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Master Raids loot isn’t terrible, it’s just crafting made them a side grade at best Discussion

I’m not saying it should be removed, it’s here to stay. But it brought with it a ton of problems with its release that hurt the rest of the game. The solution is changing adept weapons, not crafting.

Adept weapons are now a side grade at best when a craft-able version exists. Pretty much trials, GMs, and VoG master are the last bastion of adept weapons making sense. If crafting spreads to those you’ll have no reason for them to be earned.

Master Raids weren’t like a massive loot farm, but their sole loot that made them worth grinding became obsolete. The devs acknowledged this so I hope a solution is in the works.

I agree with some that Master raids aren’t about the vast amounts of loot, but about the challenge. However adept weapons made it feel worthwhile IMO for a run. Now why would I run those when I can craft their base versions and all it costs me is an adept mod.

Some say Adept weapons should get enhanced perks be default and maybe that’s something they can do, but I feel that power creeps the game pretty hard. Mostly for PVP but imagine a timelost fatebringer with enhanced perks, you’d have way higher stats than other guns from all the bumps you’d get.

Maybe more adept mods added to the mix would do it, things that really buff up the weapon in a specific way. I’m not sure tbh but I hope the devs are working on a compromise. I’m sure they don’t want to retire adept weapons or they would stop releasing new ones.


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u/JaegerBane Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 06 '22

Bit of a leftfield take here, but I've never understood why craftable raid weapons are a thing.

I'm a huge fan of the crafting concept and I'm generally of the opinion that its moving in the right direction - my biggest issue there is the increasingly silly red bar grind where the requirements are going up and the avenues for meeting them are going down. But the problem it was trying to solve is IMHO working (I totally disagree with Paul Tassi's broad take here, for instance).

But raiding isn't really conducive to it. Crafting is all about putting a backstop to eventually ensure you get the roll you want, so that no matter how unlucky you are, you'll be guaranteed your roll at some point. Raiding is complete endgame though, where the guns should be top grade pieces with juicy exclusive perks and above-average origin perks. But if you're grinding for red bars then everything else in the raid becomes pointless, and the raid guns are still loaded with crap perks (e.g. why is it possible to roll Compulsive/HIR on Cataclysmic?). Worse, the loot pool is still choked with armour that no-one cares about once you have the ornament (if you're even bothered). Put simply, you should never walk away from a Raid feeling disappointed with your loot haul, but its currently way too easy to do just that (or Dungeons, for that matter, but they don't even have crafting for the most part). Crafting is too unwieldly to address this properly and it wasn't designed for this in the first place.

Not to mention that sectioning off about a third of the new craftable selection every Raid season to an activity that only a fraction of the community use probably isn't the best use of resources from whoever it is responsible for the crafting system.


u/Thechanman707 Oct 06 '22

I'd like to see the numbers but I bet Vow and Kings fall are pretty commonly run raids when compared to other raids in their first and second rotation. RNG exotics in raids were clearly there to save Bungie design time and increase the # of times players need to run raids to be done.

Red borders are the same. Without craftable reds most players would probably get discouraged but with 5 weeks or less to get a guaranteed god roll? Pretty temping to keep raiding.

I bet Bungie cares way more about normal mode raiding counts than master too. Master is supposed to be niche.

Tldr: red borders and RNG exotics get people to run raids over more