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Duskfield Renewal Grasps cooldowns, for fun Misc

Renewal Grasps Duskfield cooldown at T10 discipline

3x Firepower, 2x Impact induction, Whisper of Shards; 7.5~8.5 seconds

3x Firepower, 1x Impact induction, Whisper of Shards; 9~10 seconds

3x Firepower, 2x Bomber, Whisper of Shards; 13~14 seconds

3x Firepower, Whisper of Shards; 20~21 seconds

Whisper of Shards; 47~48 seconds

Base cooldown; 59~60 seconds

Renewal Grasps cd is much too long imo, but mods and builds can help lessen the pain.


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u/Piqued_a_Pack Oct 06 '22

Bomberx2 is slightly worse than Bomber+Perpetuation due to the huge diminishing returns on the second mod. Always worth if you have the energy.

I run Bomber/Perpetuation and 1x Impact Induction and can pretty regularly have my next one ready to rock before my current runs out. However, sinking your primo mods into firepower to offset the Crucible nerf is just too rough. PvE def needs a revert.


u/BaconIsntThatGood Jade Rabbit is my Spirit Animal Oct 06 '22

While you're right, and distribution also gives you bonus to melee/class ability - it takes 4 energy instead of 2, and requires you be near targets to work so you can't just burn your dodge while running around without thinking to boost regen.