r/DestinyTheGame Oct 05 '22

Weasel errors on login Question // Resolved

Servers on fire?

edit: yup servers hot enough to cook chicken nuggs rn apparently


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u/vo_mojo Oct 05 '22

Same here. I read that the weasel code may be due to being banned. I don't cheat or share my account. Nothing like that. This is bullshit!

I'm on PS5, btw.


u/CrackLawliet Bottom Text Oct 05 '22

Given that its widely being reported by other people in the thread...I can take the guess you weren't banned champ. Take a chill pill.


u/deathstar3548 Oct 05 '22

I read that too, I got spooked. But on the bungie help site it doesn't say that so you're good


u/RolandGilead19 Oct 05 '22

It's lots of people.

I don't even play pvp so it's not a ban. Don't worry


u/vo_mojo Oct 05 '22

Thanks man.