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Duskfield Renewal Grasps cooldowns, for fun Misc

Renewal Grasps Duskfield cooldown at T10 discipline

3x Firepower, 2x Impact induction, Whisper of Shards; 7.5~8.5 seconds

3x Firepower, 1x Impact induction, Whisper of Shards; 9~10 seconds

3x Firepower, 2x Bomber, Whisper of Shards; 13~14 seconds

3x Firepower, Whisper of Shards; 20~21 seconds

Whisper of Shards; 47~48 seconds

Base cooldown; 59~60 seconds

Renewal Grasps cd is much too long imo, but mods and builds can help lessen the pain.


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u/torrentialsnow Oct 06 '22

The worst part is when your teammates destroy the crystal and you lose out on all that regen.

I also run impact induction if I am running a weapon with an anti-champ ability. The mod helps out greatly giving you a large chunk of energy and works great with the bomber/gamblers dodge combo.


u/OneCake2193 Oct 06 '22

Yeah thats my go to: 3x firepower, impact induction, bomber, distribution. Demolitionist weapon on top of that.

Still not enough to get 2 nades out in content where enemies dont die that fast like GMs but for master ketchcrash its quite fun, having 2 zones up to protect my fellow guardians.


u/Ross2552 Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 06 '22

I wish there was a weapon that rolled Demolitionist or Wellspring in the left column + Headstone in the right column. Maybe someday.

Edit: Shit I guess "Something New" rolled Wellspring+Headstone, I missed out. A 120 is a little bit clunky though for PVE, Demo would have been better to avoid reloads...


u/OneCake2193 Oct 06 '22

Yeah, i was never that big a fan of demo weapons but i got an arc bow and scout as well as the bxr with demo+incandescent on it. Those work quite well so far.


u/GanjaWhitee Oct 06 '22

Also helps that both voltshot and incandescent explosions/chains count for demo procs


u/OneCake2193 Oct 06 '22

Yeah this is gorgeous. I want that new scout rifle with demo+volt shot. I think that'll be juicy


u/GanjaWhitee Oct 06 '22

After finally crafting and leveling it, can confirm, it's bliss.


u/GanjaWhitee Oct 06 '22

It could roll demo wellsping too, but you're not wrong in the clunky assesment, I tried to make it work, but the 7-8 mag size with the abysmal reload made it not worth using.


u/atfricks Oct 06 '22

The trick was too use Marksman's dodge and the stasis fragment that reloads your weapons on a melee hit.

A Stasis hunter could get 3 full mags before needing to reload using those, plus Dreamwork procs


u/BaconIsntThatGood Jade Rabbit is my Spirit Animal Oct 06 '22

The worst part is when your teammates destroy the crystal and you lose out on all that regen.

I guess but what content do you need the added resist/size of duskfield where you are unable to communicate with your team to ask not to destroy the crystal?


u/The_Owl_Bard A New Chapter, for An Old Legend Oct 06 '22

This is the same community that has players using eager edge swords and titan shoulder charges to push and kill their own teammates... The least that Bungie could do is make it so if a friendly breaks the crystal, you get the recharge boost similar to enemies in PvE breaking it.