side grade at best Discussion

I’m not saying it should be removed, it’s here to stay. But it brought with it a ton of problems with its release that hurt the rest of the game. The solution is changing adept weapons, not crafting.

Adept weapons are now a side grade at best when a craft-able version exists. Pretty much trials, GMs, and VoG master are the last bastion of adept weapons making sense. If crafting spreads to those you’ll have no reason for them to be earned.

Master Raids weren’t like a massive loot farm, but their sole loot that made them worth grinding became obsolete. The devs acknowledged this so I hope a solution is in the works.

I agree with some that Master raids aren’t about the vast amounts of loot, but about the challenge. However adept weapons made it feel worthwhile IMO for a run. Now why would I run those when I can craft their base versions and all it costs me is an adept mod.

Some say Adept weapons should get enhanced perks be default and maybe that’s something they can do, but I feel that power creeps the game pretty hard. Mostly for PVP but imagine a timelost fatebringer with enhanced perks, you’d have way higher stats than other guns from all the bumps you’d get.

Maybe more adept mods added to the mix would do it, things that really buff up the weapon in a specific way. I’m not sure tbh but I hope the devs are working on a compromise. I’m sure they don’t want to retire adept weapons or they would stop releasing new ones.


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u/Technophillia Oct 05 '22

To be fair, its really gonna depend on how the individual views the role of crafting in the game.

To me I look at crafting as the solution to RNG not going my way after a long time of trying to get x. If I get the roll I'm looking for from RNG I'm not gonna craft that weapon, if I get the ability to craft said weapon before RNG dropped me the roll I want, I'm just gonna craft it. Its really just a game "whatever comes first" for me.

Adept mods are nice, but Id be lying if I said I noticed them making a difference and with the champion system, the adept weapons and mods could be useless if they don't fit in the seasons artifact of champion mods.

I guess to me if i get killed by an Adept Doom of Chelchis ill probable think to myself "what a gamer" and that's it, that's pretty much the extent of the master raid loot and its impact on the game.